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Road Safety Newsletter
January 2015
Issue 1

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Welcome to your new road safety newsletter
Welcome to the first edition of your RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter
Formerly Road Safety Round Up, this newsletter will be distributed on a monthly basis, with the aim of keeping the community road safety network informed about local road safety activities as well as providing access to other road safety research, data, resources and information.

Members of the wider road safety network are encouraged to submit relevant road safety news items for publication throughout the year. These items can be submitted through the “Submit Your Story form” on the RoadWise Program website at

The newsletter will be distributed centrally by the WA Local Government Association (WALGA).
Many members of the road safety network are already registered to receive this newsletter, however if you would like to add your name to the distribution list, please email your contact details to
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
Do you follow WALGA on Facebook or Twitter? The RoadWise Program will be using Facebook and Twitter to actively promote local road safety initiatives during 2015 and beyond.
The first step is to follow WALGA on Facebook ( and Twitter ( The next step is to keep your Road Safety Advisor informed about all the great road safety activities being implemented in your local area. From there, the RoadWise Program can promote local activities in this newsletter, through the RoadWise website and in social media.
For more information or to submit suggestions for road safety posts on WALGA’s Facebook and Twitter pages, please contact your Road Safety Advisor (
Road Ribbons for Road Safety campaign 2014
With Monday 5 January 2015 bringing the Road Ribbon for Road Safety campaign to a close, the WALGA RoadWise Program would like to thank everyone who participated in the campaign.
The Road Ribbon for Road Safety campaign is a community-based initiative that urges people to take care on the roads and promote road safety messages to family, friends and colleagues to help reduce road trauma during the festive season.

Local Governments, community groups, private organisations and State Government agencies have been working together to engage with individuals to promote the Road Ribbon for Road Safety campaign messages and help to raise road safety awareness in Western Australia by encouraging individuals to wear a road ribbon.

This has been done through the distribution of more than 51,000 road ribbons, 20 community events and 40 creative displays across the State.

Pictured above: The Shire of Ashburton road ribbon promotion with Annie West and Madelyn Gotz.

Pictured above: The Shire of Roebourne Karratha Library road ribbon display.
Participants were also encouraged to send in photos of their involvement in the campaign. If you would like to submit any photos for future promotion of the campaign, please email Essie Smith,
New year, new plan (Great Southern)

RoadWise committees across the Great Southern region have been looking ahead into 2015 and putting together new road safety action plans.

Plantagenet and Cranbrrok Driver Reviver
Pictured above: The Shires of Plantagenet and Cranbrook join forces to target fatigue with a Driver Reviver operation. 

Annmaree Lynch and Sgt Peter May Albany Show 2014
Pictured above: Annmaree Lynch and Sgt Peter May showcase road safety using the region’s display trailer at the Albany Show.
RoadWise committees across the Great Southern region have been looking ahead into 2015 and putting together new road safety action plans.

Part of the planning process for committees was to evaluate their efforts over the past 12 months. Some highlights from the 2014 road safety calendar included, the Albany vehicle checking station, the Driver Reviver stop which is jointly run by the Shires of Plantagenet and Cranbrook and the Katanning Community Safe Speed Promise project.


Great Southern RoadWise Committees are now planning the calendar for 2015 and it’s shaping up to be a busy and exciting year. Many of the activities which were a success in 2014 will be built upon in 2015.

RoadWise Committees are always looking for community members to become more involved in road safety in their local area. This can mean working at your local Driver Reviver site, helping out at various events, or giving committees information about specific road safety concerns.

If this is something you are interested in, contact the Great Southern Road Safety Advisor, Erin McDonald-Lee via email at to see how you can get involved.
Slow down and enjoy the ride in Denmark (Great Southern)
The Shire of Denmark RoadWise Committee will be promoting the benefits of slowing down, both on the road and in life, this Australia Day.
Residents who attend the Shire’s annual Australia Day breakfast will be offered the opportunity to take part in a quiz which focuses on the issue of speeding. The breakfast will be held at Berridge Park, Hollings Road, Denmark from 8.00-10.00am and everyone is welcome to attend.

