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Is a 'Thank You' enough?

When someone whose opinion you value gives a note of thanks, have you found yourself holding your breath just a little, waiting for your name to be mentioned?  What happens when it’s not?  Do you rationalize the oversight with: “There was no time” or, “Maybe he just forgot.”  “He didn’t thank everyone ” or,  “She did mention the team.”

Managers tend to say:  “I want to thank my team for…”, unfortunately glossing over the fact that a specific person has made a unique and important contribution. Recognizing someone for the value he or she has added to the endeavour has more meaning for most of us than a general “Thank you.” And have you noticed how ‘my team’ puts the emphasis on the speaker and less on the team?

When thanking someone - whether publicly or privately - mention that person by name and be genuine when speaking about their contribution. More than just “thank you”, you are in effect saying: “I see you”.   This simple gesture goes a long way toward keeping your teammate motivated.

And always be honest with your ‘thank yous’. You’re really not doing anyone a favor by thanking them for just showing up, or thanking them for sub par work. And you risk alienating those who are stepping up.

In sum:
  • Say thank you when you mean it, as often as you can.
  • Name names:  Direct your vote of thanks to a specific person.
  • And don’t forget:  When you yourself are thanked, make sure you thank those who have contributed to your success.
~ Dominique
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