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Road Safety Newsletter
October 2015
Issue 10

In this issue...

WALGA RoadWise Program receives Australasian Road Safety Conference Award
A paper presented by the WALGA RoadWise Program at the inaugural Australasian Road Safety Conference on the Gold Coast last week has received formal recognition.
Road Safety Project Officer Andrea Smithson, the WALGA RoadWise Program and the community road safety network in WA were recognised, with the Conference Theme Award presented during the closing session at the 2015 Australasian Road Safety Conference.

The paper, titled “Building community capacity for road safety – are we doing it?” presented at the conference by Manager RoadWise Program and co-author Terri-Anne Pettet, was selected from 200 presentations delivered during the conference.

Road Safety Advisor Karen White presented a paper on behalf of the Onslow Road User Group (ORUG) titled “Onslow Road Users Group Taking Action Together – Making a Difference” and also had a poster presentation at the conference titled “White ribbon to road ribbon: Transitioning a state-wide community based road safety campaign in Western Australia”.

Pictured above (clockwise from top):  Manager RoadWise Program Terri-Anne Pettet delivers the “Building community capacity for road safety – are we doing it?” presentation; The Conference Theme Award presented during the closing session; Road Safety Advisor Karen White with the "White Ribbon to Road Ribbon" poster presentation; Karen presenting the “Onslow Road Users Group Taking Action Together – Making a Difference” paper on behalf  of the Onslow Road Users Group.

Pictured above: the RoadWise team signs the Declaration for Trauma Free Roads.

RoadWise team members attending conference also signed the Declaration for Trauma Free Roads which will be presented at the "2nd High Level Conference on Road Safety" in Brazil on 18-19 November.
To find out more about the Australasian Road Safety Conference, which was attended by 650 road safety experts from across the world, visit the conference website
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® 2015 campaign
On Sunday, 15 November the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign commences, coinciding with the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.
This is a community-based campaign aligned to Towards Zero, WA’s Road Safety Strategy 2008 – 2020 and urges people to take care on the roads during the festive season.
The Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign asks Local Governments, RoadWise Committees, the community road safety network and individuals to directly contribute to raising awareness and the importance of road safety by wearing a free road ribbon, email the e-road ribbon and spreading the campaign messages to friends, family and colleagues.
WALGA’s RoadWise Program is encouraging everyone to participate in this road safety initiative. It can be as easy as wearing a road ribbon, hosting a Road Ribbon for Road Safety® event, erecting a road safety display or by making a conscious effort to be a safe road user.
Make a conscious effort to be a safe road user by:
  • Turning off your mobile phone before driving
  • Adapting your speed to the weather, light, traffic and road conditions
  • Ensuring you are restrained when travelling in a vehicle
  • Taking a break, having a rest or if possible swapping drivers if feeling fatigued
  • Arranging a skipper, organising public transport or staying overnight if drinking.
Road Ribbon for Road Safety
To find out more about the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign, order your free ribbons or to download resources, visit the RoadWise website.
Which local project can you nominate for a Local Government Road Safety Award?
The deadline for nominations for the 2016 Local Government Road Safety Awards is fast approaching. Does your Local Government have a road safety project to nominate?
WALGA’s RoadWise Program and IPWEA invite Local Governments to nominate road safety projects and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the community in the area of road safety for the 2016 Local Government Road Safety Awards.

The Awards are a joint initiative of the WA Local Government Association’s (WALGA)’s RoadWise Program and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) – Western Australia Inc. and seek to acknowledge outstanding achievements by Local Governments in the area of road safety.

The Awards will be presented at the WA Transport and Roads Forum on Friday, 12 February 2016 at the El Caballo Resort, Wooroloo.

LG Road Safety Awards collage
Pictured above: A collage of past recipients of a Local Government Road Safety Award.
Award submissions are now open and will close on Friday, 20 November. Log into the Member’s Section of the RoadWise website or contact your closest Road Safety Advisor for further information.
Carnarvon RoadWise Committee gets a new chair
The Carnarvon RoadWise Committee recently welcomed Leo Karczmarczyk as their new chair.
An electrical engineer by trade, Leo ran his own business in Perth before moving to Carnarvon in 2011. He was recently appointed to the position of CEO for the Carnarvon Heritage Group.
Leo has a long involvement with Rotary clubs including stints as president of the Victoria Park and Carnarvon branches, which has given him the opportunity to serve the local community.
The personal loss of two close friends in road crashes has motivated Leo to work towards minimising tragedy and trauma on WA roads and has brought him to chairing the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee.
Under Leo’s guidance, the committee is currently fine-tuning an action plan for the next 12 months.

