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This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

August 2018 Astrological Trends

Ongoing Celestial Influences…

Mercury retrograde in Leo July 26 to August 17. When Mercury retrogrades this July, there’s a Leo Sun-Aquarius Mars opposition Forming a T-Square with Uranus in Taurus. This can start out a tense 3 weeks when an air of over-assertiveness means you may wish to practice a good deal of patience and subtlety. Practice honesty, understanding, and use exercise and activity to channel your own energy. Become flexible and open-minded with the Uranian influence. Accidents and breakages may occur, so avoid repairing things yourself. Nervous energy in the air means it’s hard for people to pay attention, so delay any risks for later or for 2019. Give yourself plenty of time for getting lost and for delays. The most intense days are July 24-28. (The retrograde ends a lot lighter than it begins, with a conjunction to the Sun and a sextile to Venus.)

July 20, Retrograde Mars in Aquarius moves into sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries (exact July 31) and square aspect to Uranus in Taurus (exact August 3). These last until August 29 when Retrograde Mars moves back into Capricorn. Mars is providing us an opportunity to heal a wound in its relationship with Chiron during late July and August. This may happen through group and friendship encounters, the causes we champion, the ways we learn to stand up via the Uranus tensions with the Mars-Uranus square. Another possible way to harness these energies is through charitable activities and ventures. Change is the domain of Uranus and Aquarius, a lot of times technical change. With Uranus in Taurus, the arenas could be nature, the earth, finances, relationships, and the arts.

August 1 to September 10 Jupiter in Scorpio trine Retrograde Neptune in Pisces (exact trine was May 25th) and getting closer as Jupiter moves direct to exactly trine Neptune again on August 19 for the final time. This aspect during 2017-2018 is encouraging humanitarianism. Generosity of spirit, truth-telling, and hope are expanding. This is a long-term influence over large numbers of people. It is spiritual in its influence, as well. Destiny is calling us all forth, asking that we investigate and deepen our understanding of what it means to be human in as many dimensions as we are able, as individuals and together.

Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. July 9-October 12, Retrograde/Direct Saturn in Capricorn trine Direct/Retrograde Uranus in Taurus (closest September 6). Uranus turns Retrograde August 9 (through January 6, 2019). Saturn is in a dance with Uranus and Chiron starting in July and moving through the months of September and October. This can portend an upgrade and/or major change to your value system(s), with Uranus in Taurus bringing in change to Saturn in Capricorn’s holding space for the systems and teachings that have gone before. In general, take advantage of adjustments to relationships and finances during these months. Changes that occur out of the blue are for your benefit.

Saturn in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries. July 9- September 26, Retrograde/Direct Saturn in Capricorn square Retrograde Chiron in Aries. Chiron in Aries throws either inspiration or upset into the mix depending on its higher octave or lower octave expression. You will realize there is no more hiding from your sensitivities and wounds. I truly hope you’re dealing with old issues or have dealt with them. If not, now is the perfect time for therapy and support. I implore you to avail yourself, as all people will likely find themselves activated by this overarching aspect in cardinal signs. We healers, earth-angels, and light-bearers need to know ourselves and understand our worth and beauty in the face of messages from the world that may tell us otherwise. We can lead, be and become the causes for wellness in the world.

New Planetary Influences…

August 1 to October 19 (exact September 23-24) Saturn in Capricorn quincunx the North Node in Leo. Adjustments to expressing the self, based on a sense of responsibility to the world. You’re developing strength at this time, as you refine your ability to be a presence and work in the world. While you are embodying your inner leader, you may feel the world is holding you back or you are not enough somehow. Rest assured, you’ll overcome this when you put in the work and effort. This is a GREAT few months for hard work and effort! It would be in alignment with planetary energies. In fact, I would be hard pressed to find any of us who will not be putting out serious energy toward self-improvement toward our goals/ambitions or molding our self into a higher level of skill.

August 1 – 12 Retrograde Mars in Aquarius sextile Retrograde Chiron in Aries. During the first part of August, it will be easy to feel courageous. This energy is about truly reviewing and understanding what sacred masculine energy is comprised of. Connection between the sacred warrior or pioneer and the doorway into our greater consciousness and our karma will be opened with this aspect. A generous flow of skill accompanies a sextile connection, and you may find your mindset naturally attuned to know when to act and when to refrain.

August 1-12 Retrograde Mars in Aquarius square Retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Find an area of life in which you can safely express your freedom seeking wild side. The need to be different can be explored under this aspect. It can be full of mistakes, disruption, inventiveness, and breakthroughs. It can also be full of rash actions, unintended consequences, and impulse. Watch out for accidents and taking dangerous risks, especially around electricity.

Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio Aug 3 through 10 (exact August 5). Work to focus on only a few projects, as this can be a time when you feel so exuberant that you believe you can accomplish anything. Practice moderation in all things. Keep your finances in check, especially.

Venus moves into Libra August 7. Relationships take center stage. There’s also a deep need for harmony, peace, and creativity. People will be enjoying their material things and desiring to possess more.

