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Standards – a national approach to professional development
We’re springing into a national round of quality standard professional development opportunities for AUSTSWIM Teachers with water safety and teaching excellence as a central focus. 
Master Class sessions with world renowned aquatic professionals Leigh Nugent and Laurie Lawrence are sponsored by AUSTSWIM for Recognised Centres and AUSTSWIM Teachers.
Our goal is providing quality presentations for quality teachers.
We’d love your feedback on these sessions; why not drop us a line after you attend; did you notice that we conducted a ‘live streaming’ opportunity on facebook for Teachers unable to attend the Laurie Master Class in Melbourne?… would be great to hear from you.


AUSTSWIM Business Centres

Did you know there’s an AUSTSWIM Business Centre or Course Provider in every State and Territory?  Their role, function and purpose is to provide quality aquatic training and education and offer support for candidates, trainees and teachers.   The commitment of our business centre teams is benchmarked to AUSTSWIM’s international ISO 17024 standard.
Meet the BC Team Leaders
Queensland Sandra Mansfield
New South Wales Shana Pawlak
South Australia Victoria Shannon
Victoria Krysti Mirabella
Western Australia Sue Warner
Northern Territory Wayne Van Sambeek
Tasmania Krysti Mirabella
Australian Capital Territory       Royal Life Saving Society Representative     


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Australian Water Safety Strategy (AWSS)

This vital strategy provides the aquatic industry with clear insight and direction into the many and varied aspects impacting on safer aquatic participation and drowning prevention. 
A feature of the 7 essential Drowning Prevention Pillars highlights ‘Workforce’ stating:
a skilled and passionate drowning prevention workforce is the key to the implementation of a range of drowning prevention strategies.  Safe venues also rely on a skilled workforce to ensure safety for all user.”
AUSTSWIM supports and contributes to achieving this goal through the provision of quality training for Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety and WETS Aqua Instructors.  Knowledge, skill and understanding are key learning outcomes for drowning prevention and safer participation in water based activities across the lifespan. 

TOP  4 AUSTSWIM facts for August
  1. Since it’s inception in 1979, AUSTSWIM has trained and licensed over 215 600 Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety.
  2. In 2016 more than 500 Teachers gained specific Knowledge, Skill and Understanding by attending the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Aquatics Access and Inclusion course. This will assist in teaching the ever growing diverse community attending our aquatic facilities.
  3. If you hold the AUSTSWIM  Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics you are licensed and insured to teach students from 6 months old
  4. We financially support the education of Teachers and Presenters in Vietnam,  479 Teachers  now contributing to drowning prevention strategies in Vietnam.
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Leigh Nugent Breaststroke Masterclass
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Laurie Lawrence 
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South Australian Aquatic Conference & AQUASUMMIT

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Swim Centre Tips & Techniques

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)- A Mystery Disease
MS is  a disease of the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord.  Throughout the human body our central nervous system fibres have a protective covering called myelin


The Importance of Grip
The simple skill of gripping is such a valuable part of the swimming and water safety lesson.
Babies are born with a natural grasp reflex. They grasp and hold on tight to fingers, toys, hair and clothing. By maintaining the grasp reflex and encouraging a strong grip during the swimming lesson, we build strength and independence and teach babes to support their own body weight in the water.

Making a Difference - Aqua for seniors
The sources of stimulus in an efficient aqua class include hydrodynamic forces such as friction, resistance and turbulence, complimented with well-planned aquatic specific exercises.


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