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Scholarship Applications Open!
Scholarship applications this month for current Grade 6 learners to apply for a 2018 high school scholarship in Cape Town.  SAILI is now one of the largest scholarship providers in South Africa, providing maths and science focused scholarships to young people with a strong academic record and with low family income.  Our Cape Town high schools are carefully selected to provide the best results for moderate fees.  If you know of a talented young Grade 6 person who would like the opportunity to go to a school with a reputation for success, please make them aware of our application process.  For more information and to download the application form go to this link.    This time of year when our recruitment process begins is also the time of year where last year's applicants sign their scholarship contracts with us.  This past Saturday 27 young people were welcomed into the SAILI family.  A big thank you to the current students and parents who volunteered to represent their schools and SAILI at this event.  To see pictures from the day go to our facebook page.  
Ben-Johann Du Toit
Katherine Morse, Scholarship Programme Manager
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Gr 9 Outing to Intaka Island

Intaka Island is a wonderful natural wetland in the midst of urban development.  Our outings to Intaka are always unique and this day did not disappoint.  From the two mongoose playing on the path ahead of us to little water creatures we identified under the microscope, the island was full of life and interest.    We learned about how the natural filtration system created in the wetlands keeps the canal water clean.   Some learners braved a look at a recycling long drop toilet.  No one was brave enough to use it though!  The highlight of the day for most learners was a canal boat trip around the island and through some very exclusive Century City real estate.  Eyes goggled at probably the most expensive house any of us have ever seen.

Grade 8 & 9 Physics Revision Workshops
During primary school science consists mainly of investigation into the natural world, setting the foundations for scientific inquiry, process and understanding of Life Science.  Science in Grade 8 & 9 however takes a new turn with introductions to chemistry and physics.  Often these concepts are very new to our learners and difficult to grasp.  As these grades set the foundations for senior Physics, understanding the concepts is critical to ongoing success.  For this reason we have offered Grade 8s & 9s the opportunity for physics revision workshops, making sure that concepts related to chemical bonding and calculating valency are well grasped.  

SAILI Has Moved!
SAILI has moved to:

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