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This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

July 2018 Astrological Trends

A lot of the action in 2018 appears to be going on in June-August. July is again a very active month worthy of note! With an unusual 3 eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, and Mars retrograde, read on, fellow traveler.

Retrograde Mars in Aquarius oppose the North Node in Leo July 1-30 (exact July 18). (See June for more on this long-term Mars-North Node pairing): Assertiveness can be a lifelong study for many people. Some people try to assert themselves over others; some people become passive and allow louder people to take the stage. Often these dramas play out in our closest relationships. Communication and competition often express themselves sideways in our actions, such as addiction, anxiety, aggression, and obsession. Mars is the planet of action and our actions—especially those that feel beyond our control—are being reviewed by the Mars retrograde period in Aquarius. Mars retrograde on occurs every few years, and now is the time for us to slow down and look at how we operate. It’s not only time—it’s destined. In opposition aspect to the North Node in Leo, it’s time for us all to personally look at how our actions (especially our shadow actions) have been operating within our lives and allow our understanding of ourselves to evolve so we can become more in the future. It’s time to release the past and our old stories in order to tell a new one. It’s exciting and revelatory to be essentially reborn, or at least experience a makeover. With Leo/Aquarius involved, this is most certainly happening on a personal scale for us and may be expressed on a group level as well.

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Retrograde Neptune in Pisces all month (exact trine was May 25th) and getting closer as Jupiter moves direct to trine Neptune again on August 19 for the final time. This aspect during 2017-2018 is encouraging humanitarianism. Generosity of spirit, truth-telling, and hope are expanding. This is a long-term influence over large numbers of people. It is spiritual in its influence, as well. Destiny is calling us all forth, asking that we investigate deepen our understanding of what it means to be human in as many dimensions as we are able, as individuals and together.

Last month, Mercury moved through three signs, but in July, Mercury will spend all its time in the sign of Leo. This means we’ll be dwelling on issues of Mercury in Leo trine Chiron and square Uranus July 1-2

Mercury conjunct North Node July 2-6 (Exact July 4): You’ll be able to tell how emotionally secure you feel and how safe you feel by gauging you verbal expression. You may either talk too much or too little. If you feel secure, you will feel free to read, learn, discuss, and exercise your brain.

Mercury Oppose Retrograde Mars July 3-7 (Exact July 5): You want to meditate and relax on these days because this combination carries the potential for rushing, accidents (especially to arms and legs), nervous tension, arguments, aggression, and thought projection. Think twice and speak once. Listen more than talk.

July 3-9, grand water trine Sun 11 degrees Cancer, Moon/Retrograde Neptune Pisces (Moon through Pisces, Neptune 16 degrees), Retrograde Jupiter 13 degrees Scorpio. There is opportunity for deep transformation triggered by family/nurturing and some deep emotions with the moon traveling near Neptune. Use healing and water rituals or energies to allay any stressors at the beginning of the month. Family can be highlighted at this time to beneficial effect. This is during the July 4 holiday in the U.S., and any holiday celebrations that view the country as a larger “family” go with the flow of this astrological aspect. If you are inviting friends, you can treat them as family or talk about the concept of chosen family. With the Mercury and the North Node opposing Mars also during this time, consciously use this grand trine energy to focus on healing and spirituality centered in your heart rather than getting very intellectual or overly-active.

Jupiter turns direct July 10 at 13 degrees Scorpio. Opportunities have been slow but that will start to speed up again. Energy for connecting with others will broaden. Jupiter in Scorpio will continue to keep our focus on serious matters and we will not shy away from intensity. However, there’s a lot of hope for moving forward on issues and we can get to the heart of the matter and exhaust every resource to learn and make progress. Correct any imbalances you may find yourself feeling and focus on emotional nourishment. Mercury is square to Jupiter at the time when Jupiter turns direct, so concentration challenges may leave you focusing on details when you’d like to focus on the bigger picture. Your optimism could blind you to how you’re expressing yourself—you could come off as unaware of how you sound so use care in your speech and communication style. Make sure you keep from over-committing yourself out of a sense of optimism, also.

July 10, Venus moves into Virgo. Venus forms a grand earth trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn through July 16, when the Moon also conjuncts Venus in Virgo. This time period provides support for health and well-being activities. Saturn and Venus can work in conjunction to support disciplines that help to promote both health and wealth. Uranus can help with unexpected benefits.

Eclipses during July and August ask us to make adjustments more quickly than we are used to. It’s a little bit rare to have eclipses overlap in two families of signs, each along an axis, when we have three eclipses in a row. An axis is made up of the signs that sit opposite one another on the wheel of the zodiac. This marks the end of a 2017-2018 series of eclipses along the Leo/Aquarius axis. Eclipses happen during big events in life such as a birth, marriage/engagement, promotion or contract, important travel, sale of a house or a move across the country, surgery, a new course of study, divorce, book publication, etc. Something memorable is frequently happening to you or those you know, and timetables are often accelerated and re-arranged. The themes are linked by the family of signs for a few years and then a new theme begins when the eclipse signs change.