Did you know that 70% of people with hectic lifestyles admit to speeding, in contrast to only 40% of people with relaxed lifestyles? The RoadWise committee will be promoting the message that by slowing down on the road, we will be happier and safer.
The Denmark RoadWise committee regularly looks at speed issues around the Shire. If you would like to bring any specific areas of concern to the Committee’s attention, please contact the Committee Secretary, Erica Sayer via email at
Child car restraints on display (Metro North)
Local Governments across the Metro North region, including the City of Wanneroo, Town of Cottesloe, Shire of Peppermint Grove, Town of Mosman Park and Town of Cambridge have been providing child car restraint (CCR) information to their local communities.
Cottesloe Peppermint Grove Mosman Park CCR display Oct 2014
Pictured above: A joint initiative by the Town of Cottesloe, Shire of Peppermint Grove and Town of Mosman Park at The Grove Library, Peppermint Grove.

City of Wanneroo library display Oct 2014
Pictured above: The City of Wanneroo library display. 

More than 100 residents entered a CCR competition highlighting the minimum age requirements for CCRs.

Story time sessions organised at The Grove Library provided an opportunity for parents and carers of young children to ask Type 1 CCR Fitters any questions they had, such as “Can I put my 6 month old in a booster seat?”

Information flyers were made available detailing the requirements necessary to keep children safe when travelling in a vehicle.

Parents and carers are encouraged to phone the CCR information line (1300 780 713) should they have any queries regarding child car restraints.
City of Joondalup Road Safety Art Competition (Metro North)
The City of Joondalup recently held its School Road Safety Art Competition. 
Joondalup art Comp Jordan MacRae
Picture above: Jordan MacRae's first place artwork, Liwara Catholic Primary School, Year 6.

Joondalup art Comp Ayesha Querishi
Pictured above: Ayesha Querishi's first place artwork, Duncraig Senior High School, Year 9. Alyssa Rijkers also won first place for Creaney Primary, Year 4 (not pictured).

The competition provided an opportunity for local primary and secondary students to submit artwork focused on bicycle and pedestrian safety. The City received entries from four primary schools and two secondary schools which totalled 200 individual entries.
The competition is a great way to engage students and encourage them to think about the importance of making the right choices in order to be safe on our roads.
City of Swan unveils new crash trailer (Metro North)
The City of Swan RoadWise Committee was proud to display their new crash trailer which aimed to raise awareness of road safety issues over the festive period.
Swan crash trailer
Pictured above: The City of Swan’s new crash trailer

The crash trailer, which is sponsored by WA Police, WALGA RoadWise Program and the RAC, was refurbished thanks to grant from the Government of Western Australia’s Road Safety Community Grants Program.

The City of Swan positioned the crash trailer at the corner of Great Northern Highway and Bishop Road, Middle Swan during the festive period as a visual reminder to passing motorists to travel safely on our roads.

For more information regarding City of Swan’s road safety initiatives, please visit the RoadWise Program website at
Raising awareness about drink driving in Floreat (Metro North)
The Floreat Medical Centre set up a public display to raise awareness of driver safety over the Christmas period.
Floreat Medical Centre display
Pictured above: The Floreat Medical Centre display.

The road safety theme focused on the dangers of drink driving. Promotional material made available to those visiting the centre provided information about knowing your standard drink measures and offered a guide for both men and women to stay under a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .05.
The importance of L and P platers ensuring a zero BAC level when driving was also highlighted. 
Cities of Armadale and Gosnells combat impaired driving (Metro South)
The City of Armadale and City of Gosnells RoadWise Committees recently joined forces with WA Police during Operation Phaeton.
Armadale Gosnells RBT
Pictured above: Armadale and Gosnells RoadWise Committee members, along with WA Police, prepare for action.

