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Dearest Friends, 

Welcome to the Shadow Kingdom Records Store!  Here you will find some of the best classic metal albums from the days of old as well as classic styled bands that are keeping flame alive today.   No registration required, you can check out as a guest or you can create an account if that’s easier.  We really love and appreciate your support!  All of your purchases in the SKR Store helps keep physical product alive.  We really appreciate everyone's support, even the Shadow Kingdom Records Bandcamp supporters, we didn't forget about your support either.  Thank you all.


JOHNNY TOUCH - Inner City Wolves (CD + T-Shirt) 2014
Amazing classic Heavy Metal from Australia!  Save $5 on the bundle!!!
TERMINAL DEATH - Terminal Death (CD + T-Shirt) 1985
Go back to 1985 and try and find a heavier Death Metal band than this!!!  There's not many!!!  Save $5 on this bundle!!!
CARDINALS FOLLY - Our Cult Continues! (CD + T-Shirt)
Doom Metal from Finland is back with their sophomore album!  Save $5 on this bundle!!!
SAVAGE MASTER - Mask of the Devil (CD + T-Shirt) 2014
Great quality fully licensed T-Shirt along side this brand new CD from a great up and coming band from the USA with intense female vocals.  Very hot item, T-Shirts are only limited to 50.  
ZONE ZERO - The Lost Legacy (DCD + T-Shirt) 1981
Classic Swedish Heavy Metal similar to Judas Priest and Heavy Load.  Save $5 on this bundle!!!
POWERLORD - The Awakening (CD + T-Shirt) 1986
The perfect blend of Power and Thrash Metal combined.  This is classic classic US Metal.  Essential!!!  Save $5 on this bundle!!!

SKR096CT: VIOLENT HAMMER - More Victims (Demo 2014) Cassette / Digital / T-Shirt:  

First and foremost, there's been a slight delay at the pressing plant to get the cassette version in house.  We apologize for that, but you can buy it from the Shadow Kingdom Bandcamp site by clicking on the cassette picture below.  Or you can order the t-shirt if you'd like along with a download by clicking on the t-shirt image below as well.

Shadow Kingdom Records would like to introduce to you from Finland, VIOLENT HAMMER!! This marks their 3rd and best Demo to date! There’s a lot of competition in the Black and Death Metal world, not only with the bands themselves trying to create something that stands out from the wall of sound coming from these genres, but the amount of underground labels that scoop stuff like this up quick before it ever catches are radar. The SKR label has been very selective when putting out Black and Death Metal and we certainly hear something that special that makes this band stand out. They have a certain late 80’s Thrash / early 90’s Death Metal feel to them. We gravitate mostly to a specific sound amongst the many sounds coming out of these genres. This is certainly intense blasting Primitive Blackened Death Metal done the way we love to hear it! The songs are quick, hard hitting, and will rip you to the edge of insanity! The Cassette release is limited to 100, and don’t miss out on an officially licensed t-shirt to go along with it.

1. Victims of War
2. Extinction (Nuclear War)
3. Army of the Damned
4. Craving for Flesh
5. Black Death
6. Life After Nuclear Genocide

SKR094CD: MANILLA ROAD - Out of the Abyss CD / T-Shirt:

For those familiar with MANILLA ROAD - Out of the Abyss, I'm going to suggest that you pretend you've never heard this album before and go back and really get to know this album.  This is one of the most evil sounding Thrash Metal albums of the 80's.  While most bands are trying to come up with enough killer riffs for one album, Mark Shelton wrote enough quality riffs on this masterpiece to have them spread equally over 2 albums!  


