AEYN Weekly Update

June 23, 2014

Recap of Last Week's Events 

Saturday, June 21, 2014, New York, NY
12th Annual Arab-American & North African Cultural Street Festival
AEYN team members attended the 12th Annual Arab-American & North African Cultural Street Festival, organized by the New York Network of Arab American Professionals. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the region's culture and introduce people to AEYN. Over 50 people signed up to join AEYN’s mailing list!”

Saturday, June 21, 2014, Boston, MA

RISE Egypt Launch Conference 
AEYN Co-Founder Magdey Abdallah attended RISE Egypt’s Launch Conference last Saturday in Boston, MA. The conference introduced the First Class of RISE Entrepreneurs, who RISE will support by mobilizing its global network of high-impact professionals and instituting a  rigorous yet flexible program that delivers knowledge, skills, and access to resources. The event included a number of informative and inspiring panels and discussions, including “The Ins & Outs of Entrepreneurship in Egypt,” “Going Global – Learning from Other Successful Models Around the World,” and “Metrics & Impact – The Role of Research in Entrepreneurship for Development.” 

RISE’s inaugural class of social enterprises includes Jozour, a company that uses innovative technology to convert agricultural products such as date palm midribs into wood to be used in furniture; Tahrir Academy, an online space that creates engaging learning experiences to stimulate the minds of more than 80,000 subscribed Egyptian and and Arab youth, empowering them to think, choose, and decide; and Helm, a non-profit that promotes employment for and the full participation of Egypt’s 15 million people with disabilities in all aspects of life. The other enterprises are Educate-MeHOPEKarmSolar, and RecycloBekia.
Meet the Egyptian eBay | Cairoscene 
Ala2ona is a new Egyptian start-up that aims to fill the e-commerce gap in the Egyptian economy. It has gained international recognition from black box venture capital (Google VC).
IBM Builds a Cloud Ecosystem in Egypt with New Technology and Skills | Market Watch
IBM plans to train and educate Egyptian software developers on improving various cloud computing platforms. This project will enable new entrepreneurs to grow without large capital costs.
CaiRollers: Empowering Women One Skater at a Time | Egyptian Streets
CaiRollers, the first roller derby league in Egypt, provides a unique athletic opportunity for Egyptian women.

Ya Fedhto, a Mobile App Created to Combat Sexual Harassment, is Awarded 1st Place by Nile University

Following the publication of a disturbing YouTube video showing a sexual harassment incident in the middle of Tahrir Square, Egyptian students launched a new mobile app called Ya Fedhto ("His Scandal"), which compiles information on sexual harassment incidents based on user reports. Users can then access information on specific incidents as well as statistics on sexual harassment in different geographical areas. In this video, one of the app’s creators explains how the app works.

El Sisi's Economic Challenge: Expand the Middle Class | Brookings

Hafez Ghanem argues that with 85% of Egyptians still trapped below the poverty line, it is important that the El-Sisi administration adopt a new economic strategy that focuses on improving the quality of life for all citizens. Sisi should focus on removing the policy bias against small and medium enterprises and establishing a way for them, and other middle class representatives, to have a voice in policy discussions. This will facilitate inclusive growth and the expansion of the middle class. 


Egypt's Protest Law: An Ongoing Battle | Atlantic Council

Several political parties and youth movements said last Tuesday they would renew a campaign aimed at amending Egypt's repressive protest law, which grants the interior ministry wide powers to approve or reject requests to hold protests, bans sit-ins, and imposes harsh penalties and fines against violators. The groups condemned the law and demanded that it be amended to conform with the freedoms enshrined in the 2014 Constitution.

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