Pictured above: Anthony Mori receives his voucher for blowing 0.00 from Cr Wayne Barrett, Chair of the City of Gosnells RoadWise Action Group pictured with members, Alan Gill, Daniel Newman, Terry Brown and Sandra Baraiolo.

Members of both committees stood alongside police to raise awareness of the dangers of impaired driving.

Police conducted breath and drug tests and used automated number plate recognition software as well as speed cameras to reinforce safe road user behaviour messages.

RoadWise Committee members were on hand to talk to drivers and provide road safety information as well as the chance to win a $100 gift voucher for drivers who blew 0.00.

For information about how you can get involved in local road safety activities in the Metro South region, please visit
Hedland and Onslow groups target road safety (Pilbara)
The Hedland RoadWise Group and the Onslow Road Users Group raised awareness of road safety in separate events in the Pilbara recently.
Mock crash Port Hedland
Pictured above: Emergency services personnel go into action in mock crash at Hedland Big Rig Expo.
 Display trailer ORUG
Pictured above: The road safety display trailer formed part of the Onslow Festival.

The Hedland RoadWise Group worked with industry to present the Big Rig Expo to educate the local community about road trains and how to stay safe when sharing the roads with them. The Expo had a number of displays and provided an opportunity for the community to see the rescue services in action in a mock crash scenario.

The Onslow Road Users Group (ORUG) teamed up with the Pilbara Regional Council and the Shire of Ashburton to run the Adventure and Road Safety Festival in Onslow. With the assistance of a Chevron Community Spirit Grant, members of ORUG ran a number of road safety activities including films, displays and competitions.

Both groups are now working on plans to continue to bring road safety to their local communities in 2015.

For more information visit or contact Engel Prendergast, Senior Road Safety Consultant on 9213 2060.
Road Safety Award for Ngarliyarndu Bindirri Aboriginal Corporation’s Red Dirt Driving Academy (Pilbara)
Congratulations to the Ngarliyarndu Bindirri Aboriginal Corporation whose Red Dirt Driving Academy recently took out the Indigenous Road Safety Award at the National Road Safety Awards in Queensland.
Ngarliyarndu Bindirri Aboriginal Award
Picture above: The
Ngarliyarndu Bindirri Aboriginal Corporation's Award.

The Academy provides local mentoring and support for the people of Roebourne to complete the driver licence process. Through a series of workshops, driving lessons, driving supervision and assistance with administrative processes, local Aboriginal people are assisted to become safe and responsible drivers.
To find out more about the Red Dirt Driving Academy, visit
Farewell Katelyn Hegarty (Kimberley)
After two years as the Kimberley Road Safety Advisor, the RoadWise Program has farewelled Katelyn Hegarty, as she returns to the world of teaching.
We wish Katelyn the best of luck.
Recruitment of a new road safety advisor is under way, but until Katelyn’s replacement is in place, local road safety queries can be directed to the central RoadWise Program email address,
Driving tired is a silent killer
The Road Safety Council and its member agencies will be delivering messages on fatigue throughout January. Driver inattention will also come under the spotlight.
Fatigue rest break

Contrary to what some people may think, road crashes caused by fatigue have as much to do with a person’s lifestyle and their sleeping patterns as the behavioural actions of a driver behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Shift workers, people lacking sleep or those using medications that cause drowsiness may be at a greater danger of being involved in a road crash with fatal or life-changing consequences.

Research indicates that fatigue could be responsible for up to 30 per cent of all road deaths, and an even greater percentage of serious injury crashes.

If you are driving, you should get off the road if you are yawning, blinking more than usual, having trouble keeping your head up, noticing your eyes closing for a moment or going out of focus or forget driving the last few kilometres.

After driving for long periods, you should swap drivers where possible, stop for a break or coffee or stop to have a short sleep.

For more information on fatigue, visit
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