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ABSIA Online Forum's Update

Single Touch Payroll (STP)

We are continuing to work with the ATO STP team to finalise the Pay Event details.  There are a number of fields, definitions and journey maps that are yet to be resolved. The documents from the last Design Working Group are available in the ABSIA STP Design Group Meeting 6th October Papers Online Forum*. ABSIA Members are encouraged to comment and discuss their concerns through the online forum. 
*This is a member’s only group. Members can express interest in participating in the group to If you are not yet a member, go to the ABSIA website for information on membership benefits including access to restricted forums and special events and join us as a member of ABSIA

ELS Contingency Options for 2017 Shutdown

An ELS contingency options paper was drafted by ABSIA following the PLS members meeting on the 29th of September 2016 in Sydney. ELS developers were requested to review the paper and provide feedback, with agreement or disagreement with the proposed options and demonstrable KPIs. Responses are being considered and incorporated as appropriate. The final paper will be provided to the ATO as soon as ready. The draft paper can be found at the ABSIA ELS Contingency Options For 2017 Shutdown Online Forum.**
**This is a member’s only group. Members can express interest in participating in the group to If you are not yet a member, go to the ABSIA website for information on membership benefits including access to restricted forums and special events and join us as a member of ABSIA

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) Client Communications

SBR - Client Communication is now available in EVTE for your build and test of the service. This will allow tax professionals to remain in your software & view electronic copies of some of the communications the ATO has issued to them. Further details can be found in the ABSIA SBR - Client Communications now avaliable in EVTE Online Forum

ATO-SWD Partnership Event 

Presentations and key outcomes from the ATO Software Developer Partnership Event covering matters of interest about Tax Time 2017 changes are now available. ABSIA notes with a link to ATO outcomes can be found in the ABSIA ATO SWD Partnership Event 28/29 Sept Online Forum. 

Country by Country (CbC) Reporting

Please see the ABSIA Country by Country (CbC) Reporting Online Forum for the CbC Local File - High Level design and the ATOs Message Structure Table (MST) released for feedback. 

ABSIA Conference - 30th of November 2016 
Sydney Masonic Centre (SMC) Conference & Function Centre

GST on Imported Services and Digital Products

The ATO will hold a teleconference on Tuesday the 25th of October 2016 at 11.00am AEDT providing the opportunity to understand the expected changes and measure, ask question and provide feedback about GST on imported on services and digital products. Expressions of interest to attend should be submitted to by Monday 17th of October, 2016.

Tax Reform for Temporary Holiday Makers

The ATO will hold a teleconference on the 20th of October 2016 for software developers affected by the new legislative measures related to temporary working holiday makers, with an announced start date of the 1st of July 2017. Further details can be found at the SIPO site. 

Gateway Network Governance Body (GNGB) 

The first Board meeting of the Gateway Network Governance Body (GNGB) was held on the 22nd of September, 2016. This meeting saw the Chair and Board of Directors confirmed, as follows:
Jan McClelland – Chair
Blake Briggs, FSC - Director 
David Haynes, AIST - Director 
Dean Thomas, ASFA - Director 
Ian Gibson, Gateway - Tier 1 - Director 
Ray Waughman, Gateway - Tier 3 - Director 
Stephen Ball, Gateway - Tier 2 - Director 
Angela Lehmann – ABSIA - Director  

This signals the first step of the Body moving from the stewardship of the ATO to being an independent Governance Body along with other resolutions made at the meeting. The Body has received an interim authorisation from the ACCC and will operate at full functionality once the full authorisation has been obtained. Encouragingly, there are approximately eight Gateways that are signatories to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the GNGB looks forward to interacting with these Gateways in future. Any members with feedback or concerns to take to future GNGB meetings can email at this stage for Angela Lehmann to take to the next meeting. 


ABSIA Members participating in the Digital Business Council (DBC), 
Digital Capability Locator (DCL) Working Group

ABSIA received an invite for its members to participating in the DBCs DCL working group, several ABSIA members expressed interest. The DBC DCL Inaugural Working Group Meeting was held on the 13th of October 2016, with ABSIA members in attendance the meeting set the scope and gained agreement of attendees as to the terms of participation, whilst planning the schedule of activities around a proposed road map. This is a significant step in the move towards eInvoicing in Australia. If you are an ABSIA Member and would like to participate in the working group, please express your interest to The initial road maps and work plans were discussed in preparation for a face to face meeting in Melbourne on 21 October 2016. Updates will be provided through ABSIAs E-Invoicing Interoperability Framework Online Forum.

Not an ABSIA Member?


