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Road Safety Newsletter
May 2016
Issue 17

In this issue...

 Celebrating the RoadWise Network event
Members of WALGA’s 4700-strong RoadWise community road safety network were recognised at events across the state as part of National Volunteers Week, which ran from 9 – 15 May.
At the central event held in Maylands on 11 May, members of the community road safety network joined representatives from road safety partner agencies to celebrate the achievements and contributions they make to working towards zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Guests celebrated with morning tea whilst the combined efforts of the statewide community road safety network were showcased on the big screen. Volunteer profiles and videos helped bridge the geographical distance, bringing the significant efforts of those in regional areas in to focus.

Pictured above: The Road Safety Commission's Chris Adams, WALGA's Cliff Simpson, Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc's Dave Wright and WALGA's Ian Duncan at the launch; Guests enjoy the regional showcase on the big screen.

As well as celebrating the network, the event provided an opportunity to formally launch the Estimating the value of contributions to community level action for road safety report.

WA Local Government Association President Cr Lynne Craigie said whilst many members of the community road safety network were volunteers with an interest in road safety and others had an official role through road safety partner agencies, everyone’s goal was the same – working together using the shared responsibility approach to achieve zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

“In many ways the contributions made by our network of road safety volunteers are invaluable,” she said.

“However, a recently completed study which aimed to explore and quantify the level of financial and in-kind contributions made by the road safety network found that individuals in the network contributed more than 4000 hours during the three-month reporting period. This represents more than 16,000 hours on an annual basis1.

“This reinforces the strength of the RoadWise Program’s well established partnership approach.

“To put an estimated dollar value on it, this study has shown that the community road safety network, supported by the WALGA RoadWise Program, generates contributions of more than $1.6 million dollars per year (based on 2015 values) in in-kind and financial contributions to enable the implementation of local road safety activities2

“This is leveraged from the $1.8 million dollar support provided through the Road Trauma Trust Account and State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement funding allocations to the RoadWise Program (in 2015).

“The significance of this contribution cannot be underestimated and it is certainly cause for celebration,” Cr Craigie said.

Source: Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA), Estimating the value of contributions to community-level action for road safety, WALGA, September 2015.
To obtain a copy of the Estimating the value of contributions to community level action for road safety report, or find out more about our RoadWise volunteers, visit the RoadWise website at

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Share Our Roads campaign
The Kalgoorlie-Boulder RoadWise Committee continues to promote the ‘Share Our Roads’ campaign in a bid to raise awareness and educate the community on road safety issues that impact different road user groups including trucks, light vehicles, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.
The campaign, which launched in March, was originally implemented by the Road Safety Commission of Western Australia but this year the committee localised the campaign material by featuring local people and places to increase the relevance of the initiative to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community.

To date, the committee has conducted a series of promotional events as well as local and social media targeting different road user groups.

Pictured above: Promotional material developed as part of the local 'Share Our Roads' campaign.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder has a wide variety of road user groups present on the roads including the heavy haulage and freight industries related to mining activities, the drive in drive out workforce, the active cycling and running communities and families with young children commuting to school. ‘Share Our Roads’ aims to promote cohesive road user behaviour and remind road users to be courteous to each other every time they travel.
Keep up to date with road safety activities and campaigns in Kalgoorlie-Boulder by liking the Kalgoorlie-Boulder RoadWise Facebook page.
Embracing Road Safety Week
Local Governments in the Metropolitan North region embraced Road Safety Week this year in a variety of ways.
The Swan RoadWise Committee coordinated safe road use, safe vehicles, safe roads and roadsides and safe speed activities throughout road safety week, in addition to the City's everyday commitment to road safety.

The crash trailer was available to view outside the administration building with an internal display providing information about ANCAP and used car safety ratings for residents and visitors.

Reggie’s Road Rules poster Txtn n drivin’ leads to crash’n or dyin’ was displayed in public areas to highlight the possible consequences of texting whilst driving.

The City also used social media to showcase road safety treatments aimed at reducing travel speeds, which have been successfully implemented on local roads.

