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With mind and body exercises to keep your energy spiraling up and prompts to help you identify what YOU really want and care about, Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield helps you let go of things you can't control and embrace the things you can by finding the workable, daily steps that fit you best. Think of it as the anti-diet book that leads to a more joyful and meaningful life!
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The New Health Rules wades through the often contradictory information that bombards us daily and delivers more than 100 actionable tips that will improve every aspect of our health—body, mind, and soul. Readers will learn simple rules for getting a good night’s sleep, why a daily dose of sunlight is crucial, and which toxic cosmetics and kitchen products should be tossed. Here Frank Lipman, M.D., and Danielle Caro teach us which foods help prevent Alzheimer’s, why sugar is so destructive, and how to bring “good bacteria” into the digestive system—providing an arsenal of easy-to-process tips and guidelines to make us stronger, healthier, and happier. 
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Seeing, really seeing, is like meditation. In a world filled with distraction, seeing mindfully is a way to pay attention, to hit pause and find calm by focusing on what’s directly in front of us. See Your Way to Mindfulness is a gift book of inspiration and instruction to help readers open their eyes—and their “I’s.” The short, playful exercises and prompts—like Seeing in the Rain, Eye Spy with My Open I, Spend 30 Minutes Taking a Five-Minute Walk, Get Lost—are designed to disrupt routine and inspire readers to see for themselves. Some of the exercises involve drawing, writing, and taking photographs, opening a path to creativity as well as showing how to engage in the moment. 
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“Small, easy steps for big, life-changing results—this book is genius.”—Jamie Oliver. Do you want to improve your health, live and love more mindfully, and increase your happiness? Healthy, Happy You makes it easy with 365 micro-actions—fun, achievable goals you can tackle right now. Take it on the go or keep it on your nightstand; do one action every day or dip in and out. Find two minutes today for a healthy, happy YOU! 
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