  Provisional Accreditation for software and service providers

(Access Point and Digital Capability Publisher Provider)

In a step towards a paperless economy the Digital Business Council’s eInvoicing, provisional accreditation is now available for software and Service Providers (Access Point and Digital Capability Publisher Provider). Provisional Accreditation is a step toward full accreditation. It is a way in which a provider can signal its plans to the market. Provisionally Accredited Service Providers have submitted a letter of intent confirming their resolve to become a Council Accredited Service Providers and to offer services outlined as per the Council’s Interoperability Framework. As Provisionally Accredited Service Providers, these businesses will be committing resources to undertake testing the conformance of their product to the Council’s accreditation requirements. The Digital Business Council already has some provisionally accredited eCommerce Service Providers, including ABSIA Members MessageXchange and Ozedi.
You can find out more about Provisional Accreditation on the Digital Business Council site, who welcomes the involvement of eCommerce providers in the eInvoicing initiative.


ABSIA Website and ATO Product Register

The new ABSIA Website is on its way! Thanks to Docon who've been working on this with ABSIA. The new site will continue to improve following its launch, with the Product Register and Reference Library still to come supporting ABSIA Members and the business software industry. The ATO Software Product Register will be decommissioned in early 2017 with the launch of the ABSIA Product Register. Testing is underway to ensure that similar functionality will be available for stakeholders. If your products are published to the ATOs current register, they will be in contact with you to assist in the transition. 


SuperStream and SAFF

A workshop is scheduled for Tuesday the 18th of October. The workshop is specifically to cover the harmonisation of fields on the SAFF and potentially remove the need for additional files that some systems still require to manage various Defined Benefits (DB) schemes. 

Australia’s SBR Program recognized in Washington DC

Australia’s achievements to-date in Standard Business Reporting (SBR) was recognised in the opening speech at the recent Data Transparency 2016 and White House Open Data Summit held in Washington DC on 28/09/2016, which had over 1000 people attend.  Karen Lay-Brew, Vice President and Deputy Chair of ABSIA was invited to speak at the conference, along with Netherland’s delegate Frans Hietbrink, Strategic Advisor Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration.  The session was well-received and the audience were excited by the potential of standardized open data to transform regulatory reporting. 
Karen also provided input and review the Presidential Briefing paper being prepared for the new administration which will come into office after November’s elections.  The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) industry-government partnership was recognised as best practice, in particular the Digital Business Council (DBC) model which is industry-led and supported by the ATO.  In meeting with a number of offices of Congressmen and Senators, they also liked the approach to quantified benefits co-owned by the government and the industry.  This approach will assist in their pursuit of Open, Public, Electronic and Necessary (OPEN) Government Data Act currently being constructed.
Aside from the conference, Karen’s trip also included an invitation to visit Nevada as a follow-up to the Governor of Nevada Trade Delegation visit to Australia in early August 2016.  In her 'ambassadorial role', Karen discussed opportunities for working with Nevada on various industries including mining and detoxification of selenium in drinking water, drones, autonomous vehicles, cyber-security and Internet of Things.  In addition, the University of Nevada Reno and Nevada Governor’s Office are interested to explore using learning's from Australia’s SBR program to their transformation and to create an ecosystem of related software and technology companies as part of their economic development program.  This relationship has opened up opportunities for entrepreneurial and innovative Australian software companies to play on “a bigger world stage”.  If you are would like further information, please contact

Australian Business Register (ABR) Business Advisory Forum (BAF) meeting

The ABR BAF board meeting was held on the 7th of October 2016. The strategies for the evolution of SBR and ABR programs were tabled.  SBR program savings for 2015-2016 was estimated at $1.2bn and cumulative savings for 5 years to 2018 is estimated at $5bn.  In order to continue to realise the benefits from these programs, one important aspect is to expand the availability of SBR-enabled software. ABSIA will be discussing with the government regarding go-forward strategies to achieve this.

ABSIA Board Refresh

The 2016 ABSIA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be conducted on the 30th of November, 2016, is in conjunction with our annual ABSIA Conference. If you are interested in joining the ABSIA board please email for details. 
On the 19th of October 2016 the ATO will hold a SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll Engagement Forum.
This will be live streamed on

4th Women in ICT Leadership Summit
'Breaking Barriers’ 
21- 25 November 2016, Brisbane

ABSIA has partnered with Liquid Learning for the 4th Women in ICT Leadership Summit to be held from the 21st to the 25th of November, 2016. The Agenda features many talented Presenters who will take you through the explore points of: 
- Inspirational career journeys from experienced and accomplished leaders 
- Techniques for continuous improvement and developing an authentic leadership style 
- Transitioning from team member to senior level management 
- Relevant strategies to improve communication, build networks and achieve an engaged workforce

ABSIA members receive a 10% discount off standard registration!

Featured speakers from:

Partners of this Liquid Learning event include:


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