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  • Are You Our Next Board Member?
  • New Farmer Starter Class Profiles
  • Spring '22 Farmer Starter Applications
  • Farmshare Austin + Whisper Valley
  • Altar'd State Partnership

Are You Our Next Board Member?

Farmshare Austin is seeking new board members!

We are looking to create a diverse Board of Directors representative of folks who are committed to advancing the mission of Farmshare Austin, who bring a strong equity lens to our organization, who reflect the age, gender, racial and ethnic diversity that make up Central Texas, and who have professional expertise in fields such as banking, real estate or law.

Learn more about this incredible opportunity by clicking

Farmer Starter Class Profiles

The new class of Farmer Starter is in session! Make sure to read our newsletter every month, as we'll be highlighting different students in each edition. This month, we're spotlighting Jenny, Corbin and Ashley.
Meet Jenny Atmar (they/them)!

Q: What inspired or motivated you to join Farmer Starter?
A: Like many others, I lost my job during the pandemic and was looking for a way to meaningfully place myself back into society in a way which aligned with my values and my vision for my life and the world. I started doing workshare hours at Farmshare so I could feed myself while I figured things out and found that farming was the answer to so many things. I also found that Farmshare attracts thoughtful, curious people looking to create meaningful change through the combination of food, nature and community. I wanted to invest myself further so applied to Farmer Starter and got in. Who wouldn't want to grow here?

Q: What is your relationship to farming?
A: My relationship with farming is dynamic. Where to begin? I love farming as a community builder, not just with other farmers but with the plants, animals and ecosystems we coexist with. It is taking the time to recognize, listen and invest in these communities. When we look to heal ourselves and our communities, our lessons should start with those in nature. Farming is the pursuit of food access and food sovereignty. It is the recognition of stolen land and exploited people and the investment of returning land and honoring ideas.  It is a departure from the abundance mindset and the pursuit of balance. Farming is creating environments for growth and carrying these to other communities we exist in. It is tapping into the simplest form of joy and living in its complexity. Farming is love, farming is revolution. Farming is feeding people and allowing them to feed themselves. 

Q: What do you hope to do with what you learn in this program?
A: All hope ends in revolution, in some way, shape or form to me. I dream of a world more connected to their food, more connected to nature and more pursuant of collaboration over competition. I can't conceptualize what that looks like for what is next since I'm still learning. I think it will be something that evolves as I do, over time.

Q: What is your favorite fruit or veggie?
A: I'd love to be like "carrots" because they're magnificent but favoritism feels like a binary construct and I try to remind people of the limitations of this way of thought. I love a carrot when it's being a carrot but I also love a strawberry. I love them all, which is why I'm here.
Meet Corbin Brooke (he/him)!

Q: What inspired or motivated you to join Farmer Starter?
A: Farmshare's mission motivated me to join. I was inspired to join Farmer Starter after seeing the work that Farmshare Austin undertakes. The step after acknowledging an issue is to address it and Farmshare's work to increase food access is a vital service. The potential to join an esteemed group of growers and see various aspects of farm work firsthand are indispensable in my own long term goals...and so I leapt at the chance to apply.

Q: What is your relationship to farming?
A: My relationship with farming is soundly in the beginning phase. I have had relatives work in-or-adjacent-to agriculture but not much experience in the ways of directly cultivating land. Despite coming to the farm on the inexperienced side it's exciting to know I'll encounter something new each day.

Q: What do you hope to do with what you learn in this program?
A: Hopefully I'll take this experience and be able to pass it on to others, at some point. The exchange of knowledge, information and understanding among people is a cause I subscribe to; as such I would love to have an operation that's part production, part education and part escape. An operation that would treat both communities and land with the respect deserving of each and increase the beneficial relationships between the two.

Q: What is your favorite fruit or veggie?
A: It's lame but I will just lean into the leafy greens and say spinach!
Meet Ashley Arceneaux Mosbey (she/her)!

Q: What inspired or motivated you to join Farmer Starter?
A: My inspiration is the vision I have to uplift and support those around me in a healing way while building community, sustainability and awareness of Mother Earth, Humankind and Self.

Q: What is your relationship to farming?
A: I was not raised in a farming household; however, since farming found me it is becoming a lifestyle that I am deeply rooted in.

Q: What do you hope to do with what you learn in this program?
A: My hope is to help curate farming communities that are interconnected through the core principles of permaculture, holistic natural lifestyle, sustainability and creating safe spaces to live in harmony with one another.

Q: What is your favorite fruit or veggie?
A: I would have to say Collard Greens. I'm reminded of my both Grandmothers: Anna Lee and Fannie Mae. When I cook Collards the smell reminds me of the storytelling and laughter that filled their kitchens amongst the women in my family when they gathered to cook a feast. 

Spring '22 Farmer Starter Applications

Applications for the Spring 2022 semester of Farmer Starter open TOMORROW, September 1st!!

Whether you’re pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming a land steward or you work in the food system and want a deeper understanding of farming, Farmer Starter could be the perfect program for you!

Throughout this 5-month program, students train in:
• Organic, regenerative and sustainable growing methods
• Soil health and fertility management
• Organic pest and disease control methods
• Greenhouse management and propagation
• Holistic farm planning and crop planning
• Equipment use and maintenance
• Business planning
• Marketing

Click here to learn more about Farmer Starter and apply soon! Spots are limited.


Farmshare Austin + Whisper Valley

Have you heard of Whisper Valley, Austin's newest eco-conscious community?

Whisper Valley is focused on a profound, forward-thinking vision for the future. Innovative planning by a progressive development team, city planners, engineers and design specialists has created a blueprint for a truly advanced community. One that’s committed to making our world a better place to live.

Join us on September 18th at Whisper Valley for a morning 5K and farmers’ market, then come back in the evening for a FREE concert.

Event proceeds benefit Farmshare Austin's food access and beginning farmer training work.
Find out more information and register for the 5K by clicking here!


Altar'd State Partnership

Did you do some spring cleaning and now are looking for a few new outfits to spruce up your closet? Altar'd State is a rapidly growing women's fashion brand with more than 100 boutiques in 30 states. They offer a place of respite and a distinctive shopping experience with the latest fashion finds, the most sought-after accessories, charming home decor and gifts. The company seeks to inspire through action and supports a mission of standing out for good in the world.


Every Monday, between now and October 11, you have the opportunity to support Farmshare Austin! For the next several weeks, 10% of net proceeds on Mondays go directly to our work so that we can continue growing new farmers and providing food access to those in need.


Check out Altar’d State for back-to-school shopping, a new date night outfit or just to treat yourself! Whatever the reason, just make sure to drop by on a Monday ;)


Take a peek at the clothing and accessory selections on their website here!

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