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Chinese in Singapore by Danish Dynasty
I held a misconception that no one is from Singapore, that it was a land full of expats seeking a safe-ground to do business with Asia. But just like this Exposure post that identifies people who hold Singaporean national identity, it is amazing to witness the pride of local people. Read the whole story

Grandpa's Cameras by Adam Moore
There's so much to unpack in this brief post. One is our connection to things and memories. Another is a commentary on photography. While digital photography enables us to architect picture-perfect versions of who we are or who we want to be, the ease has disconnected us from the craft.  Read the whole story

Erin & Joe by Andrew Davis
Shared experiences build community. Being confined to a place and people elongates time. This is why I always loved summer camp. Adult summer camp + celebration of love, even better.  Read the whole story

The Human Struggle by Vic Lacey
We all share the same planet, can live so differently, yet intrinsically want the same thing out of life: happiness. It's interesting how the compensation for work is not linked to a direct output of happiness. Often the cost of happiness can be a lot less in the developing world. Read the whole story

Times Square by Ed Younan
There's no place like New York City. I've travelled to 38 countries and the ambition, creativity and interconnectivity of NYC is paramount to any other place. You feel it the moment you hit the ground. It sucks you in. It can burn you out. But man, it's addicting. Read the whole story

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