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#29 - Procrastination, a good thing??

There are some activities in your life you don’t procrastinate about. No dilly dally, no siree. You just do it, looking forward to seeing the end result and getting the benefit of your efforts.

For other tasks, we can’t get going until the deadline is looming, or the consequences of not doing them are worse than whatever effort it takes to complete them. Does it mean we lack character? When we procrastinate about revamping our résumé, arranging the important meeting or doing the research we need to do about a field that may open doors for us, are we bent on sabotage?

Here’s something to consider: What if procrastination was your way of saying No? What if it wasn’t something you had to wrestle with and be embarrassed about? Have you ever considered that the “shoulds”, “musts” and “have tos” could be the signs of a ‘healthy resistance’?

What I refer to are the activities you just can’t motivate yourself to do and berate yourself for never being able to them scratch off your to-do list. Here are the ones I hear most often:
  • I must go to the gym! Well, maybe not. Maybe you would rather be dancing or skating your way to fitness.
  • I must redo my résumé. Maybe the best course for you is to speak to a mentor about what you really want, then redo your résumé because you will shortly be meeting someone he or she has recommended you to.
  • I have to start saving money. Maybe it’s not about saving as much as it is about setting a goal that is exciting enough to hold your buying impulse in check.
Next time you find yourself procrastinating, ask yourself:
  • Is there something I need to do instead? Something that would give me more energy and bring a smile to my face?
  • Is there something really big I aspire to that I can reconnect with when I feel Inertia calling my name?
  • Is there a message I’m sending myself by procrastinating? Maybe I need time to be immobile, or slow down.
  • Are the strategies I’m considering truly mine or somebody else’s? Is that goal still appealing to me?

Next time you’re ready to jump to negative conclusions about your supposed lack of will consider that maybe, you may have a hidden reason to procrastinate. Something to think about…