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Road Safety Newsletter
JUNE 2015
Issue 6

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Esperance footballers spread the belt up message
Esperance footballers recently spread the "belt up" road safety message as part of the ICWA Belt Up country football round.
The ICWA Belt Up round is a long established initiative in country football that aims to raise awareness of the importance of wearing a seatbelt no matter how short the jourmey.

The 2015 Belt Up round, held on 23 and 24 May, marked the 17th anniversary of ICWA ‘Belt Up’ round.

This year, Esperance RoadWise got on board to raise the profile of the event and increase the level of community engagement in the ‘Belt Up’ campaign.

All four clubs in the Esperance league were visited in the week leading up to ‘Belt Up’ weekend and asked to nominate a ‘Players' Player’ for the round. Recipients of the awards were club members who were recognised by their peers as being leaders, team players, demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship and upholding the values of the ‘Belt Up’ message by always looking after their mates and promoting road safety within their community.

The ‘Belt Up’ sashes featured in the current Office of Road Safety restraints campaign were worn by local footballers on game day and the football community participated in the campaign by having photos taken with their loved ones whilst wearing the sashes.

Pictured above: Newtown Condingup player Will Brown with sister (and Road Safety Advisor) Tiffany Brown, the Newtown Condingup Leauge Team, Ports player Tony Champion with his son and Esperance player Luke Lowden with his sisters.

Seatbelt-related road trauma is particularly problematic in the Goldfields-Esperance region. Over the last ten years 27% of all fatal and serious crashes in the region involved people not wearing seat belts.

Wearing a seatbelt is one the easiest ways to protect drivers and passengers when travelling in a vehicle; you are 10 times more likely to be killed in a road crash if you are not wearing a seat belt.1

The ‘Belt Up’ round received strong support from the Esperance football clubs and community. The message was clear - road trauma has a devastating impact on family, friends and the whole community, so belt up, because you're worth holding onto.
Visit the Esperance RoadWise Facebook page to see more great photos from the 2015 ICWA 'Belt Up' round.

1Office of Road Safety, last updated 25 May 2015
Save the date for the Great Southern Road Safety Conference
You're invited to join us for the innaugural Great Southern Road Safety Conference.

You should attend the conference if you are:
  • A RoadWise Committee member
  • A Local Government employee or Elected Member interested in what your Local Government can do to improve local road safety
  • A community member interested in improving road safety in your area
Cost:  FREE

Included:  Lunch and refreshments, conference material and bag

Program:  To be confirmed, but will include - presentations from RoadWise Committees, Main Roads WA, networking opportunities, a chance to find out what the RoadWise Program can offer your area.

Please express your interest in attending to secure your place and feel free to pass on to others who may be interested in attending.
To register your interest in attending the conference, email Road Safety Advisor Erin McDonlad-Lee or phone 9892 1145 or 0418 904 081.
Road safety at TropiCOOL
Carnarvon RoadWise and Main Roads WA joined forces to shed some light on road safety at the TropiCOOL Festival held during the WA Day long weekend.
The interactive display focused on the importance of wearing helmets and seatbelts as well as the dangers of driver distraction.
There were activities for kids to encourage them to wear helmets when riding their bikes and seatbelts when in the car, with giveaways to remind them of the messages they had heard.
Adults completed a quiz which saw many get stumped when asked to list three different types of driver distraction. This provided a great opportunity for discussion.
With many of the participants being backpackers and other travellers, the importance of remoteness, limited emergency services and sharing the roads with others was also emphasised.
Pictured above: Andrea Pitcher, Steve Rankin, Jerolina Rankin & Andre Paulino at the TropiCOOL road safety display.
If you would like to arrange a road safety display or promotion in your community, contact your closest Road Safety Advisor who can assist with resources, statistics and other valuable road safety information.
Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters course expands network of Fitters in the Mid West region
Eleven participants attended the accredited Type 1 Child Car Restraint (CCR) Fitters course which was held in Geraldton on 28 May.
Correct use of child car restraints has been a problem in the region with some children being incorrectly restrained or in some instances, not restrained at all. 

By using an appropriate child car restraint, parents and caregivers can greatly reduce the risk of death or serious injury to a child if the vehicle is involved in a crash.   

The newly qualified Type 1 CCR Fitters, who come from various local organisations and businesses, will now be able to provide CCR fitting services as well as some education to parents in the Mid-West region. 

Pictured above: Participants in the Type 1 Child Car Restraint (CCR) Fitters course held in Geraldton.
For more information about child car restraint or how to find Type 1 CCR Fitters, please visit the child car restraints website or call the CCR fitting information line on 1300 780 713.
Testing standard drink knowledge in Cranbrook
Locals in Cranbrook had the opportunity to learn about standard drinks at the recent Cranbrook Show.
The Cranbrook RoadWise Committee ran a stall which included a standard drinks pouring station and alcohol quiz.

Many people were surprised to find out that the measures of alcohol they were pouring could put them over the legal driving limit of 0.05 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

Local Senior Constable Jeff Osborne, who was working on the stall, said alcohol was a common contributing factor in crashes.

‘Preliminary statistics for the state from 2014 show that alcohol was a factor in 117 crashes where someone was killed or critically injured,’ Senior Constable Osborne said.

‘We want to send the message that if you’re planning to drink, plan not to drive. Nominate a skipper, stay over or get someone to pick you up.’

The RoadWise Committee would like to thank those who entered the alcohol quiz at the show. The winner was drawn at the last meeting. Congratulations to Andrea Cassin who answered all the questions correctly and won a $50 fuel voucher.

