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Road Safety Newsletter
JUNE 2016
Issue 18

In this issue...

Funding boost for the Broome RoadWise Committee
The Broome RoadWise Committee has been successful in its bid to secure a $10,000 community grant from the Shire of Broome.
The group is now working on plans to implement a number of campaigns and projects to enhance road safety within the Shire of Broome.

Broome Shire President Ron Johnston, said groups such as the Broome RoadWise Committee played a vital role in the life of the community, and the Shire was pleased to support their important work.

The Shire's annual Community Sponsorship Program provides funds to help community-based organisations develop social, cultural, economic, recreational, environmental, and reconciliation projects and initiatives.

Pictured above: Signage at the entrance to Broome announces the Shire's commitment to community road safety.
Keep up to date with the activities and initiatives being implemented by the Broome RoadWise Committee by visiting the Committee's webpage at
Carnarvon RoadWise 'Favourite Rest Area Photo Competition' winners
Congratulations to Vicki Della Bella and Tina Bailey for winning the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee's 'Favourite Rest Area Photo Competition'.
The competition ran for the month of May, with people encouraged to upload a photo of their favourite rest area to the Committee's Facebook page.

The competition aimed to encourage drivers to take a break and enjoy the beautiful surroundings the Gascoyne has to offer.

Taking regular breaks and swapping drivers are two great ways to prevent driver fatigue.

There are many rest areas around the region. To see which ones are on the route of your next trip visit the Main Roads WA website at

The Carnarvon RoadWise Committee is committed to improving road safety for those travelling through their region and beyond.

Pictured above: Minilya Roadhouse rest area is a favourite for Tina Bailey and her family; Vicki Della Bella makes sure she takes a regular break in one of the many rest areas around the Gascoyne region.
For more information on what Carnarvon RoadWise Committee members are up to, visit their Facebook page at
Strade di ghiaia! Guidare entro I tuoi limit!
(Gravel Roads - Drive within your limits!)
With the high influx of international visitors to the Kimberley region, Wyndham Police are keen to raise awareness of the dangers which can result from driving on unsealed roads.
A significant number of international visitors arrive in the Kimberley region driving hire vehicles, whether they are four wheel-drives (4WD), small campervans or large motor homes, and spend their time visiting the spectacular scenery the region has to offer - often driving on unsealed roads to reach their destination.

Unsealed roads present a unique challenge to international visitors who may have little or no experience driving in these conditions, and are not used to dodging cattle, negotiating unexpected bends, dips and unusual roads, or sharing a road with road trains.

To help educate and inform international visitors of the range of conditions associated with driving in the Kimberley, Wyndham Police have developed a brochure featuring key road safety messages in five languages.

Police will distribute the brochures while actively patrolling remote roads in the district. The messages will also be promoted through the extensive police social media network.

There were 16 reported crashes and four fatalities on unsealed roads in the Kimberley region between 2012-2015 (Source: State Traffic Intelligence Coordination Unit, Feb 2016).

Pictured above: The brochure developed by Wyndham Police to proactively engage with international visitors and promote road safety.
Follow the Wyndham Police on Twitter at
Gosnells RoadWise farewells Pascal Balley
The City of Gosnells RoadWise Advisory Group farewelled Senior Traffic Engineer, Pascal Balley last month.
Pascal has been an integral member of the Group, providing expert advice and contributing to the many events and activities run over the past few years. He will be missed.

Pascal is heading to the Shire of Harvey as the new Manager of Infrastructure.

Meanwhile, RoadWise Advisory Group members continue to work on their next projects, the World Day of Remembrance, the Road Safety School Art Competition and a Random Breath Test (RBT) event with the City of Armadale RoadWise Committee.

Pictured above: Members of the Gosnells and Armadale RoadWise groups, assisting with a local RBT operation.
Keep up to date with the activities and initiatives being implemented by the Gosnells RoadWise Advisory Group by visiting the Committee's webpage at
Fighting fatigue at the Tropicool Festival
Members of the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee were on hand at the Tropicool Festival on Sunday 12 June, talking to the community about preventing fatigue whilst driving.
As one of the festival ‘passport stops’, the RoadWise display was a popular destination for young and old, locals and tourists.

Committee members provided information about ways to fight fatigue including planning rest breaks and swapping drivers. A quiz reinforced the key messages and prompted some great discussion about driver fatigue.

As an added incentive, two $50 fuel vouchers were on offer for those who completed the quiz. Congratulations to Patricia Gale and Lee Mortley who each won a fuel voucher.

Committee members were delighted with the response to the display.

Promotion of the Committee and its activities has been successful with a number of visitors asking display volunteers if they were members of the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee from Facebook.  Many said they had ‘Liked’ the Committee’s Facebook page or heard about the Committee from friends, family and caravan parks, with some hearing about the Committee and its activities before they arrived in Carnarvon!

Pictured above: Quiz winners Patricia Gale and Lee Mortley who each won a $50 fuel voucher.
To find out more about the Committee and what it is up to next, visit the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee Facebook page.
International hockey flavour focuses on seatbelt use in the Wheatbelt
International hockey in the Wheatbelt region has assisted in raising awareness of the importance of wearing a seatbelt, no matter how short the journey.
World number one hockey team Australia took on world number four team Great Britain in the first two tests of a three test series in Narrogin on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May.

