June 2014

June 2014 Astrology Trends

Things are really turning around in June! With 3 retrogrades occurring, June will be a full month! Now that Mars is direct, however, we will have support to work toward our inspired dreams.
This month is the time when the responsibilities you've been putting off for a rainy day will crop back up to be handled without further delay. The Moon and Saturn are meeting in the sign of Scorpio, which has the greatest depth-perception of all signs, so if you try to put off the issues that may have been kept under water for even decades, watch the tidal waves ensure around you.  On the other hand, if you've been overly-responsible, it will be time to relinquish those situations that weigh heavily on your heart. It is time to find balance.

This conjunction with Saturn retrograde becomes exact this month, and is active for the entire month of June. It can mean you make some tough decisions to leave behind relationships and responsibilities that are not healthy in order to develop wisdom and balance. Let yourself be guided by what will be best for you. Some very karmic circumstances may occur, so be on the lookout for what you can learn, and listen for insight and new wisdom to transform you as you allow yourself to be teachable during uncomfortable times.

In my case, I will tell you my uncomfortable secret—a very Scorpio thing to do!. We keep stacking stuff in our garage. We have stuff from past lives we've lived within this lifetime. Former careers. Children we've raised. Boxes with mystery contents. None of it is organized and I don't know what most of it is anymore. We just really don't want to go through all these boxes. We used to have a storage area we paid rent on and an exquisitely clear garage, making this stash of unordered stuff even more of a secret. For about 8 years, I've said I will go through all of this, but it has always seemed a gargantuan task. It was something I could keep low on the priority list. However, circumstances around me are now letting me know that, like it or not, we HAVE to clear out these items now. We cannot keep them any longer. One thing after another keeps happening to force my hand here. It is no longer a decision I get to make. Since I did not take responsibility earlier, I MUST take responsibility now. I think this drama will be played out in personal lives all over, and in public life on a species level.

On the late evening of June 12, the full moon in Sagittarius can take us one of two ways. On the low side, we may use this energy to be too excitable and emotional. On the high side, we can use this energy to seek wisdom and the highest good—channel its energy into healing or calling forth a teacher or mentor into our lives. On June 27th, the Gemini new moon should be similarly used by tapping into our dreams, imagination, or psychic state of consciousness instead of using our analytical minds alone. It is a fantastic month for meditating, spiritual work, and journeying, as well as for artistic and internal pursuits and creative projects.

This is in no small part due to the fact that Mercury spends most of the month retrograde, from June 9-July 1, and Mercury retrograde is a fantastic time for internal focus. Quieting the mind and turning inward is a nice way to use this energy. For the first few days of the year, however, mercury gives us a glimpse of the energy it will release for us in July as it makes a step into Cancer before retreating back into Gemini. You'll likely have some deep feelings or plans to make about your extended or chosen family before diving back into your creative projects for the rest of June. You'll see yourself revisit family themes next month.

Also on June 9, Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces, adding a boost of ethereal energy to your spiritual and creative pursuits. If this manifests in its lower vibe, you could find your appetites increased for addictions or find yourself fuzzy and confused. In that case, a heavy dose of meditation and spiritual support is indicated. On the higher side, you should find a general vibe where your dreams and spiritual energy are boosted.

On June 20, Chiron also turns retrograde in Pisces. This means even more enlightenment about those things we may not be too proud of—wounds that need healing. Cleansing and healing actions or plans are good around this time. It's basically a good time to take care of oneself and not rely upon one's parents. Issues of mothering, wounds around mothering, loss around mothers, etc. are possible at this time. So paying attention to our own needs is a good way to keep from causing or experiencing any relationship problems. If each person takes care of their own needs, we do not push our needs off onto others because we feel good in and of ourselves.

If you find you do need support (we all do at various times!), turn toward a trusted guide instead of a family elder or a parent, though. Your childhood triggers may get pulled if you open your vulnerable places to the wrong people at month's end. Honestly, you needn't backtrack and cover that territory again! Just avoid sinkholes you already know about.

