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As you are all probably aware, the ATO is pursuing a fairly aggressive implementation schedule for Single Touch Payroll.
As a result of discussions between ABSIA and the ATO during 2015, both parties have decided to make some long term changes to the relationship between software developers and the ATO and the Government generally. Some of the key changes are:
  • Software developers are no longer to be viewed  as “stakeholders” but are to treated as partners with the Government
  • It is intended that ABSIA will be the focal point for all Government contact with software developers where relevant
  • A key aspect of the partnership is that the ATO and ABSIA will endeavour to avoid duplication of services to be provided to software developers
As a pilot for this new partnership, the ATO and ABSIA have decided that there will be a shared responsibility for ensuring that the STP project is managed in a way which ensures complete success. The draft framework for this partnership has been posted here STP Framework
ABSIA’s involvement in the STP project will be the provision of the following services to its members.
STP Special Interest Group (SIG)
A SIG is being established which will be the main information source for all ABSIA members and will also be the vehicle by which members can provide input to the STP committees. Membership of the STP SIG will be open to all ABSIA members, plus a selection of non-ABSIA members as approved by the ABSIA board from time to time
STP SIG committee
The STP SIG will have a committee which will be responsible for oversight of the two ABSIA STP working groups. The SIG committee will report to the ABSIA board
STP Web Forum
The STP web forum is part of the ABSIA Web Forum and will be an information source for the industry and will be administered by a forum moderator who will need to be an ABSIA member. This forum will fulfil a variety of purposes, including:
  • Links to informations sources, both ATO and non-ATO
  • Posting of discussions points
  • Q&A section for members to seek advice from other members
STP Implementation & Transition Advisory Committee
The STP-ITAC is the ATO managed steering committee which has ultimate responsibility for the implementation of STP. ABSIA has been invited to nominate two representatives on this committee and has put forward Joy Hooper from Oracle and Nicholas Perrot from Attache as provisional nominees.
STP Business implementation working group
The STP-Business working group will be made up of software developers and other interested parties and will have the responsibility of dealing with the business issues associated with STP
STP Technical implementation working group
The STP-Tech working group will take the business requirements from STP-Business and translate them into the technical requirements for STP
STP Monthly Forums
A forum which will be open to all – both ABSIA and non-ABSIA members for a briefing on the status of Single Touch Payroll.
SIG for SuperStream2
The ATO is well advanced in the development of version 2 of the SuperStream MIG.  The ABSIA board is of the opinion that this process cannot be separated from STP as some of the SuperStream2 requirements will be required for the efficient implementation of STP. In addition, implementing these two closely linked pieces of technology as separate projects is impractical, if not impossible, for payroll developers and superannuation funds.
ABSIA is going to be responsible for the formation and operation of all of these groups except for the steering committee. The ATO wants the groups all established by Tuesday 24th February and wants the first working group meeting to occur in the first week of March.
If you want to be involved in any of these groups, either as an active or passive member, you must register your interest by COB Tuesday 24th February below. You can find full details about these groups, including the expectations, responsibilities and time commitments HERE

Register Your Interest HERE
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