August 7-11 (exact August 8) Venus in Libra oppose Chiron in Aries. You give and give and give and give and give and give and… when will it be enough? Look to early wounds that have left you feeling as if you are not good enough to see how you can make some strides in implementing the insight that sounds so wise when you share with others, but feels so difficult to embody in your own life.

August 7- 11 Venus in Libra trine Mars Retrograde in Aquarius. Close personal interactions are favored during these days, even though this aspect does not occur exactly. It’s a great time to meet someone who will be a fulfilling long-term partner, make a commitment such as marriage or engagement, and in general, to promote relationships. With Mars in Aquarius—a fixed sign—and Venus in one of her home signs, this is a good time for loving, passionate, and long-term relationships.

August 7-12 (exact August 9) Venus in Libra quincunx Uranus in Taurus. Life is like a tornado during these days. Although this may show up in our relationships as a gentle breeze, in our nervous systems, we may feel the indecisive energies swirling about like a destructive force of nature that hits you out of the blue. Give yourself enough freedom as well as attending to your responsibilities. This will help you balance as well as possible to make decisions based upon experiential and tangible insights along with relationship events.

August 7-12 (exact August 8-9) Retrograde Mercury and Sun conjunct in Leo. This is a great time to review and edit your communications and plans. You can rethink how you will approach anything at all during these days. Since Mercury is retrograde, the advice would be to continue or redo something you’ve already started instead of starting something new. Mind and heart will be in alignment.

August 7-13 (exact August 10) Venus in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn. This aspect foretells stress in love and responsibility. It means you may be feeling low, but someone close to you needs your support and may be highly affected if you fail them. You may want to spend some time alone to nourish yourself in order to bypass any loneliness or depression. If you face fear or criticism, chalk it up to the stress of this aspect and let it move past you as you put in extra effort to make relationships harmonious.

August 9-15 (exact August 12) Venus in Libra sextile North Node in Leo. This is a great aspect for meeting the right person at the right time! Enjoy how fate harmoniously supports people and ideas during these days.

August 7 – 15 (exact August 11) Mercury Retrograde in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio. Your high hopes for moving forward my need to be tempered as you deal with the finer details of plans you have in motion. You may be finding it challenging to concentrate, also, so watch for mistakes as a result. Pay attention to how you communicate so you keep from over-estimating your abilities, appearing arrogant, and speaking in an over-confident manner.

New Moon, August 11, Solar Eclipse in Leo. Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo. This August eclipse is inextricably linked to the July eclipses. It will be conjunct Mercury retrograde in Leo, and square Jupiter in Scorpio. There’s also a quincunx aspect to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.

This will truly be time to let go of people who have become toxic and controlling in your life. Anything that reinforces your compulsions, prejudices, habits that control you, and addictions needs to be surgically removed between now and January, 2019. This isn’t time for indecisiveness but for elimination. You have already realized what needs to happen—you are simply continuing the process during the August eclipse. Mercury conjunct the Moon and Sun provides insight and inspiration for different ways you can adjust your life and yourself that you may not have considered, so spend some time reflecting on approaches for transforming your heart, mind, and soul in order to finish up the Leo/Aquarius theme of self-actualization within the larger community.

August 8- 15(exact August 12) Sun in Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn. This marks times when serious decisions or crises emerge that require you to sublimate your ego and let go as a tipping point in your evolution is reached. A person or event will let you know by the pressure or tension you feel what you need to change. Sublimation is the defense mechanism where you change a socially unacceptable action/impulse into a socially acceptable action/impulse. For example, feeling rage over an event and then instead of reacting to it—creating a work of art or a system of social justice are sublimation. In science, sublimation is the change of state from one thing to another—such as from water to ice. In psychology, Freud thought people could sublimate when they were mature (Sun). Jung thought it was a spiritual process and people had little control over the act of sublimation within their psyches (Pluto).

August 13 to November 6 (nearly exact October 10 and October 30-November 6) Uranus in Taurus square the North Node in Leo. These are fixed signs. I wouldn’t be expecting people to budge, and you may be surprised by the stubbornness you see around you during these times. Some people may be fixated on being crowned King or Queen (the Leo influence)—and they may be willing to do very unexpected things to get there. On the higher path, it is time to embody values that are more sustainable and earth-centered. Spend this time spiritually connecting to the earth and loving the planet. This can manifest in many ways—and with Uranus in the mix, how can we pretend to predict? In the past, Uranus (ruling the nervous system of both humans and the planet) has brought earthquakes and seismic activity. In social structures, Uranus in Taurus brought global fascism to the forefront in 1935-1942. However, on a personal level, Taurus is about what you value. Through the year 2026, the foundation of how we relate to our values and the planet is changing. Tension is denoted by a square aspect. The North Node in Leo can bring all of us to our personal crisis and our personal catharsis around our own values and ethics. I wouldn’t spend time trying to directly get others to agree with me, however, as each person will need to make their own decisions. Taurus is about embodiment—not conversation. The best way to convince others during these coming years is to clearly embody your personal values instead of speak them. A human being and doing will be stronger than a human blathering and lying. Also, Taurus can tell the truth by how they feel in their stomach or gut. They’re very physical creatures. So pay attention to when you feel queasy or uneasy, and make sure to rest enough to be in touch with your body. Slow down if you can, and use body signals to guide you—not intellect or emotions or even the heavens. According to the stars, get grounded to get strong.