Manilla Road’s seventh full-length, originally released in 1988 is an extremely underappreciated Manilla Road album. Most fans think the golden era is “Crystal Logic” through “Mystification”, but we encourage fans to spend more time with this album. The first thing that’s interesting about this album is that it originally contained one of Manilla Road’s greatest Epic songs ever, “The Book of Skelos”! The song was dropped off of the album for some unknown reason (that would be a good interview question for Mark Shelton), and later appeared on a different pressing of “The Courts of Chaos” in which we’re not entirely sure that song even made it to the first pressing of that album either. Strangely enough if you’re familiar with that song and can imagine that song being apart of this album, “Out of the Abyss” would arguably be one of the best Manilla Road albums and without hesitation would expand and be apart of what’s now considered their classic era. With every Manilla Road album, it’s a completely different experience as they evolved with the times. This of course doesn’t sound really like anything they’ve done prior to this album, but it’s certainly a progression to their previous “Mystification” album. To put it in simple terms, the album is dark, evil, thrash-y heavy metal with some killer King Diamond-esque vocal screams scattered and placed just perfectly throughout the entire album. Without a doubt “Out of the Abyss” has some of the most fastest and intense Thrash Metal not only on any Manilla Road album, but any 80’s Thrash Metal album from the 80’s. One of the reasons this might not be hailed as high as some of their other releases is because most albums start off with one of their best songs on the album, but this album eases you in with good song, but maybe it’s a little underwhelming considering what the rest of the album is like. “Whitechapel” is sort of offbeat, off-the-wall, and more technical than most Manilla Road songs that contain very memorable song writing with big choruses. For the first time ever, this album is being re-issued by itself as opposed to the previous re-issue which was a double CD that contained their one and only official Live album to date, “Live Roadkill”, from the same year in ’88.

1. Whitechapel
2. Rites of Blood
3. Out of the Abyss
4. Return of the Old Ones
5. Black Cauldron
6. Midnight Meat Train
7. War in Heaven
8. Slaughterhouse
9. Helicon

SKR095CD: CONVENT GUILT - Guns for Hire CD / Digital / T-Shirt:

CONVENT GUILT - Guns for Hire album really took us by surprise.  We were quite familiar with their previous work with previous CONVENT GUILT songs and also with other quality bands they're associated with.  This album is nothing show of sheer amazement.  If the world was in a position to shift back to listening to great old Rock/Meta on commercial radio like OZZY's first 2 albums, RAINBOW's - Rising. AC/DC - Back in Black, this would easily fit with that group.  

Australia’s Traditional Heavy Metal scene is truly impressive to the Shadow Kingdom Records family. We just don’t see good Heavy Metal coming out from there, we see outstanding Heavy Metal that exceeds our expectations like fellow countrymen, JOHNNY TOUCH. Thankfully Traditional Heavy Metal isn’t flooded with thousands of average bands to sift through just to find the good ones. We cannot wait for everyone to check out CONVENT GUILT! We’ve been following them very closely since they released their first demo tape. We felt this was exceptionally good and a little different that what Shadow Kingdom Records puts out since this band has an 80’s Punk flair that sometimes dominates their sound. They have a strong mix of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands like IRON MAIDEN and SAXON, but also with their above-mentioned Punk influence, MOTORHEAD is definitely heard feathered throughout their sound along with a heavy dose of 80's JUDAS PRIEST and 70's AC/DC. This is such a unique and interesting band that with all of these sounds mixed in, the mix of all of these influences sound really cohesive and smooth. The songs are extremely catchy and well crafted. On top of all of that, this band sounds like they’ve been recording together forever with their amazing recording sound and production. This is one of the most accessible releases of 2014, which could attract just about any kind of metal-head to unite together with this album. This is the type of Heavy Metal that if by chance they ever broke out on commercial radio, they would become huge like a band similar to The Black Keys. We’re thrilled and proud to have this band on the roster. The album cover is nothing short of amazing and with that, check out the bundle package to get a CD and T-SHIRT at the Shadow Kingdom Records online store.

1. Angels in Black Leather
2. Don't Close Your Eyes
3. Perverse Altar
4. They Took Her Away
5. Guns for Hire
6. Desert Brat
7. Convict at Arms
8. Stockade


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