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The Ontario Government forges ahead with ORPP

In a press conference on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Associate Minister of Finance Mitzie Hunter announced details that cover the structure of ORPP benefits, compliance and enforcements, plan comparability and member participation.
Elaborating further, Hunter said the new design and feature details, which have been shared with the Canada Revenue Agency, include:
  • A clearer definition of employment so that employers can determine which employees are eligible for the plan.
  • Additional details on the comparability test so employers can determine whether they currently offer a comparable workplace pension.
  • The inclusion of a modern, robust survivor benefit so that even single employees can chose a beneficiary for their pension.
  • Details of the indexation of the benefit to ensure its sustainability in the long term.
For employers, the key details include the fact that the government will be assessing comparability at the level of a subset of employees to acknowledge different benefits for part- and full-time staff. 

The Ontario Conservatives and NDP denounce ORPP plans

NDP representative and MPP for Oshawa, Jennifer French, said in response to the announcement: “We are concerned that the Premier’s plan could exclude seasonal workers, contract workers, and far too many precariously employed Ontarians who though vulnerable, may not be considered ‘eligible’ for the ORPP.”

Ontario Conservatives also feel that there is not enough time before the ORPP begins implementation on January 1, 2017, for employers to to be contacted and know if they are exempt or not.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce stated after the announcement: “We learned today that government will not extend ORPP implementation timelines, as we had asked.”
“This will put pressure on both government and employers to meet the January 1, 2017 implementation timeline, which we believe is very ambitious. These tight timelines necessitate increased collaboration between government and employers over the next 11 months.”
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Take the First Step

In response to the recent announcement, the first thing to do is find out if your company's pension plan is comparable to the ORPP. There is a lot of information to digest, but we can help.

Things to Consider:
  • Companies with a mandatory pension plan that meet the requirements put forth by the government will be exempt from the ORPP.
  • Contribution levels must also match the levels regulated by the government.
  • Voluntary workplace pension plan contributions are not included as a comparable Defined Contribution plan.
  • Employers that have comparable workplace pension plans can opt-in to the ORPP in the fourth wave of the enrolment schedule, or at any time thereafter.

To determine what factors are required for your company to be exempt from the ORPP, or to discuss your pension plan options, please contact Rob at
1-844-823-9091 x223 or email
Excerpts in this email were copied from an article written by Jennifer Paterson, Benefits Canada (26/01/16).
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