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There’s something about standing on a rampart and looking out to a distant horizon that quickens my pulse, giving me the feeling that anything is possible. In this issue discover the ranges and ramparts of Pakistan with Geographic Expeditions, learn about new coalitions for climate, and feel yourself a part of the new carbon removal generation. 

Insider Travel Tip: Experience Pakistan's Hunza Valley

I've been dreaming about the mystical mountains of Pakistan since I first came across Eric Shipton’s Blank on the Map among my geologist-father’s many mountaineering classics. The book is Shipton’s 1937 account of his journey (along with partner H.L Tilman) mapping the area around K2, the second-highest mountain in the world. I’ll never summit K2, and you may not either, but doesn’t that mean we can’t soak up the vibes in Pakistan’s Hunza Valley, located where the Hindu Kush, Himalaya, and Karakoram mountain ranges meet.
With our newest
Tomorrow’s Air travel partner Geographic Expeditions, a trip into the Karakorum starts in the capital city of Islamabad and follows a line of the Silk Road through the old kingdom of Hunza, where we can do things like test our nerves in a crossing of the famous Hussaini hanging bridge and take tea on the ramparts of the oldest mosque in Khaplu, an incredible mix of Persian, Kashmiri and Tibetan architecture. The people of this region are famed for their hospitality, something I’ll love to experience for myself.

Photo courtesy: Geographic Expeditions

Collective Action Deep Dive

It’s a little heady, but I enjoyed gaining some historical perspective on collective action and its potential for helping address the climate crisis from Tim Chester’s recent article in AdventureTravelNews. A journalist focused on sustainable travel, Tim shares successful examples of collective action from the history of workers’ and civil rights. He also explores academic perspectives on collective action, reviewing Mancur Olsen’s work that led to “the general belief that collective action can be ineffective “thanks to the tendency for individuals to free ride,” in contrast with the work of political economist Elinor Ostrom, (the first woman to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences), who disagrees wholeheartedly. The article really helps put Tomorrow’s Air in context and reinforces that we’re on the right track!

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Carbon Removal In The News

It’s all about coming together in carbon removal news this month! A brand new direct air capture coalition launched May 24, and companies worth more $85 trillion are now supporting the First Movers Coalition. 

New DAC Coalition

In light of growing support and innovation in the field of direct air capture carbon removal, the DAC Coalition officially formed this May to provide a focal point for education, engagement and collaboration. Have a look at their launching member list for a who’s who in the world of direct air capture. I’m looking forward to a planned summit intended to produce a roadmap for the direct air capture industry through 2030.

First Movers Coalition

Back in December I shared about the  First Movers Coalition, a new public-private partnership bringing companies together to use their purchasing power to support climate tech. Six months later and more than 50 companies have joined. The Coalition members, which include a new crew of governments such as India, Japan, and Sweden along with corporate members Alphabet, Microsoft, SwissRe, and PwC (among many others) are committing to spend a percentage of their total industrial materials and long-distance transport budgets on suppliers using near-zero or zero-carbon solutions, despite the premium cost. 

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We know we need to evolve how we travel, and we know we need to clean up. Thanks for learning with Tomorrow’s Air, encouraging your friends to follow via Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, and joining with a monthly membership or as a company partner (or considering it). 

Together we’re growing a collective of travelers and businesses extending climate knowledge in travel and chipping in to help speed up carbon removal and restore our climate.

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