Carnarvon RW chair Leo Karczmarczyk
Pictured above: New Carnarvon RoadWise Committee chairperson, Leo Karczmarczyk .
Visit the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee webpage to find out more about the Committee's road safety activities.
Parents pledge to slow down in Warnbro
A group of parents at Warnbro Primary School are leading by example by pledging to slow down on the streets of Rockingham.
At a recent open night at the school, members of the school’s TravelWise and Travel Smart Teams, in conjunction with the City of Rockingham RoadWise Committee, provided parents with the opportunity to take an active role in improving road safety in their community.

A display showcased the achievements of the Travel Smart Team, comprised of year 5 and 6 students, in the promotion of active transport and also provided information on community road safety issues.

Parents were encouraged to sign the “I slow down in Rockingham” pledge, promising to drive within the speed limit, be courteous to other road users and to display their “I slow down in Rockingham” bumper sticker as an example to all road users.

P & C President Michael Humphreys led the way, followed by over 30 parents.

Warnbro Primary School display
Pictured above: Warnbro Primary School P&C President Michael Humphries signs the "I slow down in Rockingham" pledge; Warnbro Primary School's road safety display.

The school will continue to work with parents and the City of Rockingham RoadWise Committee to encourage others to pledge to slow down in Rockingham.
To find our how you can get involved in the "I slow down..." campaign, please contact your closest Road Safety Advisor.
Drivers turn it off and bag it up
Drivers at Carnarvon Bus Charters are turning off their mobile phones and bagging them up to avoid getting distracted whilst driving.
It is estimated that around 32% of deaths and serious injuries on WA roads can be attributed to the driver being distracted.1

One source of driver distraction is the use of a mobile phone. Even hands free use has been found to be distracting with the driver startled by the ringing of the phone and being distracted by the conversation with someone not in the vehicle.2

Drivers at Carnarvon Bus Charters have now made the commitment to turn off their mobile phones and bag them up to ensure they pose no distraction whilst they are driving. This is part of ongoing road safety activity within the organisation which has recently included online fatigue avoidance training.

Carnarvon Bus Charters are also represented on the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee, providing valuable input into committee planning and activities.

Bevan Dart
Vicki Della Bella
Pictured above: Bevan Dart, School Bus Contract Driver (top) and Vicki Della Bella (bottom), Location Manager turn off and bag up their mobiles before leaving the depot on the afternoon school runs.
1 Government of Western Australian, Road Safety Commission, accessed 25 September 2015.
2 WALGA (2014), Mobile phone use and road safety factsheet,
For more information about how you can get involved in road safety activities and make a contribution in your local community, visit the RoadWise Program website.
New Driver Reviver operation in Collie
The Shire of Collie’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention committee, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Collie held their first Driver Reviver station on Coalfields Highway on the Queens Birthday long weekend.
The station was manned by local Rotarians, PCYC cadets, 2015 Young Citizen of the Year representatives and members of the committee who provided coffee, tea, water, a biscuit and chance to stop and have a break.

Congratulations to everyone involved.
Visit the RoadWise website to find out more about the Driver Reviver Program.
Denmark RoadWise Committee involved in high school leavers talk
Two representatives from the Denmark RoadWise Committee visited the Denmark High School on Monday, 21 September to speak to the year 11 and 12 students about Towards Zero, WA’s road safety 2008 - 2020 and novice drivers.
Health and Drug Awareness Councillors were also there to chat to students who will soon attend their end of school parties.

The event attracted 39 students and facilitated talks which included basic first aid, how to deal with disturbed and abnormal behaviours, the effects of alcohol and how it inhibits driving and also how to maintain personal safety during Leavers events.

RoadWise Committee members held a quiz at the end of the presentations to determine the level of understanding of the group in relation to the topics of safe speeds, safe road use and safe vehicles. Of the 39 entries received, only three had incorrect answers. This indicated the group was aware of key road rules and had a good understanding of the impacts of drug and alcohol use on driver behaviour.

The winner of the RoadWise Novice Driver draw was Oneisha Vernon from Kronkup.

Oneisha Vernon Novice Driver winner
Denmark High School 11-12s
Pictured above: RoadWise Novice Driver winner Oneisha Vernon is presented with her prize; Denmark High School students from years 11 and 12 coming together for the school leavers talk.
To find out more about road safety activities in the Shire of Denmark, please visit the Shire's website.
Road safety is all around at Crushing and Mining Equipment (CME)
Workers at CME were surrounded by road safety messages during September.
As part of their workplace road safety program, Occupational Health and Safety Officers from CME at Naval Base have ensured staff members are getting a road safety message wherever they go within their workplace.

