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RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter
February 2017
Issue 26

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Farewell Andrea Smithson
This month, WALGA's RoadWise farewells Road Safety Project Officer, Andrea Smithson.
Andrea has been part of the RoadWise team for nine and a half years and during this time has held three different roles. First as the Regional Road Safety Officer in the Great Southern region, then as a the Safe System Coordinator facilitating the adoption and application of the safe system approach by Local Governments and most recently as a Road Safety Project Officer (Development). 

As Road Safety Project Officer, Andrea has worked on projects such as the Estimating the Value of Community Contributions to Road Safety project, an awards and recognition program for the community road safety network, and a voluntary accreditation scheme for RoadWise Committees.
The WALGA RoadWise team wishes Andrea all the best as she embarks on new adventures in the health promotions field.
Are You Participating in the 2017 Blessing of the Roads Campaign?
As the Easter long weekend approaches, from 14 April – 17 April, WALGA's RoadWise is encouraging everyone to take the lead and promote road safety to friends, family and colleagues through the Blessing of the Roads campaign.
Blessing of the Roads is a campaign coordinated by WALGA's RoadWise in the lead up to and during the Easter holiday, providing an opportunity for everyone to contribute to reducing death and serious injury on our roads.
The campaign aims to create a positive road safety culture in local communities and engage local leaders to help demonstrate that road trauma can be prevented.
Road authorities work to design and improve roads and roadsides, and manage travel speed, car manufacturers build safer, 5-star cars and individuals must be safe and alert road users.
More information about the 2017 Blessing of the Roads campaign, including campaign material, can be found on the RoadWise website;

Pictured above: Download a copy of the 2017 Blessing of the Roads Campaign Kit from the RoadWise website.
If you would like to share details of your Blessing of the Roads event or promotion, please email Essie Smith For further information on the campaign, contact your closest Road Safety Advisor.
Child Car Restraint Update
A new version of the Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitting Service Checklist is available for active Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters.
The new checklist has two sections, one for child car restraint checks/refits and the other for new fits/conversions.

The aim is to provide an easier and quicker to use form, which also provides a more accurate report of the services provided by Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters.

Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters who are currently active will receive a new Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitting Service Checklist book soon.

Fitters should familiarise themselves with the new checklists prior to use and also remember to send completed yellow checklists each month to:
WALGA RoadWise, PO Box 1544, West Perth WA 6872.

Pictured above: Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter, Anne Parker from Southern Regional TAFE completes her checklist.
If you have any queries regarding the above information, contact Road Safety Project Officer, Tammie Deshon via email,
City of Swan Asks Locals: "How Safe is Your Car?"
The City of Swan currently manages a comprehensive Fleet Safety program aimed at protecting both staff and the wider community. The City recognises that not all cars are equal when it comes to safety and the safer their vehicles, the better protected the occupants.
During February, the City has been raising awareness of vehicle safety, asking locals ‘How safe is your car?’

The City of Swan vehicle parked outside the administration office includes a sun visor which provides links to relevant websites that provide vehicle safety information, such as the latest Used Car Safety Ratings Guide at This guide shows the safety ratings of vehicles depending on how well they have protected both occupants and other road users in a crash and is based on real-world crash data.

Also at the City administration office, local residents have access to brochures with information about the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) which applies safety ratings to new cars based on crash tests carried out on vehicles. Vehicle safety features can be active features that assist in avoiding a crash in the first place (electronic stability control, autonomous emergency braking) or passive features that better protect vehicle occupants in the event of a crash (airbags, seatbelts, head restraints).

City of Swan Manager Fleet and Waste Services, Colin Pumphrey said the City aimed to purchase 5-star rated vehicles wherever possible, which not only protects staff but also benefits the community, as fleet vehicles are generally integrated into the wider community after two or three years.

Fact: If everyone purchased a car that was the safest in its class, there would be a 25% improvement in safety1.

Pictured above: The City of Swan's safe vehicles display generates community interest.
1Road Safety Commission,, 30 January 2017.
For more information about safe vehicles visit WALGA RoadWise website,
Tenterden Top-Up Coffee Stop: First Year Proves Rewarding and Helps Prevent Fatigue Related Crashes
In early 2016, Deanne and Murphy Wills from the Tenterden Top-Up were looking for ways their Albany Highway business could encourage drivers to stop and take a break, helping to prevent fatigue related crashes in the region.
A year on and they are a fully-fledged Coffee Stop program participants, providing free coffee/tea to drivers as well as a great place to stop and take a break from driving.

WALGA's RoadWise Road Safety Advisor for the Great Southern region, Erin Miller, caught up with Deanne to find out more about their first year as a Coffee Stop location.

How did you find out about the Coffee Stop program?

Over east (where we are from) the Driver Reviver Program is really popular, but I’d never seen it as a service station. The Driver Reviver operations are there through the holidays and we used them a lot, so after opening here at Tenterden and seeing so many people come in and they’re just tired, we just thought "I wonder if they do anything like that here in WA?" and that started it.

Was it difficult to get going in the beginning?

No, not at all. Once we contacted WALGA's RoadWise and got the paperwork, it was very easy. Then it was just a matter of being friendly and serving coffee really, so it wasn’t difficult at all.

I think if you have a bit of empathy for people, it’s just easy.

So you’ve had lots of positive experiences?

Yeah! Some people are a little bit hesitant, embarrassed I supposed, to ask, "Uh, could I have a free coffee?", but you just come back really positive, "Yeah, of course you can!", and then they’re fine and you get chatting about where they’re going and different things.