Drivers of Swan fleet vehicles were asked to ensure headlights were turned on in support of the Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign on Friday, 6 May.

Pictured above: City of Swan Mayor Mick Wainwright and Swan RoadWise Committee Chairperson Cr. Adam Kovalevs promote the City's involvement in Road Safety Week.

The Town of Cambridge focused on child car restraints (CCR) during Road Safety Week, setting up a display in the Cambridge Library with information about the correct choice of restraint for children at various ages.

Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters, Claire Turnbull (Town of Cambridge) and Karen White (WALGA's RoadWise) were also on hand to talk to parents and answer questions about fitting appropriate child car restraints during the library's Story Time events on 3 and 17 May.

Pictured above: The Town of Cambridge CCR display as part of Road Safety Week.
To see how others around the country marked Road Safety Week, search #‎shinealightonroadsafety‬ in your web browser and click on the Facebook and Twitter results.
Carnarvon RoadWise hits Facebook
The Carnarvon RoadWise Committee has hit social media in a bid to spread the word and create awareness of road safety in the community.
The Carnarvon RoadWise Facebook page went live just over a month ago and Committee members are thrilled with the response and interaction from community members and other road users from around Australia.

The Facebook page was designed to promote road safety and engage with the public, by posting safety messages on a weekly basis in conjunction with the Committee's 2016 Action Plan.
As a result, the Committee has gained positive exposure through the Carnarvon community, and have had two articles featured in the local newspaper, the Northern Guardian. These articles were also posted on the group's Facebook page, reaching more than 1600 social media users alone. More than 80 of those users either commented on the posts or shared with their friends/family/colleagues.

Pictured above: The Carnarvon RoadWise Committee Facebook page.
During the month of May, and to coincide with Road Safety Week, the Committee has coordinated a ‘Photograph your rest stops and post on the Carnarvon Roadwise Facebook page competition’.

The competition aims to encourage road users to stop and take a break to avoid the onset of fatigue within the Gascoyne region.

The photograph that gets the most ‘Likes’ will win a prize.
Visit for more information.
Child car restraint update - Wongan Hills and Leederville Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitting courses are open for registration
Next month, the WALGA RoadWise Program will deliver two Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitting courses in Wongan Hills on 17 June and Leederville on 27 June.
Registrations are open to members of the community with an interest in child safety and/or those who are looking to provide a service to their community.

With funding from the Road Trauma Trust Account, these courses are delivered free of charge, however all participants require a minimum of $10 million public liability insurance to participate.
Many of our current fitters are using their skills to increase knowledge about child car restraints among local community members, whilst also providing a checking and fitting service to ensure children are transported correctly.

Current fitters can register to attend one of our courses as a refresher. This provides an excellent opportunity to reinforce current knowledge and skills.
If you or a member of your organisation is interested in attending one of the June courses, please email for more information and registration forms. Details about other upcoming Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitting courses are available on our website at
Wheatbelt embraces the Belt Up message
'Belt Up, you’re worth holding onto' signs have been appearing in school car parks across the the Wheatbelt region this year.

Pictured above: A 'Belt Up' sign recently installed at the newly bitumised car park on Charcoal Lane, Toodyay.

A few years ago, a road safety audit of Toodyay town recommended a speed limit reduction to 40km/h and work continues to make this area safer for vulnerable road users and motorists.
Contact Road Safety Advisor Cliff Simpson on mob: 0409 686 138 or email to find out more about road safety activities in the Wheatbelt North region.
Rockingham Have a Go Day promotes child car restraints
The Rockingham RoadWise Committee set up a child car restraint display at the City of Rockingham’s annual Have a Go Day held on 13 April.
This free event is specifically designed for seniors, to provide them with an opportunity to have fun, learn about the community and engage in various activities.

A number of local exhibitors and organisations set up displays aimed to encourage seniors' involvement in community.
Members of the RoadWise committee distributed restraints information at the event, with show-goers reminded to ensure children are correctly restrained when travelling in a vehicle.