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, July 12 8:48 PM: Evolution is upon us, however it shows up. Question your tried and true ways of operating in favor of forming new habits and beliefs about yourself. Write down a new life plan and get ready to set your plan in motion! With the Sun opposite to retrograde Pluto at this time, it appears we are all dealing with balancing out destructive characteristics we’ve picked up along the path somewhere. You probably already know the ingredients that make up the recipe for disaster for you, personally.

For example, this Fall the pace of my life will be moving so much faster and I realize I need to move tasks off my plate to accommodate for the new activities I’m scheduled to incorporate. This means restructuring and surrendering control to my husband over things like the family finances—starting right around the time of this lunar eclipse. Letting go of power and control over something like the money matters is quite Plutonian. If I were to try to hold on to everything and keep adding on activities—that is a recipe for disaster for me, personally.

This is the first eclipse along the Cancer-Capricorn axis. We are slowly moving from eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis to eclipses along the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Eclipses bring with them life’s big events, and when something new begins, something else generally ends. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipses are likely to bring events around themes of emotion vs. logic, home/family vs. career, intention vs. result, mother vs. father, past vs. present. This first Cancer eclipse introduces the personal side of the series of eclipses and will work on our psyches more than on external structures in the world.

When Pluto is retrograde, themes repeat until we eliminate the destructive elements. This can have to do with our sense of what is powerful, addictions, spying or manipulation, prejudice, jealousy, theft or violence, and breakdowns or destruction of possessions. Events could occur outside of yourself, if you’ve been resistant to change, or if you’ve been engaging in destructive habits that need to be altered. Consider this Pluto sweeping through to transform your life for the better, whose broom we have zero control over. If you’ve been instigating change in your habits all along, you may find this a gentler time. Even if we’ve been doing our part, big events can occur to accelerate our evolution. It’s a powerful aspect, within a 1 degree orb, so it’s nearly exact. The good news is that this aspect provides for personal mastery over our inner demons through determination and active self-advocacy (the opposite of inner passivity).

The way to advocate for yourself is to use the energy of the earth grand trine between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, and Venus in Virgo to ground your changes into permanent new ways of thinking (Uranus), believing/acting (Saturn), and feeling (Venus). This is an ideal time to learn how to utilize the trine energy—which you need to seek out through daily meditation and prayer practice—in a methodical structured manner. Earth asks you to do the practice and study aspects—to do the work deeply and humbly—of growing and transforming. If you have talked about spiritual practice and failed to spend an hour to two hours a day in contemplation… If you have not yet found a counselor and mentor to help you work through your past triggering issues, yet can see the value in it for other people… If you keep putting off the changes you know you need to make… Life is asking you to embrace today as the day you stop waiting. Priorities need to be rearranged now in order to flourish. Astrology seems to say time’s up for putting off the healthy new habits. This trine will support you in providing a soft landing and the resources you will need to make a bridge and restructure your personal life.

Sun enters Leo night of July 22. This is the Sun coming home to its own sign, returning to its home country. No longer a diplomat, the Sun can speak its home tongue for a month. This time should spark a sense of fun and joy, with a contagious enthusiasm. Generally abundant goodwill prevails during the month of Leo, and often you can see the child come out even in the oldest of people. In fact, you may wish to surround yourself with children this astrological month. Be generous and playful. The shadow side of Leo is narcissism, selfishness, and lording things over people. The highest expression is sunny creativity, servant leadership, strength, and warm-heartedness.

Aquarius Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse, July 27 2:20 PM: The last Aquarius eclipse in the series of the Leo-Aquarius eclipses is a total lunar eclipse in late July. The Leo-Aquarius family of eclipses have been occurring for about a year and a half, asking us to evolve our relationship between self-determination and collective or community well-being. This final Full Moon eclipse will fire up our emotions in the realm of public welfare and have us questioning what actions we should take as we move into the future. This is a time when we feel self-regulation issues (Sun in Leo conjunct the North Node) are in high focus, opposing the Mars/Moon conjunction in Aquarius. The Sun/North Node are in square, or stress aspect to Uranus in Taurus and trine, or easy, aspect to Chiron in Aries, while in quincunx aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. So there is a lot triggering the Sun, which rules the sign of Leo and is at home. Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs, with Leo being fixed fire. The Sun represents self-expression and an outward projection of being. It can be creative and purposeful in Leo, or if in shadow expression, narcissistic, self-centered, selfish, and blind. Linked to Uranus in Taurus under stress, the Sun may impulsively form relationships or try to get creative or make financial decisions that are sudden and stressful. Hopefully, Saturn’s adjusting influences will be able to come into play to keep in check Uranian impulses. The hope is that when feelings arise that make us feel we should be taking up a crusade (or worse that we should be playing the role of the bully), we take a step back and realize the feeling is something in the air and should be considered after a long while—not acted upon impulsively. Instead, use the ideas of working on oneself—to increase self-regulation and to understand how one’s wounds affect your functioning—to see how you can be of better service in the world. Or read about history and learn about community organizing as the action you will take. Or study something deeply useful for social justice or society. This is a great time to learn and grow forward as opposed to acting out. You can also use the time to express yourself creatively, as that is a high use of the Leo energy, as well. It’s possible that many artistic works (and manifestos) will manifest themselves during the months prior to January, 2019.

