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The Irish/Italian travel writer Michael Jacobs remarked that “travel can open up not only the mind but also the heart.” The series of somewhat magical occurrences he writes about in his best known book, The Factory of Light: Tales from my Andalucian Village, are the sort that feel rare and unlikely and yet in the end, turn out to be utterly attainable. With attainable magic in mind, read on for a tip on how to travel through Spain, a look at a new short film, and new research exploring traveler perspectives and carbon removal. 

Insider Travel Tip: Experience Andalusia with Kimkim

Start feeling the magic of possibility on Kimkim’s road trip through Andalusia in Spain. This journey puts you in the driver’s seat from Málaga to Cádiz along Spain’s southern coast, and because it’s self-driven, you can work the details to suit whether you’re traveling with your family, as a couple, or as a blissful solo. Find true inspiration among the famous White Villages such as Ronda, a village occupying two sides of 330-foot-deep gorge, and Jerez de la Frontera, with its fanciful combination of equestrian ballet, sherry bars and acclaimed flamenco dancing. Quell any fears with the help of Sam Lister, Kimkim’s local specialist who is always on hand for support. You can learn more about Tomorrow’s Air partnership with kimkim in this blog.  


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“The Guide”
I was moved and inspired by this short video, “The Guide” featuring Colby Brokvist of Natural Habitat Adventures.  Threading together the story of wolves with key moments in his own personal history, it’s a window into what it means to be a conservation travel guide and why travel has so much potential to educate and inspire when it comes to climate action. As Colby observes, “When I’m out there guiding with people -  you give them a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and then you get them into one place where everything comes together and a little light bulb goes off… and when they leave they become ambassadors for these places.” Gorgeous imagery and inspiring perspective from Brockvist, The Guide was produced by Ted Martens, a dear friend and advisor at Tomorrow’s Air. I highly recommend it!
Carbon Removal In The News

Carbon removal made headlines on April 4 when the U.N.-backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released volume three in its latest round of reporting. The document provides estimates for Earth’s climate based on different emissions reductions scenarios alongside the use of natural and new technologies to absorb and store carbon dioxide. Notably the report stressed that while carbon removal technologies are still evolving, their use will be necessary to maintain a safe climate. In the United States new legislation was introduced that would require the Department of Energy to make investments in carbon removal to support innovative technology development. Read about the Carbon Removal Leadership Act of 2022 here.

 I’ve been collaborating with Dr. Paige Viren since 2005 and felt lucky to be able to rope her into another project recently - this time looking at traveler attitudes and behavior when it comes to climate. Learn more about her team’s findings which highlight the need for carbon removal education here

Finally, scan Time magazine’s
100 most influential companies. The list features electric car maker Rivian along with food waste app Too Good To Go and (drum roll please) Climeworks, the first carbon removal partner for Tomorrow’s Air. 

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