We had one family where the Dad came in with his daughter trailing behind and she was filming me, which naturally you feel a bit uncomfortable about. He asked for a free coffee and I said, "Yeah sure!", and as I walked over to get the coffee, the daughter walked along the cabinet with me. So I asked, "Oh, are you filming me?", and the Dad said "It’s okay, she’s just never seen it before, that you can actually stop somewhere and get a free coffee!"

The full interview with Deanne will soon be available on the Coffee Stop page of the RoadWise website at

If you're heading down south, remember to pop in and say hello to Deanne, Murphy and the Tenterden Top Up team on Albany Highway, Tenterden (11km south of Cranbrook).

Pictured above: The local St John Ambulance crew stop in for a break and a chat with Deanne Wills at Tenterden Top Up.
To find out where Coffee Stop participants are located on your next trip, or to apply for your business to become a Coffee Stop, go to or contact your local Road Safety Advisor.
Choose Your Ride in Northam
The Shire of Northam RoadWise Committee and Northam Police partnered in an initiative which invited drivers to 'choose their ride' home over the Christmas holiday period.
As part of the campaign, Police distributed 600 vouchers to drivers who registered 0.00 BAC. One hundred and five of these vouchers were returned to the RoadWise Committee to enter a prize draw.

The winner was York driver Bev Cukrov. Also a winner, Bevan Penny from Northam received a car wash thanks to Northam Car Wash.
The Shire of Northam RoadWise Committee and Northam Police congratulate local drivers for taking their road safety responsibility very seriously, and not putting themselves and others at risk of an alcohol-related crash.

Pictured above: Bevan Penny, Brian Lee (Northam Car Wash), Senior Sergeant Geoff Dickson (Northam Police), Jeanne Lawler, Liz Davies, Lew Couper, Bev Cukrov, Cliff Simpson (WALGA RoadWise).
Contact Road Safety Advisor Cliff Simpson on mob: 0409 686 138 or email to find out more about road safety activities in the Wheatbelt North region.
Corrigin Movie Club Puts Road Safety on the Big Screen
The Corrigin Movie Club has thrown its support behind road safety following an information session held in conjunction with their latest movie review.
The Corrigin Community Resource Centre (CCRC), which hosts the monthly movie reviews, also presented information about the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign.

CCRC Customer Service Officer, Pippa Davey said, “Road safety is everyone’s business and we are keen to explore all avenues to help spread the road safety message.”

“Whilst we are only a small group, everyone is keen to become advocates for safe driving on our roads, which is really important.”
This group is an example of how we can continue to promote road safety messages in local communities.

Pictured above: Members of the Corrigin Movie Club show their support for the 2016 Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign.
To find out how you can get involved and help prevent death and serious injury on Wheatbelt South roads, contact Road Safety Advisor Rodney Thornton on mob: 0409 689 313 or email
WALGA's RoadWise Joins National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP)
WALGA's RoadWise has joined the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) as a Program Partner.
The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) is a government-supported, industry-led collaborative network which aims to support Australian businesses and organisations to develop a positive road safety culture and help protect their workers and the public, not only during work hours, but also when staff are 'off-duty'.

The NRSPP (operating at a national level) and WALGA’s RoadWise (working with committees) have common and complementary road safety objectives.

A partnership approach can strengthen and add credibility to contemporary road safety approaches (eg safe system), and help consistently reinforce road safety messages.

WALGA's RoadWise looks forward to sharing information and facilitating opportunities to showcase examples of good practice in Local Government and community-based road safety through its partnership with the NRSPP.

Pictured above: Visit the National Road Safety Partnership Program website to access tools, evidence, networks and support to help improve road safety in your organisaton.
Find out more about the NRSPP by visiting the Program's website at
Government Announces Latest Road Safety Community Grants Recipients
Western Australian communities from Derby to Esperance will share in $103,300 of State Government grants to support their road safety initiatives.
Twenty-one (21) applications received funding with recipients including the Shire of Northampton, Shire of Chittering, Shire of Derby West Kimberley, City of Stirling, Shire of Mount Magnet, City of Vincent and the Town of Cottesloe.

The full list of grant recipients is available at
Visit the Road Safety Commission's website at to find out more about the Road Safety Community Grants Program.
Road Safety Commission Launches Monthly eNewsletter
The Road Safety Commission has launched a new monthly eNewsletter.
The eNewsletter will keep subscribers informed of the Road Safety Commission’s latest news, campaigns, changes to legislation and more.
To register to receive the monthly newsletter and access past issues, visit
Do you have a road safety project you’d like to showcase at the 2017 Australasian Road Safety Conference?
The 2017 Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC2017) will be held at the Perth Crown Resort Complex from Tuesday, 10 - Thursday, 12 October.
With a theme of “Expanding Our Horizons”, ARSC2017 will showcase the regions’ outstanding researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and industry and bring with it a special focus on engaging all levels of Government and community, from the city to the bush, to move Towards Zero.

Abstracts for the conference are now open.
If you would like to showcase your road safety project or initiative at the conference, please visit the ARSC website to find how to submit an abstract.
Busy Brain Syndrome - The Root Cause of Driver Distraction?
How often do you not remember parts of your journey whilst driving, particularly to and from work? How often do you ‘feel’ a little nervous on busy roads as you see cars ‘drifting’ out of their lane? These two things are on the increase. Why?
Busy Brain Syndrome. The digital age has impacted our brain's processing capacity causing Busy Brain Syndrome (BBS). This syndrome presents as pressure, overwhelm, relentless ‘mind chatter’.

If you would like to find out more about Busy Brain Syndrome and its relationship with driver distraction, register for a webinar on the topic on Thursday, 2 March at 11:00am (2.00pm AEDT).

The webinar is presented by the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) and will be delivered by Behavioural Neuroscientist Dr. Lucia Kelleher.
Register for the Busy Brain Syndrome webinar by visiting
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