Partial Solar Eclipse August 11 in Leo. This should be mentioned because it is inextricably linked to the July eclipses. It will be conjunct Mercury retrograde in Leo, and square Jupiter in Scorpio. There’s also a quincunx aspect to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.

This will truly be time to let go of people who have become toxic and controlling in your life. Anything that reinforces your compulsions, prejudices, habits that control you, and addictions needs to be surgically removed between now and January, 2019. This isn’t time for playing games but for elimination. You have already realized what needs to happen—you are simply continuing the process during the August eclipse. Mercury conjunct provides insight and inspiration for different ways you can adjust your life and yourself that you may not have considered, so spend some time reflecting on approaches for transforming your heart, mind, and soul in order to finish up the Leo/Aquarius theme of self-actualization within the larger community.

July 19-24 (exact July 22) Venus in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Scorpio: Best time to schedule a party! Especially to hire someone to do tarot or astrology readings at your party with the Jupiter in Scorpio influence.  Venus in Virgo is all about improvement, too, so if you are moving house or want to do a makeover party, friends will likely be receptive to this. Good time to be with people or expand into places where people can handle the mysteries and depths of life. You can go beneath the surface with ease. You can also find yourself and other charismatic in romance and in travel.

July 23-27 (exact July 25) Venus in Virgo oppose Retrograde Neptune in Pisces: The work during these days is to integrate higher and lower emotions, and/or to balance out ideals with physical or emotional realities. Make sure you keep it real. Take good care of health and keep to physical and spiritual disciplines such as mindfulness and exercise.

July 25-29 (exact July 27) Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn: The end of the month brings the possibility for new love relationships, good friendships, or a rekindling of passion in current relationships. Also, you could spend time redecorating or investing in solid financial matters.

Mercury retrograde in Leo July 26 to August 16. When Mercury retrogrades this July, there’s a Leo Sun-Aquarius Mars opposition Forming a T-Square with Taurus Uranus. This can start out a tense 3 weeks when an air of over-assertiveness means you may wish to practice a good deal of patience and subtlety. Practice honesty, understanding, and use exercise and activity to channel your own energy. Become flexible and open-minded with the Uranian influence. Accidents and breakages may occur, so avoid repairing things yourself. Nervous energy in the air means it’s hard for people to pay attention, so delay any risks for later or for 2019. Give yourself plenty of time for getting lost and for delays. The most intense days are July 24-28. (The retrograde ends a lot lighter than it begins, with a conjunction to the Sun and a sextile to Venus.)

July 26-30 (exact July 28) the Sun in Leo conjuncts the North Node in Leo at 5 degrees. This a quest to develop your inner strength. You may find that you experience times of loneliness. These times are part of your lesson to forge your own creative life in order to give generously to the world.

July 20, Retrograde Mars in Aquarius moves into sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries (exact July 31) and square aspect to Uranus in Taurus (exact August 3). These last until August 29 when Retrograde Mars moves back into Capricorn. Mars is providing us an opportunity to heal a wound in this relationship with Chiron during late July and August. This may happen through the group and friendship actions, the causes we champion, the ways we learn to stand up via the Uranus tensions via the Mars-Uranus square. Another possible way to harness these energies is through charitable activities and ventures. Change is the domain of Uranus and Aquarius, a lot of times technical change. With Uranus in Taurus, the arenas could be nature, the earth, finances, relationships, and the arts.

Saturn is in a dance with Uranus and Chiron starting in July and moving through the months of September and October. This can portend an upgrade and/or major change to your value system(s), with Uranus in Taurus bringing in change to Saturn in Capricorn’s holding space for the systems and teachings that have gone before. In general, take advantage of adjustments to relationships and finances during these months. Changes that occur out of the blue are for your benefit.

Chiron in Aries throws either inspiration or upset into the mix depending on its higher octave or lower octave expression. You will realize there is no more hiding from your sensitivities and wounds. I truly hope you’re dealing with old issues or have dealt with them. If not, now is the perfect time for therapy and support. I implore you to avail yourself, as all people will likely find themselves activated by this overarching aspect in cardinal signs. We healers, earth-angels, and light-bearers need to know ourselves and understand our worth and beauty in the face of messages from the world that may tell us otherwise. We can lead, be and become the causes for wellness in the world.

The dates and details are as follows:

July 9-October 12, Retrograde/Direct Saturn in Capricorn trine Direct/Retrograde Uranus in Taurus (closest September 6). Uranus turns Retrograde August 9 (through January 5, 2019).

July 9- September 26, Retrograde/Direct Saturn in Capricorn square Retrograde Chiron in Aries


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