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MWAC Information Bulletin
23 January 2015
Issue 204

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WAR(R) Declared
WALGA has developed a Draft Submission for the WARR Act Review Discussion Paper.
The Department of Environment Regulation WARR Act Review Discussion Paper is available from the Department of Environment Regulation website.

Submissions on the WARR Act Review close Monday 23 February.

The Draft Submission provides a range of options for Governance. The Submission will be available from the WasteNet website.

Comments on the Draft Submission close Monday 9 February.
To contribute to the WALGA submission email Manager, Waste and Recycling, Rebecca Brown or call (08) 9213 2063.
System Update
In response to feedback from the Association, the Department of Environment are now coming to Perth as part of their consultation on the review of the National TV and Computer Recycling Scheme.
When: 9 – 10.30am, Monday 2 February
Where: WALGA Boardroom, ONE70, LV 1, 170 Railway Parade, West Leederville WA 6007.
RSVP: with your name and organisation.

For more information on the review, including how to make a written submission, visit the Department’s website.
WALGA is developing a submission on the review. To contribute to this submission, email Waste Management Policy Coordinator, Heather Squire or call (08) 9213 2069 by Monday, 2 February.
Don’t Mess With The law
WALGA, in partnership with the Waste Authority, has finalised a new Template Waste Local Law.
This Local Law, together with a Guidance Note on using the Template to make a Waste Local Law, is freely available on the WasteNet website.

The Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation has reviewed the Template and expressed general approval of the content. The Guidance Note explains a few matters that will require some attention when making your Waste Local Law and WALGA recommends the content of the Template be retained to minimise the prospect of further scrutiny by the Joint Standing Committee.
For further information email Manager Governance, James McGovern or call 9213 2093.
Need some Guidance?
The State Government has released two new Material Guidelines for Waste-Derived Materials: Clean Fill and Construction Products.
The release of the Guidelines coincides with an increase in the landfill levy rate from January 1 2015.

A number of the changes suggested by MWAC have been incorporated in the final documents including:
  • A clear timeline and mechanism for review (both Guidelines will be reviewed by 30 January 2016).
  • The definition for recovered glass, in the Construction Products Guideline, has been revised, so that the use of fine screenings from MRF’s is no longer excluded in construction products
  • Although the testing regime and authorised products uses for Construction Products remain the same, Department of Environment Regulation have indicated a willingness to work with industry on alternative approaches and end uses.
To access to these Material Guidelines, visit the Department of Environment Regulation website.
The Municipal Waste Advisory Council (MWAC) is a standing committee of WALGA with delegated authority on municipal waste issues. MWAC's membership includes the major Regional Councils (waste management), making MWAC a unique forum through which all the major Local Government waste management organisations cooperate.
MWAC members are:
ONE70, LV1, 170 Railway Parade,
West Leederville, WA 6007
PO Box 1544, West Perth, WA 6872
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