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Is it Spring Yet?

Welcome to the first i-Trek newsletter. In an attempt to keep you up to date with everything STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), i-Trek will provide regular updates on advances and events in STEM as well as updates on i-Trek. This month's issue features what i-Trek has been up to since our foundation, an article on STEM, info on how you can contribute to i-Trek and a spotlight on our CEO and President. We look forward to providing you with great content and up to date news. 

Tell me about i-Trek

i-Trek (I Turn Research into Empowerment and Knowledge) is a program that takes groups of undergraduate students from varying institutions and supports them as they conduct a self-defined, community based research project culminating in a summer trek. Mentors with skills and expertise in the project discipline are paired with the students to provide research guidance. Along with defining and executing their research ideas, students are guided through the process of funding, organizing and publicizing their research. At the conclusion of the projects, students are required to lead a STEM focused outreach initiative for high school students based on the research they have conducted. Outreach initiatives will allow the researchers to engage with high school students using development kits, a major deliverables of their research. These visits are an attempt to stimulate interest in STEM fields, thus increasing the pipeline. Through participation in the program, students gain research skills, grant and fundraising experience, and leadership skills. Each of these, in conjunction with their finished research project, serves to expand their resumes and make them competitive candidates at a graduate institution.

What has i-Trek Been Up To?

i-Trek has been moving extremely fast. Since our official formation in October we achieved a lot. We have accepted our first students and have started planning our pilot program to be held this Summer. We have started developing our first educational kits and plan to test them in local schools. Our team has been working hard to recruit and welcome new volunteers, write articles and proposals, perform administrative tasks and support our first group of Trekkers. We have also been promoting the i-Trek name at college fairs, workshops and a radio show. Our progress is unbelievable considering we began less than six months ago. And just think, we are just getting started. Stay up to date by visiting i-Trek News.

i-Trek recruiting at CCBC (Community College of Baltimore County) in Baltimore, MD

What is STEM?

Have you ever wondered how NASA propels shuttles into space, or how space exploration is reaching new celestial destinations with probes like Voyager? Do you ever wonder what those men and women are doing at the International Space Station every day? Was there ever a moment when you stopped to think about the beginnings of your iPhone, from its blueprint to mass production, or have you ever gone to see a 3-D movie and asked yourself how the tech crew was able to make it a pleasant experience? These are questions best answered by those working in the STEM fields of study. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Each STEM subject has the potential to open its specialist to enormous opportunities, utilizing their forte in myriad professions.

Fascinating questions that leave the world curiously pondering are available for biologists, chemists, and physicists to answer. Just as a biologist might experience the joy of discovering a new species deep within the ocean, an astrophysicist or astronomer finds excitement in charting new stars and galaxies. If understanding life’s greatest mysteries inspires you, then studying the mathematics and science fields just might be in your future. Continue Reading 

How can I contribute?



Just like any non-profit, i-Trek can not succeed without funds. Currently, we are fundraising for our student driven pilot program. The i-Trek team is solely comprised of volunteers, therefore everything you donate goes directly to supporting students.

Become a Volunteer

i-Trek would be nothing without our volunteers. We are always looking for more people to contribute their time and energy. Don't have a STEM background? Not a problem, our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and each offer their own talents and expertise.

Become a Mentor

In order to support our students' research projects, we need mentors. If you have STEM experience and want to work with talented young scholars, make sure to apply online.

Spotlight Corner

i-Trek Founder, Niaja Farve  has been working with her all volunteer team, comprised of administrative and marketing professionals, writers and mentors since June of 2013. The group, which has come a long way since their modest beginnings, recently began supporting the first collective of i-Trek mentees, “trekkers,” in their ambitious research project, demonstrating the early success of Niaja’s vision... Continue Reading 

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