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Are you interested in participating in an ICOM Communications Workshop in Washington, DC this February 2020?

Let ICOM-US know your feedback by 12:59pm ET Monday, January 27, 2020!


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A Communication Workshop Based on the ICOM Social Media Guidelines:
Aside from allowing Committees to better capitalize on the presence of the ICOM Communications department, these workshops can enrich the program of their annual meetings and serve for both the improvement of the Committee’s online presence and the professional development of its own members.

The aim of these workshops will be to:
  • Give Committees the necessary tools to increase the visibility of their activities independently;
  • Raise awareness on the use and application of the ICOM Social Media Policy and the ICOM Graphic Chart;
  • Gather feedback on the Guidelines and improve its content;
  • Develop closer and fruitful relationships with the Committees to improve the flow of information between them and the Communications department.
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