The sun will move into Cancer on June 21 and we will move into a new season. Summer brings initiation and integration of what we have experienced so far this year.

Learn Tarot

Lenormand Card Decks

Mademoiselle Marie Anne Adelaide LeNormand counseled Josephine de Beauharnais, predicting she would become the empress of France during the times of the French Revolution (according to Maree Bento). While Napoleon Bonaparte was no fan of cartomancy, her talents during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries resulted in a reputation that remains to this day. LeNormand created two oracular card decks based upon playing cards. One of them, called the Petit Lenormand Deck, is experiencing a modern resurgence in which many artists are making versions with original artwork. Many Tarot enthusiasts also love to collect and use Lenormand decks.

Lenormand decks have 36 cards as a base. That's so much fewer thatn Tarot's 72 cards! Some artists add on additional cards. The card meanings are thought to be based on an antique German fortune telling game called the German Game of Hope. Each card correlates to a playing card, and a playing card is pictured on the card along with the original artwork depicting the card's meaning.

Directionality is used in the pictures on Lenormand cards, a very nice aspect to using these cards. For example, card 10 is the Scythe card. It faces only one direction. Whichever direction the picture of the scythe faces is what is being cut in the querent's (questioner's) life/situation. In combination with other cards, you can look to its direction to see which card to combine it with.

You can start with a very simple 5 card spread showing past (cards 1 and 2), present (card 3), and future (cards 4 and 5). This spread turned out very well for me and I thought these cards were useful and a lot of fun! Mademoiselle LeNormand used playing cards and wrote notes on them when she performed readings for her beloved clients in France hundreds of years ago. That tradition is one of the reasons playing cards are still included today, What appears whimsical can grow into tradition and be a useful tool for many. That is the value of always continuing to play creatively throughout our lives.


The fondest illusion of the human mind is that in the course of time everything may be made better and better. The only alternative to a life of constant progress is felt to be a mere existence. The very notion of this 'only alternative' shows how firmly the mind is bound in a dualistic pattern, how hard it is to think in any other terms than good or bad, or a muddy mixture of the two. One must start by getting the feel of relativity, and by knowing that life is not a situation from which there is anything to be grasped or gained.

~Alan Watts, The Way of Zen

The contrast we see all around us sometimes roosts in our bodies as we explore our decisions in life. It's so important to get quiet and reflect each day so that we can see that every duality is like a leaf that has two sides, and when we hold a leaf in our hand, we can turn it and twirl it to see both sides. Eventually in the autumn, leaves disintegrate in our hands into dry and brittle crumbs and become pieces of something else that gets absorbed back into the ground.

Everything that appears to be a duality goes through a process that is the same—defining beauty invites in the the concept of ugliness until both of those judgments crumble and we see that our judgments mean nothing. And yet we hold onto our opinions and our ability to discriminate so tightly...

Our mental formations, our concepts, are not real. We may even agree upon them and talk a lot about them. They are still delusions that give us a fantasy of permanence or power. Even the concepts of permanence and power are dualities. Permanence implies there is an impermanence. Power implies weakness exists. Behind these ideas that human minds have come up with to navigate the world—one might say these are a map while there is true territory to explore and the map makers may or may not have mapped this territory correctly for us—there is a consciousness that humanity can explore beyond what is has explored before.

It occurs to me that this is rather like Star Trek gone inward—a 5-year mission to inner space! And each of us is new territory where no one has gone before; each moment is new and potentially joyful.

Think of a few dualities—good/bad, agreement/opposition, better/worse.

Better is on one side of our leaf, worse on the other. They are connected into one object with veins running through the center of it, as if every time we have pushed to make something “better” it has been like pushing water through the veins of that leaf, so that both better and worse were activated and both grew larger.

