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ORAC’s Special Promotions Committee is very pleased to report a fun and informative time was had by all at the November 27, ORAC Fall Forum at Woodbine Racetrack. It was a fantastic day and evening including delicious dining, betting and networking. Much thanks goes to our Platinum sponsor - for the third year in a row - Kilmer Environmental. And thanks to our Gold sponsors, Airtron, Engineered Air and Yorkland Controls.
During the educational component of the day, the first speaker, Gerry Cellucci of Yorkland, spoke about contractor readiness on big data analytics and how it’s applied to HVACR systems. This session covered advances in IP ready “smart” devices such as sensors and equipment and how they affect contractors directly.
The second speaker on deck was Patrice Thériault of Nortec. His fascinating presentation focused on evaporative cooling and humidification for data centers and how the new technology benefits data centers, humidification, evaporative cooling, and core application - all on world-wide sites.

Membership awards were gleefully presented by ORAC President Dino Russo to Alfred LeBar of Cofely-Adelt.
The race betting got pretty heated this year with the team called, "Trust me, I'm an HVAC contractor" taking the high stakes spot. Special mentions go out to the Xtra Hots and the Hoziers who kept up with the winners that evening.  
Make sure to mark your calendars for next year’s event! See for yourself what it’s all about.
Spring is finally on its way and ORAC is pleased to present a superb Spring Forum on May 20 at Richmond Hill Golf Club at 9am (shot gun start begins at noon). Speakers include Andrew Patenaude on CO2 as a refrigerant, panel discussion from the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) including Ron Johnson, Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Governors of the College and Bob Onyschuk, OCOT Director of Enforcement, and Tracey Shepherd of ORAC will be presenting on the Apprentice Intake Process. 

Testing Prerequisites
The contractor may request testing on any size as long as he has, or will be completing his certificate for 1-3/8” size copper(cu). Cu x Cu. Most mechanics will require two test coupons to cover their normal range of brazing requirements. The JTAC recommends that most Mechanics should test at 1⅜” and 2⅛” due to “lap” and tubing wall thickness” requirements. Both tests can be completed simultaneously.

Dissimilar Metals
Dissimilar metals can be a very challenging test therefore we recommend that each company certify
only one or two of their best or most frequent welders.

Other Notes:
  1. Prices are subject to change. 
  2. Two copies of the brazing certificates will be sent to the company by ORAC with the intention that one is given to the brazer and one kept on file by the company.
  3. The brazer must have their copy available for inspection by TSSA, if requested.
  4. Please note a separate fee payable to TSSA (at their current rate) may apply.
Cancellations within 14 days of the course will be refunded at 50%.

DATE                                          REGISTRATION DUE
Thursday, March 19                  Wednesday, March 12
Thursday, April 16                     Wednesday, April 9
Thursday, May 21                      Wednesday, May 14
Thursday, June 18                    Wednesday, June 11
Thursday, September 17         Wednesday, September 10
Thursday, October 15               Wednesday, October 8
Thursday, November 19          Wednesday, November 12
Thursday, December 17          Wednesday, December 10

Questions? Please contact ORAC.
While working on a local refrigeration project, TSSA threatened to stop the project because the contractor was not using fittings approved for 410A.
After a good deal of discussion, ORAC was able to locate where you can purchase the fittings, as approved by TSSA; NDL Industries Inc. in Vancouver.
The following is the CRN number:
CRN No.:                   0A15328.5
Reference No.:        Catalog & Burst Pressure Report
Expiry date:              20-June-2022
This registration covers fittings designed in full compliance with 816.22 but to be used for higher design pressure rating. The design is supported by ASME 831.5 proof test (five times design pressure).
Please contact NDL Industries Inc. 266 SW Marine Dr. Vancouver, BC  V5X 2R5 for more information. 

The value of industrial building intentions finished the year at a record $651 million, pointing to an uptick in industrial construction going forward. There were major increases in Muskoka-Kawarthas and Kitchener-Waterloo-Barrie. In fact the level of issuance was at its highest level since 2007 in the latter. Permit issuance was down in Hamilton-Niagara, easing from back-to-back massive years.
Commercial permit issuance was low last year, despite increasing employment in the region. Though receiving a boost from continued permitting for Tim Horton’s field, building intentions fell in Hamilton-Niagara. Permits also dropped in Kitchener-Waterloo and Barrie, consistent with upward trending office vacancy rates. Permits drifted higher in Muskoka-Kawarthas.
Institutional building intentions trended higher in 2014 thanks to permitting for the Cambridge Memorial Hospital as well as for a new retirement home in Hamilton. However, the value of permits issued was below-average, weighed on by a weak fourth quarter. Nevertheless, the gain in permits points to increased institutional construction which would be a welcome change after dropping for three straight years.


A new procurement initiative will urge contractors bidding on federal projects to use more apprentices. Since June 30, 2014 Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) and Defence Construction Canada (DCC) have rolled out Phase 1 of the program.

Requests for proposals and invitations to tender for federal construction and maintenance contracts will now include voluntary certification in which bidders agree to use and require subcontractors to use, reasonable commercial efforts to hire and train registered apprentices and to fully utilize allowable apprenticeship ratios. 
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Most HVAC companies sell and install equipment that includes a warranty for a period of time. Warranties vary from company to company and by type of equipment, but invariably the vendor will have a future cost to repair and maintain the equipment. Analyzing what these costs could lead to tax savings.
Accountants are guided by something called “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles” (GAAP). Also, the Income Tax Act generally allows for tax to be determined based on the income reported on the financial statements.
For tax purposes, it is necessary to maintain records detailing the equipment sold and warranty period. You are not able to take a percentage of overall sales. As well, if the equipment manufacturer will supply or replace needed parts, then these should not form part of your anticipated costs. The costs, however, can include labour and/or a reasonable allocation of overhead. Other rules apply to repair and maintenance agreements, which I will cover in a future issue.
If you have any business, tax or other related questions, please call Stan at 416-665-7735 ext. 224, or email him at
Stan Swartz, CPA, CMA, CFP, CMC
Sloan Partners LLP Chartered Professional Accountants



In honour of ORAC’s upcoming 50th anniversary, we ask that members sort through their attics, dresser drawers and old albums, to find any photos from ORAC events of the past 50 years. Once you have found photos to share, please upload them to the ORAC Pinterest account. If we get enough photos, we are planning on creating a commemorative yearbook for all members to enjoy with memories from the past. Fifty years of good times - please upload some photos and join in the celebrations!
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