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Jon Pfeiffer
This weekly email features segments from our interview with Daniel M. Cislo.  Dan has been a patent litigator for nearly thirty years.  He is the managing partner at the highly reputable firm of Cislo & Thomas LLP where they specialize in prosecuting, litigating, and licensing intellectual property matters. Mr. Cislo has been involved in over 200 Federal Court cases, handling all aspects of intellectual property litigation. We sat down with Mr. Cislo in his Santa Monica office to discuss why patent litigation is unique, how to assess your opposing parting, and his best advice for new attorneys.

After nearly thirty years of patent litigation, Dan Cislo is able to provide time-tested and valuable advice to new attorneys.  In this clip Dan shares a lesson he learned from his father, who was also a litigator: "I think the advice would be to repeat something I heard very early on in my career from my dad.  He said, 'Dan, it's all about client control.'"  Learn what Dan means by watching the full segment at, or by clicking the video link below.
Tom Gehring

How does patent litigation differ from other types of litigation?  Dan says that "patent litigation differs primarily because of the many technical issues to be resolved" and "sometimes the fact issues can be very complex because you’re trying to compare and contrast different technologies."  Dan goes on to say that a background in technology is essential.  Learn more about patent litigation by watching the full segment at, or by clicking the video link below.
Tom Gehring
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