Whilst the weather may have been bleak for the matches, the message of road safety was high on the agenda for event organisers.
Upper Great Southern Hockey Association President, Mark Regan said, “It is very important we continue to promote the use of seatbelts to the community."

"Sadly, we have lost local hockey players in the past as a result of road crashes and it is heartbreaking for the families concerned and the broader community.”
“It's great to have players from our nation’s most successful team over the past decade, the Kookaburras, helping to raise the profile of road safety messages such as seatbelt use and safe speeds.” Mr Regan said.
Road Safety Commission statistics reveal that every year around 38 people are killed in road crashes in WA while they were not wearing a seatbelt.

You are 10 times more likely to be killed in a road crash if you’re not wearing a seatbelt in a car. Seatbelts protect vehicle occupants by:
  • decreasing the time it takes them to come to a stop in a crash,
  • spreading the impact force over a greater area of the body,
  • minimising contact with the interior of the vehicle, and
  • helping stop them from being ejected from the vehicle.
What can you do:
  • Make sure you and passengers in the car you are travelling in always wear the appropriate restraint correctly; and
  • Include seatbelt messages in your community newsletter, website or electronic notices.

Pictured above: Blake Govers from the Australian Kookaburras helps promote the Belt Up message.
Find out more about the importance of wearing a seatbelt by visiting the Road Safety Commission website,
Child car restraint update - “Safe Travels: Transport and Disability” research project
The Safe Travels: Transport and Disability project is seeking your input as part of a new study into transportation safety for Australian children with disabilities.
Previous research in other countries has found that parents may struggle to transport their child with a disability for a variety of reasons, and are often worried about their child during travel.

No such study has been conducted in Australia, and therefore how Australian children with disabilities are travelling is largely unknown.

This new research project aims to understand the travel habits of these children and the associated concerns their parents may experience. The information gathered may contribute to changes in policy, content may be included in health science degrees, and may lead to the development of a parent-friendly handbook to aid in the safe transportation of children with disabilities.

If you are a parent or primary care giver of a 0-17 year old child/young person with a diagnosed disability, and live in Australia, you are eligible to participate in the survey.

The results will be made available in publications, on websites and in newsletters should you wish to look them up. You or your child will not be identifiable in the results that are published.

To access the survey, please visit
If you would like to keep up to date with the project's transport research, please search for Safe Travels: Transport and Disability on Facebook.
Nominations for the 2016 Insurance Commission of Western Australia Regional Safety Award are now open
Coordinators of local road safety projects, including RoadWise Committees, are being encouraged to nominate for the 2016 Insurance Commission of Western Australia Regional Safety Award.
Projects may address specific road user groups (motorcycle riders, youth) or specific road safety issues (inattention, fatigue, reckless driving etc).

For more information, including how to apply, visit
Netballers to help promote Belt Up campaign
Thousands of young and professional West Australian netballers have been recruited to help promote the importance of wearing seatbelts while driving, as part of the State Government's Belt Up campaign.
More than 1,000 community netball teams across WA will join the campaign with the delivery of 6,000 Belt Up-branded netballs to leagues across the state.

Netball WA will also name Round 6 of the Smarter than Smoking West Australian Netball League the Belt Up Round, in support of the road safety campaign.

Rugby WA and the WA Country Football League also take part in the Belt Up campaign.
Visit the Insurance Commission of Western Australia website at to find out more information.
This can happen to anyone on the road.
That's why regos are going up.
Visit to find out more.
Road safety events, conferences and resources
Each month, the RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter will provide details of events, conferences or new resources (reports, statistics or data) which may be of direct interest to members of the community road safety network.
The information provided below is not intended to be an exhaustive list, rather a carefully selected list, most relevant to our road safety network.

Road safety events:

23rd National Conference, Australian Health Promotion Association, "Connecting the Dots", 19 - 22 June 2016, Rendezvous Hotel, Scarborough, WA.

2016 International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, “UN Decade of Action For Road Safety: The Half-way Point”, 2-5 August 2016, Brisbane. Visit the conference website to find out more.

2016 Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC2016) to be held at the National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia from Tuesday 6 – Thursday 8 September 2016.

National Local Roads and Transport Congress (ALGA), Western Australia, Date TBC.


Road Deaths Australia—Monthly Bulletins -This BITRE bulletin contains current counts and summaries of road crash deaths and fatal road crashes in Australia. It is produced monthly and published on BITRE's website on/ around the 14th of each month.

Fatal Heavy Vehicle Crashes - Quarterly Bulletins - This BITRE bulletin tracks
counts of fatal crashes that involve heavy vehicles.

Lengthy commutes in Australia - The research provides a solid evidence-base to understand who is undertaking lengthy commutes (those longer than 45 minutes one way), their prevalence and trends. It also explores whether some individuals undertake lengthy commutes for long periods or whether it tends to be temporary.
If you have a local road safety event or a link to a report/data you have found relevant to your local road safety efforts, email the details to Road Safety Project Officer Kylie O'Driscoll.
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