August 13 to September 25 (never exact) North Node in Leo trine Chiron in Aries. If you pay attention, you can gain a lot of strength by looking at how your sense of self has been violated. How does this keep you from asserting yourself? How are you over-compensating because your sense of self is not strong enough? E.g., do you feel you need to be first at things, or do you operate as if there needs to be a winner and a loser (in which case generally everyone loses!)? Work on pioneering new ways to conceive of your identity during this period, new ways to express yourself, and even new ways of exerting and exercising. Watch for head wounds.

August 13 Retrograde Mars moves back into Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal sign and it might be tempting to start something. Mars is still retrograde, however, so it’s not recommended. Continue to wait for circumstances to unfold even though patience is difficult. Work mentally on issues of self-defense, anger, motivation, passion, and power. You can focus on systems, business, and government issues with the Capricorn influence coming to the fore again.

August 20-September 6 (exact September 2-3) Mercury in Leo sextile Venus in Libra. People will be happy to express their love and affection. Schedule some down time with your significant other, or some bonding time with friends and loved ones. Time with children is especially favored with Leo energetically highlighted.

August 23 Sun moves into Virgo. You may begin to focus on your routines, health, animals, and inner guidance during this month. Recommendations? Find your authentic healing fire. Connect to Gaia. Clean something. Make your doctor appointments that you’ve been putting off.

August 27 Mars in Capricorn turns direct and retrograde ends. Fear and hesitation begins to end. It will become easier to assert ourselves again as Mars retraces its steps and moves forward. On October 8, Mars will bypass the degree from which its retrograde initially began, or its “shadow period.” During the retrograde and shadow period, Mars energy is introspective instead of assertive. After October 8, we will no longer need to assess our desires but can act upon them directly again. We will likely see fewer false starts, hesitations, need less rest, and we’ll be able to go faster.

August 23-28 (exact August 25): Sun in Virgo Trine Saturn in Capricorn. These days highlight your long-term goals, achievements, recognition, and balance in your life. You should find it easy to work with little stress. Taking on more responsibility comes with satisfaction and higher feelings of self-worth and contentment. Feel free to mentor younger people and pass on wisdom.

August 23-28 (exact August 25): Sun in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus. You will be able to experience your own unique brilliance and maybe widen your social circle if you leave your comfort zone during these late August days. Uranus brings intuitive insights and revelations in a flash. In two earth signs, the adventures you can take can involve paying attention to your body, nature, finances, your routines and rituals, and interactions with the earth in ways unpredictable.

August 22 – 30 (exact August 27) Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio. Hey! This happened August 11, too! That’s Mercury retrograde for you! Here it is again… Your high hopes for moving forward my need to be tempered as you deal with the finer details of plans you have in motion. You may be finding it challenging to concentrate, also, so watch for mistakes as a result. Pay attention to how you communicate so you keep from over-estimating your abilities, appearing arrogant, and speaking in an over-confident manner.

Full Moon in Pisces, August 26. Mars goes direct on the same day as the Full Moon, Venus squares Pluto, Mercury squares Jupiter, Sun trine Uranus and Saturn. This Moon allows us to finally move forward on the things we have been trying to accomplish since April and May when Mars turned retrograde. The Pisces Full Moon is the culmination that allows for the depth of connection to life that tells us we are unified and connected to the great mysteries of life. We have 2 Pisces Full Moons; one in August and one in September. So retreat and focus on your own healing. Work on cleansing and keep to clear energy. You can be creative and make works of art. Emotions are deep, as Pisces is water energy.

August 23-30 (exact August 27) Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. Aggressiveness and extreme behaviors may be encountered as either you or others (especially romantic partners) find harmony challenging during this transit. It’s difficult to balance out relationships, and manipulative or pushy behavior somehow seems like a good idea to us. Watch and see what comes up for you to observe where your obsessions and Plutonian control issues are to be found. Libra can also retreat and fly away like a bird, detaching too far, or putting up defenses through language.

August 23 to September 25 (exact September 11-12). Jupiter moves into sextile aspect with Pluto this month (to be even stronger during September). This is one of the major aspects of 2018, with September being its last exact occurrence. It also occurred January 15 and April 14. It portends changes in philosophy, religion, education, politics, and music. Something that is significant to society is changing in a natural progression that is spurred on by the powers that be. Sometimes people are actors in this change, such as you personally getting promoted and career advancement. Sometimes it is spiritual and personal growth. There are powerful influences behind the scenes making changes happen. Reform is on the agenda. Something in your life will coincide with the flow so you can rise to meet the opportunity if you like. Charismatic leaders are likely to emerge and to transform the direction of groups that have to do with businesses, institutions, and systems.


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