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Spring Showers

Welcome to April's newsletter. This month's newsletter features updates on what we have been doing for the past month, how to support us by voting for our cause, how to teach children STEM in unique ways and how to donate. This month's spotlight features one of the i-Trek founding members and current volunteer. If there is something you would like to see featured, feel free to send us an email.

What Has i-Trek Been Up To?

i-Trek has steadily been gaining momentum! This past month we have been increasing our social media presence by offering several great articles every week. The Trekkers have been working to finalize their research project and will be flying out to Florida on June 1st. To support the Trekkers, volunteers have been working hard to raise funds and we are getting closer to our goal. We have also been planning a benefit dinner to be held on MIT's campus that will feature great food and entertainment. Make sure you stay up to date by following us on social media through Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and our weekly updates in i-Trek News.


Parents Share Their STEM Stories

Learning Math Through Dance: A Child's Journey

Hi. My name is Ginette and I have twin girls, Tamerate and Tarikua. They’re 7 years old. On Wednesdays I take them to their dance lessons after school. Tamerate takes jazz ballet and Tarikua takes acro dance. In the room where the parents wait there are television monitors that allow us to watch the children’s progress. In the beginning I entertained all sorts of grandiose notions about their ability, which were quickly dissipated as I watched them awkwardly learn the dance moves and combinations. Yikes! For Tamerate just paying attention has been a challenge. For Tarikua learning to do a front flip and land in a perfect back bend and get up from it has been her challenge.

As I have watched them over the months, I find myself amazed at the geometry and physics they are learning without realizing it. In order for Tarikua to do a backbend she has had to learn how to distribute her weight so she doesn’t injure her back or hit her head as she bends backwards. Then there is the equally tricky movement to pull herself back to a vertical position by shifting all of her weight with force onto her feet so her hands can release their hold on the floor and lift her back up. For Tamerate, learning the sequence of movements and following the rhythm allows her to integrate her movements with her fellow dancers. Ever so slowly I can finally see the choreography her teacher has constructed. I marvel at how the young dancers move through space making use of both positive and negative space while keeping time.

Recently, I had a conversation with a woman who counsels parents on how to cope with problematic behavior. Her specialty is with children who are just about to enter Middle School. Continue Reading 

Have You Voted Yet?

i-Trek is currently competing against 39 other teams for two grants from MIT. The MIT IDEAS Global Challenge Competition is a juried award that will grant the winner $10,000. The top three teams with the most number of votes are eligible to receive the Community Choice Award for $1,500 in order to implement their projects for one year. As of the date of this newsletter, i-Trek is in third place. Followers of i-Trek can show their support by registering as a friend on the MIT website and voting for the i-Trek team. Voting is open for a ten-day period and ends on April 18, 2014 at 6 p.m. EST.

Instructions for registering and voting are as follows:

  1. Register:
  2. Once you have registered as a friend, please go to
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click vote!

Your votes will help i-Trek win the Community Choice Award, which would benefit our pilot Key Largo project in Florida that seeks to study the correlation of DMS (Dimethylsulphide) emissions in the coral reefs and the increase in atmospheric sulfur in the environment. By understanding how coral reefs are affected by coral polyps and phytoplankton, the research team hopes to pave the way for more research in the area of how the changes in our coral reefs may impact weather patterns as global temperatures continue to rise. What distinguishes this project from other coral reef projects is that the team will focus on depth and population of the coral reef rather than the temperature and light. The results of the research project will be presented in different formats and in different venues to the public with the objective of inspiring other students to pursue this research.

Winning the Community Choice Award, the $1,500.00 would enable the team to acquire an electronic particle analyzer for data collection. Additionally, one of the team members hopes to use this opportunity to become a certified diver and to get experience as a documentary filmmaker. This award would help the student achieve his goals.

Once again, we need your votes. Remember, voting ends April 18th, so there is still time to help i-Trek take first place! Spread the word and promote i-Trek’s mission through online social networks and word of mouth.

How Can I Contribute?



  1. Register:
  2. Once you have registered as a friend, please go to
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click vote!

Attend Our Benefit Dinner

Are you in the Boston area? Come to our Benefit Dinner on May 9th and enjoy a free meal and entertainment. We ask all who attend to make a donation. Get your ticket today!


We have seven more weeks before our students leave for their Trek. Help us make our fundraising goal by making a donation.

Spotlight Corner

Kelvin Frazier is a member of the co-founding i-Trek Team. As a volunteer, he finds time to contribute to i-Trek as well as pursue a PhD in Chemistry. Find out more about Kelvin and his contributions to i-Trek. 

Hi Kelvin, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. Lets start with you telling us about yourself.

I am the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frazier, Jr. and I have one older brother Mr. Ricky Frazier, III. As a native of Savannah, GA, I decided to go to a small university in my hometown called Savannah State University (SSU). There I graduated from SSU in 2010 with a bachelors of science in mathematics and a bachelors of science in chemistry.

What is your role on the i-Trek team?

I serve on the fundraising committee and the Trek committee.

Why did you want to contribute to the i-Trek Team?

Coming from a small university myself, there is definitely a need for programs like this to help foster and mature young scientist of today. I always felt like I was one of the lucky ones that made it out, but luck should not have anything to do with my success if the proper resources were in place for all to obtain. So, I feel a need to give back to my community and offer them opportunities that I didn’t have as an undergrad.

...Read More

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