Pictured above: The Rockingham child car restraints display.

A correctly restrained child reduces the risk of death or serious injury should a road crash occur.
For queries, visit the child car restraint website or call the information line on 1300 780 713 between 9.00am and 2.00pm weekdays.
Slow down and enjoy the ride in Toodyay
“At Toodyay Farmers Markets you can really slow down and enjoy the ride!" 
The markets received grant funding from the Government of Western Australia's Road Safety Community Grants Program to promote the slow down message to the community.

The markets are held on the third Sunday of each month at Stirling Park, Toodyay.
Markets Secretary Helen Shanks said: “We think this message is so important when driving in or to the country.

"What’s the rush? We want our visitors to keep coming back, and by taking your time, driving to the conditions of the road, everyone gets here safely.

"With around forty stalls selling local produce and products, ask any of the market folks and they will agree: slow down and enjoy the ride to Toodyay.” she said.

Pictured above: Annette and Helen from Toodyay Community Markets with Road Safety Advisor Cliff Simpson.
For more information about road safety community grant funding, including submission and criteria details, visit the Road Safety Commission website at
Wheatbelt school road safety calendars
The School Art Road Safety Calendar developed late last year in the Wheatbelt North region has now been distributed to 13 schools in the Avon Valley region.
Meckering, Wundowie and Northam Primary Schools produced art for the calendar, which is free to students and community members in the Avon Valley area.

The Avon Valley Arts Society Inc. received funding through the Government of Western Australia's Road Safety Community Grants Program to produce the calendar.

Pictured above: The artwork included in the Wheatbelt School Art Road Safety Calendar.
For more information about road safety community grant funding, including submission and criteria details, visit the Road Safety Commission website at
Women motorcycle riders promote ‘distracted drivers are dangerous’ message
Western Australia’s Women Motorcycle Riders hosted a female ride day on Saturday, 7 May at Herb Graham Recreation Centre in Mirrabooka.
Approximately 60 female riders took part in the 60km ride to Karragullen, despite the wet conditions.

The event formed part of the International Female Ride Day worldwide women's motorcycle ride day with the theme 'Just Ride' - a synchronised ride that happens in many countries across the world in May.

Women who unite to participate in this event demonstrate their passion, ability and enthusiasm for the activity and build awareness of female motorcyclists.

The City of Stirling supported the event by providing a venue, setting up the Towards Zero road safety trailer and displaying a banner showing the benefits of wearing protective motorcycle gear.

The group received road safety grant funding through the Government of Western Australia's Road Safety Community Grants Progam, developing a banner and stubby holders to promote the ‘distracted drivers are dangerous’ message.

Pictured above: The ‘distracted drivers are dangerous’ banner on display at the event.
Visit the International Female Ride Day Facebook page at to find out more about how the event was celebrated around the world in 2016.
Shire of Irwin school holiday program road safety days
The Shire of Irwin RoadWise Committee conducted road safety activities during two days of their recent school holiday program. 
Attendance at the school holiday program rose substantially over the two days to a total of approximately 110 children. 

Activities included participation in the road safety track where children practiced safe road use which included the roles of traffic police. Other popular activities involved singing, and dancing to SDERA road safety songs and videos, road safety colouring-in which was designed by local artist Belladonna Raudvee and painting a road safety mural that will be permanently on display at the Shire of Irwin recreational centre. 

Road safety bumper stickers will also be designed from the children's artwork. 

The Shire's volunteers kept the children entertained with some high energy activities and later provided healthy snacks and lunch on both days.

Pictured above: Shire of Irwin school holiday activities focusing on road safety.
Keep up to date with road safety activities and campaigns in the Shire of Irwin by liking the Shire of Irwin  Facebook page.
$145.7 million dollars allocated in the 2016-17 State Budget for road safety initiatives
Deputy Premier and Road Safety Minister the Hon Liza Harvey MLA said regional West Australians would benefit from nearly $64.9 million for road safety features including overtaking lanes, wire rope barriers, audible line edging and road widening.
The Minister said $2.2 million would fund the State's first alcohol interlock system for serious and repeat drink drivers and $5.53 million would continue additional roadside alcohol and drug testing.

