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SAILI September News
This is the time of year when our recruitment cycle begins and ends.  Our 2016 Grade 8's proudly received their certificates at our recent Scholarship Signing Event.  A big THANK YOU to the SAILI families who braved the rainy weather to come along on the day and mentor our new families into the program.  We are looking forward to getting to know you all better.

With this lovely bunch of young people finally signed on, we began our recruit for 2016 Grade 8.  SAILI is open for scholarship applications from current Grade 6s interested in our selected Cape Town Schools.  Our schools on offer at present are: Bergvliet, Bellville, Claremont, Livingstone, Mondale, Norman Henshilwood, South Peninsula, Rylands, The Settlers & Westerford.  Our criteria for applying families has not changed for many years.  Family income must be under R10000/ month, before deductions and applying students must have a code 6 or 7 for maths.  Application Information.

Pictured here are our big group all going to Claremont High School next year.  Watch out Claremont, SAILI is moving in!
Ben-Johann Du Toit
Katherine Morse, Scholarship Programme Manager
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Grade 8 Visit to Cape Town Science Centre

Grade 8s had their very first visit to Cape Town Science Centre.  SAILI has a great relationship with CTSC and we visit every year for science pracs, workshops and general fun exploring their interactive exhibits.  This visit included the colorful chemistry of PH testing, a visit to the Camera Obscura and a visit to the Planetarium.  Camera Obscura is a very interesting demonstration of what can be done using mirrors and light, reflection and refraction.  The Camera reflects a 360 degree view of the surrounds of the Science Centre onto a large white circle.  We did a "real time" tour of the area and were all astonished to find out that the Snowflake factory bakes more than 5000 loaves of bread per hour!  The Planetarium is an inflatable dome that you sit inside whilst the night sky is projected around you.  It was a hot day and it was extra hot in the dome but no-one seemed to mind!.   Our science fun was topped off with some fantastic treats from the youth employment project Mamma's Kitchen.

30th September - 2017 Scholarship Applications Close
5th October - Gr 9 visit to Intaka Island
12th October - Gr 10 & 11 Work Shadow reports due

SAILI Stationery lists will be distributed to all grades for next year's stationery.  Please complete your order and return it with your school stationery list as soon as possible.  Orders will be placed each month with the FINAL order on 21st December.  

What Does the Law Say About School Fees?
SAILI regularly posts blogs of interest to parents and teenagers on our website.  Readers can make comments and ask questions about the blog information.  One topic that parents raise almost daily is about school fees.  What can they do if they want to send their child to a school they can't afford?  What  can parents do if they suddenly can't pay fees due to illness or the loss of a job?

School fees are in important consideration for both parents and schools.  Whilst schools rely on fees to fulfil their budget requirements (AKA pay teachers etc), parent are not all equally able to meet the school fees set.  What can schools do about legally do about non-payment?  Read Here.

How can parents approach schools about problems with paying fees?  Read Here.


Why You Should Never Make Your Bed!

Finally, just in case you missed THE MOST POPULAR post on our facebook page this month... "Why You Should Never Make Your Bed!"  It's just crazy how many of you were excited about this post!

Your mother always told you to make your bed. Every single morning after you’d rise, groggy and miserable, you’d get the inevitable question: “Did you make your bed?” Well, guess what? It turns out mom was wrong — it’s actually better for you, and for your overall health, not to make your bed at all.

Why? The mighty house dust mite. Actually, it’s not mighty at all. These microscopic little buggers are running rampant in your bed (sorry, but it’s true). In fact, the average bed can be home to 1.5 million of them. House dust mites feed on human skin scales (ew), so they love to take up residence with us under the sheets. The allergens they produce (which are actually the mites’ poop) are easily inhaled during sleep and are a major cause of illnesses like asthma. They don’t exactly help dust allergies, either.

It only makes sense, then, that when we sweat and roll around during the night, our skin is flaking off everywhere, the sheets are dampening, and the mites are having a feast. In the morning, if we pull up the sheets and make our beds immediately, all of the skin scales, sweat and mites will be trapped underneath.

But, friends, if we don’t make our bed, the mites, the scales, the sweat, all of it, will be exposed to fresh air and light.


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