We need to take some time to figure out whether we are deciding or whether deciding is happening through us. Maybe all this activity that is constantly happening every day that we think we are in charge of has become a bit out of hand. In fact, a lot of our activity is simply mental formations. If you were to look at us from the outside, you might find us traveling around to different places to stare at screens and paper and spend a long time to make up precise stories about things. In the mean time, the actual physical world is becoming more uncomfortable for us. As we hear about ways to improve things by making them more efficient at our jobs, is it true that more efficient is better? Or is that worse if it causes yet another ecological problem that will accumulate in our environment and affect our health? Is it better if our professional efficiencies allow our corporation to let go of thousands of additional employees?

For a long time, we can travel in circles around these dualities. There is no answer to questions such as these, because better always invites worse along with it. Worse always invites better as its companion. We simply cannot operate from a place where we think we know the answer to what is better or worse. We must get quiet and still and empty ourselves of these notions, one by one by one. And when they occur again and we think we are empty, we sit and meditate yet again to become still.

We can find stillness in our minds, and stop taking actions around the things that scare us or make us feel pressure—the things we are compelled to make better and improve. We can find joy and/or appreciation first and then take action. Sometimes that process can take a very long time, and it does not matter how long it takes or how many times it recurs. It's different for each of us. The secret is that there is nothing to achieve but joy and freedom.

Our energy is very important, and the peace in our hearts is very important, even though our culture tells us our decisions and goals are the important things. It is one of those cultural hypnoses we all struggle through.

When we feel peace inside, we will feel better—LOL!


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June Special

Nourishment for the Body and Soul

Cranberry Blueberry Orange Oatmeal Bites

My husband travels for work and requests these more than any other road food. We brought them to his church for the holidays. Now his minister asks if we could make him batches all year long. Apparently, these are nourishing and deeply enjoyable—with the added bonus option of being either sugar-free or sweetened according to your taste.

Make these once a month and freeze them. Defrost them in small batches. You'll always have a healthy option at your fingertips!

Yield: about 96 tiny bite-size muffins. (Wilton has silicon muffin pans if you are looking for the right equipment.)


1 cup milk
2/3 cup fresh orange juice
zest of 2 oranges
2 cups oats
2 eggs, beaten
2/3 cup sunflower oil (or other vegetable oil)
3 cups sifted all purpose flour (or a gluten free baking mix)
2 tsp baking powder
½ cup dried cranberries
½ cup dried blueberries
½ cup chopped pistachios (or pecans or almonds)
sunflower oil or olive oil spray
OPTIONAL: 1 to 1 ½ cups brown sugar


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray bite-size muffin pans with sunflower oil or olive oil spray.

Mix oats with milk and orange juice. Add orange zest. Set aside to soak while you prepare the other ingredients.

In a large bowl, sift flour and baking powder together. This will be the target bowl to which you will add all the other ingredients.

In a small bowl, beat the eggs and then add the oil to them.

Add the oat mixture and the egg mixture into the target bowl (the flour). If you are adding sugar, add in the sugar at this point. Add the remaining ingredients—the cranberries, blueberries, and pistachios. Stir until the flour is just mixed in.

Scoop the mixture into muffin cups and press down to make sure each muffin cup is filled. For gluten-free flour, fill only 2/3 full, as the muffins rise. You needn't press down gluten-free batter.

Bake at 350 for 15-18 minutes.

Wait for 5-10 minutes before turning out onto cooling racks.

These last for a few weeks in the refrigerator
and freeze/defrost very well!

Cranberry Blueberry Orange Oatmeal Bites


Nourishing Recommendations 

You can learn so much about Tarot from Susyn Blair-Hunt, my wonderful mentor, in her book, Tarot Prediction & Divination, Unveiling 3 Layers of Meaning. 
Tarot Prediction and Divination Unveiling 3 Layers of Meaning
 (Llewellyn also publishes the best selection of Tarot decks that I’ve discovered.)

Homeopathy and Core Synchronism have changed my life. First, I was immediately able to breathe after experiencing asthma-like symptoms for years. Many other improvements followed. Elizabeth Battarbee will be in Louisiana starting in July!
 Elizabeth Battarbee of Flourish, Doctor of Homeopathy

*Note: Elizabeth provides homeopathy services via Skype

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