Hey-hey now! This week, we've got new books by Theodora Taylor, Mia Caldwell, Tyra Small, Esther Banks, Delaney Diamond, and Tiana Laveen hitting the lists! Plus, heads up, New Orleans. The SWIRLING THE BIG EASY IR Reader and Author event is next week!
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by Terry Bolryder
Last Week: 3 This Week: 1 Best Week: 1


Katrina is a woman on the run. But when it seems like all hope is lost, a mysterious stranger appears and offers help. At first, Kat doesn’t know what to make of the mysterious, tall, handsome man who insists on stepping in as her protector. But even after sparks fly between her and her sexy rescuer, Kat and Ares still have to face the past that is quickly catching up with her. 


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by Imani King
Last Week: 4 This Week: 2 Best Week: 2

I just had the best sex of my life with New York's most eligible playboy bachelor, billionaire Preston Easterbrook, but... I can't stand the man, and he can't stand me either, and I’m pregnant now and the baby is his. After I told Preston he was going to be a dad, he chased me down on the street and proposed marriage. Unfortunately, the paparazzi were there too. I fell during all the commotion, hit my head, and now I can't remember anything. 


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by Milly Taiden
Last Week: 2 This Week: 3 Best Week: 1


Curvy Charlotte Marzan just got invited to visit a shifter planet where her best friend is getting married to a lion king. Brecc and Eros need a mate before the Elders force someone on them. Then they meet curvy, outspoken, and gloriously sexy Charlotte. Now they just have to get her to stay. Forever. Simple. Not


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by Theodora Taylor
(Debuting at #4)

Just when Cera's at her most desperate, a mysterious benefactor shows up, offering her more money than she could ever earn on her own as a teacher in exchange for three things: JUNE, JULY, and AUGUST. He wants her. In his bed. For the entire summer. The only thing is, Cera has no idea who he is… Or why he’s doing this… Or what he wants with a totally inexperienced, super curvy grad student like her…


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by Sosie Frost
Last Week: 1 This Week: 5 Best Week: 1

Zach “HARD” Harden was a perfectly sinful one-night stand—a gorgeous, bad boy Navy SEAL totally deserving of his nickname. However, he sure as hell didn’t tell me he was my step-brother in town to divvy up my estranged father’s will. Except Zach is the one man who makes the forbidden seem forgivable. He’s sexy. He’s charming. And he’s just too HARD to resist. 


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by Caitlin Daire
This Week: 6 Last Week: 5 Best Week: 5

Patrick Archer made my life hell in high school, but there’s no justice in the world. Patrick is a famous actor now, and his Mom is married to my studio executive Dad….My Dad’s hired me to clean up "Trick's" bad-boy media image. But when he’s acting nice, I can’t help but think he has an ulterior motive. After all, how much can you really trust a guy named Trick? 


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by Skylar Ward
Last Week: 6 This Week: 7 Best Week: 3

Allegra Thomas met Gianluca Demarco, and they embarked on a blissful two-year relationship. Then Gianluca went home to Italy … without Allegra. Eight years later, Demarco International has acquired the company where Allegra works. She wants to punish him for leaving her behind, but her body wants to welcome him home. Sometimes, Love is better the second time around...


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by Mia Caldwell
(Debuting at #8)

Kiona Walker is a force of nature. Exceptionally skilled at totally reinventing herself, reading people, and bluffing her way through careers, she is a corporate spy on the search for her big break. Cole Andrews is as blindingly rich as he is untouchable. One final obstacle puts his empire on the line. He's going to need the perfect partner. Caring for her was never part of the plan...but can he finally trust someone else? 


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by Tyra Small
(Debuting at #9)

When Bianca meets and falls for Alex, a fighter pilot in the military, she decides to take things slow and see how things develop. That is until she finds out her body is going into early menopause! Now she has a choice to make: Either try and get pregnant as soon as possible, or risk losing the ability to have children all together. Bianca knows she wants to try for children, but is military man Alex the right person for the job? 


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by Esther Banks
(Debuting at #10)

Not every woman could face being a surrogate. And to be honest, even Diana Baker didn't feel she'd be able to take on that role. That is, until she lost her job and was faced with eviction. Now given a chance opportunity, which she hopes will help get her life together, she's becoming a surrogate mother for the billionaire Clay Marshall. Clay has been single for far too long. But by hiring a surrogate, has he also found the woman he's been searching for all along? 


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Platform Wide Bestsellers

These are the books you can find beyond the Amazon store...


1 THE WORD OF HONOR by Tiana Laveen [BWWM]

PART 2 OF 2: Aaron is a white nationalist, a Commander in the organization and Nazi who grew up in Frisco City and Gordon, Alabama. Much to no one’s surprise, including his own, he ends up in the prison system, serving a stint for beating a man nearly to death in what is perceived as a racially driven assault. Mia Armstrong is an elementary schoolteacher from a conservative, Christian background. She also volunteers at the prison, and is asked to help spread the word about a prison pen pal program. In that process, she runs into Aaron, and before long, the two hit it off. Only there is one problem… Mia Armstrong is African American. How will Aaron deal with the truth of his feelings? Will Mia be able to stay by his side after discovering the darker edge of the man she’s fallen helplessly in love with? [3.99]


2 FINDING FAITH by Reana Malori [BWWM] 

Cooper Branson wasn't ready to move on. He wore his Widower badge with honor and forced himself to live his life only for his daughter, Madison. Falling for his attractive neighbor was not in the cards for him. It didn't matter that she was the first person he thought of in the morning, or the last voice he needed to hear before falling asleep at night. Loving someone and running the risk of losing them again was not a risk he was willing to take. Faith Douglas was ready to reinvent herself. Walking across the lawn and saying hello to her new, hunky neighbor was the bravest thing she had done in a long time. How was she to know that the man would become her world and his daughter would steal her heart? What she never expected was to stand in the shadow of another woman while the man she loved looked right through her. [3.99]


3 RISING by Kassanna [BWWM]

Riley Joe didn't just believe in chaos...he created it, reveled in it. Life tried to break him a long time ago. He fights for his truth, to hell with what everybody else thinks. Savannah Joy Regis prays for love, after only knowing abuse for most of her life. She's gotten use to hiding the scars and slowly she rebuilds her life away from the people who created her own personal hell. When the leader of the Aryan Southern Chapter, New World Watch, crosses path with the one woman he knows he can't have...hell hath no fury like a man determined. To Riley, Savannah's very existence is reason enough to take his last breath. Blood in...blood out. He's willing to take the chance and life for the woman he claims will never be the same. Just maybe he can rise above it all. [3.99]


4 STILL IN LOVE by Delaney Diamond [BWWM] 

Three years ago, Nadine Alesini divorced her husband and left Buenos Aires with her daughter in tow. Now she’s back and forced to spend time with the man she left behind. Cortez Alesini long ago accepted that his music career aided in the demise of his marriage. So he didn’t expect that he and Nadine would spend passionate nights together while she’s back in his country, causing them to question if they gave up too soon. But the reappearance of someone from his past immediately causes friction, and may destroy any chance they have at a true reconciliation. [0.99]



For Ariadne Morris, it was enough that her boyfriend dumped her for her cousin, but then she finds out that they plan to announce their engagement at the annual family reunion. Spending time at the beach with friends seems like the perfect getaway. Unfortunately, Asher Hollister, her high school nemesis, shows up. Asher Hollister enjoys riling up the ever so proper Ariadne. When he learns about her situation, he offers her a solution--marry him. The marriage will help him repair his reputation before his father runs for governor. He tells Ariadne that the marriage will be temporary, only Asher already knows that he never wants to let her go. [2.99]

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