The Minister said the RTTA funding also included:

- $20 million for metropolitan intersection upgrades
- $12 million to complete the flashing 40kmh school zone sign project
- $7.8 million to fund recommendations from the Wheatbelt Highway Safety Review
- $4.1 million for education campaigns
- $6.8 million for the expanding speed and red light cameras
- $1.6 million for school education programs
- $1.6 million for community RoadWise programs
The full media statement can be accessed by visiting
Motor injury insurance expanded
From 1 July, if you are catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle crash in WA you will be covered for treatment, care and support.
This initiative will change the lives of people catastrophically injured in motor vehicle crashes, their families and communities.
Legislation was passed in April 2016 to expand motor injury insurance and to allow the Insurance Commission of Western Australia to manage the cover and claims.
Lifetime treatment, care and support will now be provided for people catastrophically injured in motor vehicle accidents from 1 July 2016 if they are unable to successfully claim under the existing Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance scheme.
Motor injury insurance premiums will increase to a maximum $99 per vehicle and motorcycle in the first year, to pay for the cost of providing treatment, care and support.
A public consultation process was held in 2014. There were more than 2,300 public responses to a Green Paper which reflected the community expectation that people catastrophically injured in crashes should be cared for.
The change to motor injury insurance cover is supported by a communications campaign to ensure the scope and cost of the change is communicated to households and over 1.8 million WA motorists.
If you would like to find out how you can spread the message about expanded motor injury insurance please contact your local Road Safety Advisor by visiting  You can also find out more at
'Unsecured Loads, Unsafe Roads' campaign - how to get involved
Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KABWA) is promoting the 'Unsecured Loads, Unsafe Roads' campaign again in 2016 and is keen to hear from Local Governments or RoadWise Committees interested in promoting the campaign in their community.
Research shows that over 40% of the roadside litter comes from the back of utes, trucks and trailers because loads are not properly secured. Items coming off the back of vehicles also pose a safety risk to following vehicles, their drivers and passengers.
The 'Unsecured Loads, Unsafe Roads' campaign includes a range of strategies to educate drivers about the dangers of not securing their loads correctly and how to avoid the hazards caused by items falling off trucks, utes and trailers.
KABWA has developed a kit which can be used at local events to promote this campaign. Opportunities to promote the campaign could include field days, market days or community festivals.
Groups interested in promoting the 'Unsecured Load, Unsafe Roads' campaign could be eligible to receive $300 as a donation to assist with costs.

Pictured above: Campaign material for the 'Unsecured Load, Unsafe Roads' campaign.
If you are interested in promoting the campaign, please register your interest at or contact Hayley on 6467 5122 to find out more.
Road safety events, conferences and resources
Each month, the RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter will provide details of events, conferences or new resources (reports, statistics or data) which may be of direct interest to members of the community road safety network.
The information provided below is not intended to be an exhaustive list, rather a carefully selected list, most relevant to our road safety network.

Road safety events:

Great Southern Road Safety Conference, 16 June 2016, 10 am – 3 pm, Cranbrook Sporting Club, Cranbrook.

23rd National Conference, Australian Health Promotion Association, "Connecting the Dots", 19 - 22 June 2016, Rendezvous Hotel, Scarborough, WA.

2016 International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, “UN Decade of Action For Road Safety: The Half-way Point”, 2-5 August 2016, Brisbane. Visit the conference website to find out more.

2016 Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC2016) to be held at the National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia from Tuesday 6 – Thursday 8 September 2016.


Road Deaths Australia—Monthly Bulletins -This bulletin contains current counts and summaries of road crash deaths and fatal road crashes in Australia. It is produced monthly and published on BITRE's website on/ around the 14th of each month.
If you have a local road safety event or a link to a report/data you have found relevant to your local road safety efforts, email the details to Road Safety Project Officer Kylie O'Driscoll.
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