Whether in the lunchroom, kitchen, workshop, reception or at their desk, employees have been able to find out more about ways to become safer road users.

Using a variety of banners, intranet messages and quizzes, OH&S officers raised awareness and educated fellow staff members about the dangers of driver fatigue, distraction and speeding as well as the benefits of safer vehicles.

There was also information about sharing the roads with other road users, as well as promotion of the safe system approach to road safety.

CME is looking at ways to continue to improve road safety outcomes for its staff.

CME workplace road safety
Pictured above (clockwise from top left): Fatigue messages in the workshop; Safe system at the photocopier; Workplace road safety and distraction in reception; Share the road at your desk; Safe vehicles and safe speeds in the lunch room.
For more information on workplace road safety contact your closest Road Safety Advisor.
Plantagenet students doing more than counting cars
A group of year eight students at Mount Barker Community College have been undertaking a survey for the Plantagenet RoadWise Committee.
For some time, students studying maths have helped record vehicles details (cars, utes, semi-trailers, trucks, buses etc) and whether passing vehicles have headlights on or off.

The results of the traffic counting is then presented in graph form to help determine whether local promotion of the benefits of driving with headlights on during the day is having an impact.

Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are bright headlights that are illuminated during the day in order to make vehicles more visible. DRLs have been shown to improve vehicle visibility and estimation of distance resulting in reduced crash rates.
Find out more about the Shire of Plantegenet RoadWise Committee by visiting the Committee's RoadWise webpage.
Kalbarri Road Trauma Prevention Day
The inaugural Road Trauma Prevention Day in Kalbarri has been heralded a great success.
The day began with Kalbarri High School students visiting the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service where they were addressed by Sergeant Shaun Peters in regard to the dangers of driving a vehicle on the road. A road safety video presentation followed; the message was loud and clear from the start that a great deal of responsibility is attached when driving a car.

Students watched a mock vehicle accident involving emergency service personnel working to save accident volunteer Daniel Lindemann from a car wreck. This highlighted the amount that has to be done at an accident scene and how well trained the people involved are.

The students then followed the ambulance to the hospital as the patient went into the emergency department to see hospital staff in action in such a situation.

The RAC delivered a “Drink, Drugs and Driving” presentation which had a strong focus on zero tolerance in relation to drugs/drink and driving especially for L and P drivers.

The final presentation of the day was from the Paraplegic Benefit Fund. The guest speaker spoke of his tragedy as a young 20 year old who crashed his car after drinking alcohol and killed his best friend who was a passenger in the car. He  explained that whilst he had learned to deal with his own injuries as a result of the crash, there wasn’t a day that he didn’t feel the guilt of what happened to his friend.

It was a powerful day which informed students and adults about the responsibility that we have every time we get behind the wheel.

Huge thanks is extended to all who contributed to this community event, including the P&C for helping supply such a great lunch for all.

Kalbarri Road Trauma Day

Pictured above: The mock vehicle crash; a group photo of those involved in presenting on the day.

Article submitted by Stuart Teasdale, Associate Principal, Kalbarri High School.
To find out more about road safety activities in the Mid West region, please contact Road Safety Advisor Sam Adams or call 0419 953 583.
Children learn about road safety with Izzy
The Town of Cottesloe, Shire of Peppermint Grove, Town of Mosman Park, School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) and the RoadWise Program have partnered together to provide information on a display in the library for adults about the importance of all road users ‘sharing the roads’.
Local children recently joined Izzy the road safety lizard at The Grove Library to talk about road safety.

A story book was read to the children about the importance of wearing a helmet whilst cycling.

Izzy held hands with the children as they sang a song about keeping safe when crossing the road by holding a parent or responsible adult’s hand.

The ‘chocolate wheel’ quiz was a hit as children answered road safety questions such as ‘What can you put on your cycle to be safe?’ ‘A bell, reflectors and lights’.

Izzy also had a number of road safety posters for children to colour in at the library over the school holiday period.

