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Good afternoon, nice to be sharing the latest with you again. The news all around is hard to take, and yet I know you’re with me when I say we’ll persevere. In this issue, consider a reset trip to Colombia, learn a few highlights from the latest global climate assessment report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, meet artist Dori Bergman, and welcome a new guest co-host to the Airrows on Air podcast, Kathleen Rellihan, formerly of Newsweek. 

Insider Travel Tip: Experience Colombia with Kimkim

I’ve been a fan of Kimkim, the online travel platform that connects you directly with handpicked local travel experts, for years. Now I have one more reason to hug them: they’re the first to help us bring carbon removal education and action to every one of their travelers, by building Tomorrow’s Air into every traveler’s booking. Read more about their climate initiative here. 
I’m dreaming of their Colombia itinerary, too, as a place to reset and clear my mind. I’ll begin in Bogota with its world-class museums and culture before moving into the jungly Amazon - think crisscrossing rivers and Indigenous hosts - before washing up on the golden beaches of the Caribbean coast with its archaeological ruins, “movie-set beaches”, and stunning mountains.Tami Fairweather from our team was just in Colombia and commented, "From the musical rhythms, traditions, and cultural influences to the biodiversity of the land itself, this country is one of contrasts. I loved being a guest in this place and was struck by a real sense of connection and joy in the human spirit, resilience, and the power of our relationship with nature."

Start planning your visit and learn more about the trip today. 
Learn more about Tomorrow’s Air partnership with kimkim in this blog.  


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Introducing Podcast Guest Host Kathleen Rellihan

Kathleen Rellihan, formerly Newsweek’s Travel Editor, will be joining me as a guest co-host in season 2 of the Airrows on Air podcast. Fresh off her own journey to Antarctica last month, Kathleen is bringing her extensive global network and knack for storytelling to climate education in travel and carbon removal, and I’m so delighted to welcome her. Learn more about Kathleen and what’s in store on Airrows on Air in our blog.

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Introducing Artist for Air Dori Bergman

Dori Bergman’s down to earth style and warmth charmed me instantly when we met earlier this year. A full time oil painter based in Boulder, Colorado, Dori has a bachelors’ degree in wilderness therapy and a masters’ in outdoor education. Her artwork explores women in the wilderness with a focus on mental health and is rooted in her own experiences in nature that have helped her through times of anxiety and depression. I love her optimistic, infectious style and look forward to sharing more of her work and how it celebrates a love of the outdoors and climate action in the coming weeks.


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Carbon Removal in the News

Have you had the courage to look at the latest climate assessment report published by the U.N.-backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? I tend to glaze over the inventory of terrible impacts the world is already experiencing, but a few points really stuck with me:
1) Reducing our emissions today is more valuable than reducing them in five or ten years; and
2) In the near term “climate risks are more closely tied to vulnerabilities built into social systems than to what emissions trajectory the world follows.”
Following on this second point, the report promotes the value of “diverse forms of knowledge” such as Indigenous and local knowledge alongside science in making sense of climate risks and how we transform to live and thrive through them. 

In addition to the systemic social considerations of climate change, the latest report also looks at the realities of more commonly occurring wildfires and natural disasters that threaten nature-based solutions for storing carbon dioxide, alongside the strengths and limitations of technical supports such as direct air capture and bio-energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). 

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We know we need to transform, and we know we need to clean up. Thanks for learning with Tomorrow’s Air, encouraging your friends to follow via Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, and considering joining with a monthly membership or as company partner

Together we’re building a collective of travelers and businesses chipping in to help speed up carbon removal to restore our climate.

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