Pictured above: Andrea Cassin receives her fuel voucher from Shire of Cranbrook's Peter Northover.
Visit the Great Southern page on the RoadWise website to find out more about road safety activities in the region.
UN Global Road Safety Week child car restraint checking stations - thank you
As part of UN Global Road Safety Week which ran from 4-10 May 2015, Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters from the Town of Cambridge and Baby Allsorts joined together to conduct a free child car restraint checking and fitting station for the local community.

Pictured above: Child car restraints being checked as part of UN Global Road Safety Week.

A similar joint initiative involved RoadWise Road Safety Project Officer Tammie Deshon and Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter Amber Appleby who provided a free child car restraint checking and fitting service at Gibbney Reserve carpark in Maylands on the morning of 7 May.

Congratulations to all the Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters who not only carried out child car restraint checks during the UN Global Road Safety Week but provide the service to local residents on a regular basis, working towards reducing the risk of death or serious injury to a child in the event of a crash.
For information including contact details of Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters visit Alternatively, call the child car restraint fitting information line on 1300 780 713 (operating Monday and Wednesday 9am - 12noon, Tuesday and Thursday 1pm - 4pm).
Kalgoorlie Boulder race round - drink driving, it's never okay
The Kalgoorlie Boulder RoadWise Committee attended the Anzac Day race round to promote the don’t drink and drive message.
Race goers were encouraged to participate in a road safety questionnaire that tested their knowledge of standards drinks and the risks associated with drink driving.

Committee members also engaged with the community about the dangers of drink driving while distributing water bottles carrying the ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaign message.

In the Goldfields-Esperance region from 2004-2013, 14% of serious crashes involved a driver/rider in excess of 0.05 (BAC) blood alcohol limit.

Pictured above: Skye Macdonald promotes the "don't drink and drive" message at the Anzac Day race round.
If you live in the Goldfields-Esperance region and would like to organise a road safety display at your next local event, or if you would like to book the region's road safety display trailer for your next event, please email Road Safety Advisor (Goldfield-Esperance region) Tiffany Brown.
Denmark Fatigue Stop competition winner announced
As well as targeting driving tired, the recent Denmark Fatigue Stop provided an opportunity for drivers to learn about avoiding fatigue by completing a quiz with the chance to win a $50 fuel voucher.
All of the correct answers were put in the draw at the last RoadWise meeting and the winner of the $50 fuel voucher is Tracey Whooley.

Pictured above: RoadWise Committee member Wayne Austin and prize winner Tracey Whooley.

Denmark RoadWise Chairperson, Councilor David Morrell congratulated the Committee for their ongoing commitment to addressing the serious road safety issue of fatigue and thanked all who entered the fatigue quiz.
Visit the Great Southern page on the RoadWise website to find out more about road safety activities in the region.
Drivers take a break on Western Australia Day
The City of Wanneroo RoadWise Working Group set up their Driver Reviver caravan on Indian Ocean Drive, 1 kilometre north of the City of Wanneroo boundary, on Western Australia Day.
In an aim to reduce fatigue related crashes, drivers were encouraged to stop for a rest and revive with a coffee or tea and biscuits.

A total of 163 visitors stopped to enjoy the refreshments and have a chat with the volunteers.

Pictured above: The City of Wanneroo RoadWise Working Group Driver Reviver caravan in action.
For more information about the Driver Reviver Program, including locations and calendar events please visit the RoadWise website.
We'd love to hear about your local road safety activities and achievements
Is your Local Government, road safety committee or organisation working on a road safety project, event or initiative you'd like to share with the WA community road safety network?
We are very keen to showcase local road safety activities and recognise the valuable contribution made by everyone in the local road safety community.

Newsletter submissions can be made using the “Submit Your Story form” on the RoadWise Program website at
For more information, email Road Safety Project Officer Kylie O'Driscoll or call 9213 2084.
Road safety events, conferences and resources
Each month, the RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter will provide details of events, conferences or new resources (reports, statistics or data) which may be of direct interest to members of the community road safety network.
The information provided below is not intended to be an exhaustive list, rather a carefully selected list, most relevant to our road safety network.

New road safety data, report or statistics:
  • Road trauma involving heavy vehicles: statistics summary (BITRE)
    This bulletin contains annual summaries and current counts of Australian fatal road crashes involving heavy vehicles. More info here.
  • Road Deaths Australia - monthly bulletins (BITRE)
    This bulletin contains current counts and summaries of road crash deaths and fatal road crashes in Australia. It is produced monthly and published on BITRE's website on or around the 14th of each month. Data are sourced from the road traffic or police authorities in each jurisdiction. More info here.
Road safety events:
  • Great Southern Road Safety Conference, Tuesday 14 July 2015, Cranbrook Sporting Club. Email Road Safety Advisor Erin McDonlad-Lee to find out more.
  • Australasian Road Safety Conference, Wednesday 14 - Friday 16 October 2015, Gold Coast, Australia. Visit the conference website to find out more.
If you have a local road safety event or a link to a report/data you have found relevant to your local road safety efforts, please email the details to Road Safety Project Officer Kylie O'Driscoll.
RAC Little Legends Club
Jump on board RAC Little Legends Club and your primary school students will be on their way to learning all about road safety! The free program covers bicycle, pedestrian and passenger safety.
RAC Little Legends includes access to in-class presentations, road safety incursions, a suite of online resources, and an interactive multi-level game. Your students will learn essential road safety skills while having fun.
Visit the RAC Little Legends website to find out more.
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