The Grove Library - Izzy
Pictured above: Izzy the road safety lizard helps spread the road safety message at The Grove Library.
For information about the ‘Share the Roads’ campaign please visit and for children’s road safety visit
'Enjoy the Ride' bush poem targets road safety during harvest season
The Esperance RoadWise Committee's ‘Enjoy the Ride’ campaign is now in full swing and the release of a locally written bush poem is attracting the attention of local residents. 
The poem, written by local bush poet Victoria Brown and daughter Tiffany Brown (the RoadWise Road Safety Advisor for the Goldfields-Esperance region), will be used to help promote the 'Enjoy the Ride' message to the wider farming community.

The Government of Western Australia's Road Safety Community Grants Program has provided funding to assist the Committee to promote the 'Enjoy the Ride' message.
To find out more about the 'Enjoy the Ride' campaign, visit the Shire of Esperance website, Shire of Esperance Facebook page or contact Road Safety Advisor Tiffany Brown.
Onslow Road Users Group - award finalist
The Onslow Road Users Group (ORUG) is a finalist in the WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards in the Insurance Commission of Western Australia Regional Safety category.
The winner will be announced at a gala dinner in Perth on 6 November.
Whatever the outcome, this is a great achievement and ORUG members would like to thank the Onslow community for their ongoing support of the group and road safety.
For more information about the Onslow Road Users Group visit their Facebook page
Interactive website to help you brush up on your road rules
A new website is now available to help positively influence the behaviour of Western Australian road users.
Each day, unsafe driving behaviour on our network places people at risk. Staying safe on our roads is important and it is one of the main reasons road rules are in place.

The 12 road rules have been collated based on enquiries the Road Safety Commission (RSC) receives. It encourages drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians to visit the website in a bid to better share the road safety responsibility.

Road Safety Council Chair, Professor Murray Lampard, said one of his priorities was to continue education in road user behaviour to improve road safety in WA.

“The website offers individuals a simple guide about common misunderstood road rules, providing them with an opportunity to refresh their knowledge on our State’s road traffic rules,” Professor Lampard said.

“If your knowledge of the road rules isn’t as thorough as it could be, if you’ve not kept up-to-date on rule changes, or if you’ve forgotten rules you learned when you first received your licence – then this tool is the perfect refresher.”

RSC Road rules website
The new interactive road rules website can be accessed at
Unsecured loads - Take the Tie Down Test
Keep Australia Beautiful is reminding drivers of the dangers of unsecured loads.
Unsecured Loads poster
The Unsecured Load, Unsafe Road campaign urges driver to ‘Tie down before you take off!’  to avoid the hazards caused by items falling off trucks, utes and trailers.
The public are invited to “Take the Tie Down Test” at the website, learn more about the issue and go in the draw to win one of 50 prize packs of tie down straps and trailer nets.
Resources such as posters, postcards and a fact sheet are also available from the Keep Australia Beautiful website.
For more information, contact Keep Australia Beautiful WA via phone on (08) 6467 5339 or via email.
Road safety events, conferences and resources
Each month, the RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter will provide details of events, conferences or new resources (reports, statistics or data) which may be of direct interest to members of the community road safety network.
The information provided below is not intended to be an exhaustive list, rather a carefully selected list, most relevant to our road safety network.

Road safety events:
  • York Community Safety Forum, 31 October, York Recreation Centre, York.
  • Northam BMX Superseries State Champs - road safety display, 1 November, Northam Recreation Centre Oval.
  • Indian Ocean Festival - road safety display, Saturday 7 November, Dobbyn Park, Jurien.
  • 2015 Australian Local Government Association National Local Government Roads and Transport Congress, 17-19 November, Ballarat, Victoria.
  • City of Gosnells RoadWise Advisory Group: World Day of Remembrance, 18 November, Australian Islamic College, Thornlie.
  • 12th Australasian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference, 25-27 November, Sydney. Visit the conference website to find out more.
  • City of Swan and City of Stirling - Vehicle checking/Child Car Restraint checking and fitting station, 28 November, Centrepoint Shopping Centre car park.
  • WA Transport and Roads Forum, Friday, 12 February 2016, Caballo Resort, Wooroloo.
  • 2016 International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, “UN Decade of Action For Road Safety: The Half-way Point”, 2-5 August 2016, Brisbane. Visit the conference website to find out more.
  • BITRE Road Deaths Australia - This bulletin contains current counts and summaries of road crash deaths and fatal road crashes in Australia. It is produced monthly and published on BITRE's website on or around the 14th of each month. Data are sourced from the road traffic or police authorities in each jurisdiction.
If you have a local road safety event or a link to a report/data you have found relevant to your local road safety efforts, please email the details to Road Safety Project Officer Kylie O'Driscoll.
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