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MWAC Information Bulletin
6 February 2015
Issue 205

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WALGA has developed a Submission on the review of the National TV and Computer Recycling Scheme.
We received a huge response for contributions to the Submission, thank you to everyone who took the time to provide input.

The Submission highlights issues with the Scheme’s operation in WA, including Local Governments now having to pay for TV and Computer Recycling, when the intent of the Scheme was to place this cost on the producer.  The Submission calls for an immediate increase in the recycling targets for TVs and Computers to address this issue.

Further, to ensure national equity for recycling, the Submission also highlights the need for State based recycling targets.  WA represents approximately 10% of the population Australia, but in 2012/13 only 2.5% of the tonnes collected through the Scheme.

The Submission is available from the WasteNet website.
For more information, email Waste Management Policy Coordinator, Heather Squire or call (08) 9213 2069.
Carbon Tax Charges Consultation
Environment Minister Greg Hunt has released a consultation paper which provides options for landfill operators in managing funds collected under the now repealed Carbon Tax.
The Consultation Paper, Handling of Early Collected Carbon Tax Charges held by Landfill Operators, seeks stakeholder views on the design of a proposed voluntary framework for the use of funds collected by landfill operators in respect of anticipated future carbon tax liabilities.

Comments on the consultation paper must be submitted by Thursday 12 February.

WALGA has put together a Submission on the Consultation Paper.  Key comments include:
  • The Association has a preference for a legislative rather than voluntary framework to provide certainty to Local Governments, for both those seeking reimbursement from private sector landfills and those operating landfills.
  • It would be difficult for Local Government landfills to undertake projects with funds held, given the requirements in the Paper for 7 year project duration and co-funding from the facilities.
The WALGA Submission is available from the WasteNet website.
To access the Consultation Paper, visit the Department of the Environment website.
New Year Resolutions, New Year Consultations
WMAA WA Branch are kick starting the New Year with a workshop followed by a sundowner. Make it your New Year resolution to get more involved in your industry.
WMAA is hosting a consultation session on the recently released Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (WARR) Act Review discussion paper on Thursday 12 February.

The Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2007 (WARR Act) is the principal legislation for waste management in Western Australia and is subject to a statutory review within five years of its commencement. The WARR Act Review is available HERE.

Time & Date:     Thursday, 12 February
                            2:00 – 4:00pm: Consultation on WARR Act
                            4:30 – 6:00pm: Sundowner and Networking
Locations:          Upstairs Function Room
                             Victoria Park Hotel
                             605 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park
RSVP:                  Monday, 9 February
To confirm your attendance, visit the WMAA website.
Magic Carpet Ride
New Zealand company Wishbone Design Studio have found an innovative way to recycle old carpets into bicycles.
Due to their bulky nature and combination of different materials, carpets are tricky to recycle. Jenny McIver and her husband Rich run Wishbone Design and have developed a technology that allows them to turn carpets into rigid tubular shapes and so form children’s bikes.

“The nylon carpet fibres are shaved from the backing,” explains McIver. “Then both the nylon fibre and polypropylene backing are separately recycled via a proprietary process, which shreds, cleans and heats the raw material into liquid form. We add glass fibre for strength and rigidity.”

The result is engineered resin pellets that can be injection-moulded into strong organic forms. “But we don’t stop there,” says McIver. “This is the first bicycle ever to be made using gas-assisted injection moulding, which allows us to create complex, single-piece tubular forms that achieve very high strength and rigidity.”

The couple spent almost three years developing the technology and design, introducing the mass-produced bike in 2014 – the world’s first bike made entirely from post-consumer recycled material.
For more information, visit The Guardian website.
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