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SAILI Branches Out!
There's a lot going on in the SAILI office apart from Scholarship!  Here are some of the things that we get up to:

Showcasing our work!  - Our Scholarship program is one of only 20 projects selected for an Impumelelo Award!  Impumelelo invites those who run social projects to apply for innovation awards. Evaluators recommend projects for an award based on the following criteria: Innovation, Effectiveness, Efficiency,  Impact on poverty , Sustainability and ability to replicate
The award winners become pivotal to the Impumelelo master class training, case study research and international reach.
Read more about Impumelelo.

Spreading the good news! - SAILI expertise in career guidance and helping young people transition to tertiary now has a much wider spread.  Kath has been busy training NGOs in Soweto and rural KZN to assist their beneficiaries in just the same way she assists our very own scholarship program (Gr 9 workshop pictured above).  This program is headed by Save the Children International.  Our selection for this project shows that we are national leaders in this area.  100s of youth in disadvantaged areas are now getting access to information that will guide them in gaining access to tertiary.

Building high school performance - SAILI Target project offers performance analysis and inspires creative interventions into high schools that are struggling.  This program is a partnership with the Western Cape Education Department and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.  Target is headed up by Sam and a very busy team who are tracking school performance and consulting with principals throughout the year.  Over 20 schools have benefited from this program and their improved performance is rewarded with financial incentives.

So if you drop in and we are not here, you can be sure that we are out making the world a better place!
Ben-Johann Du Toit
Katherine Morse, Scholarship Programme Manager
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Gr 10 & 11 Workshadows!

Imrah Galant, Rylands, (pictured above) shadowed a medical technologist at Pharmacology Laboratory.  "I learnt that working in a lab can be quite tiring because it involves a lot of walking around.  The lab environment is very relaxed and team work is key.  In the lab they test for drugs and they also test transplant patient's blood to ensure they take the correct immnosuppressant drugs.  In the future I would like to pursue a career that involves working in a lab."

Faizaan Camroodien, Livingstone, work shadowed as a Financial Advisor at ABSA head office. He says "It almost felt as if my life was fast-forwarded into the future. I sat in offices and board rooms and communicated with real-time businessmen as if I were one of them. This definitely rates as one of my top experiences!"

Tyrique Adams, Claremont, work shadowed at Melex Industrial and experienced a variety of positions including graphic design.  "Melex specializes in working with sheet metal.  I found the designing very interesting because its all done on a computer and is sent to the factory and made.   I found what it is like to have a day as a working adult.  I see it is hard work and appreciated the breaks in the day!"

Britney Christians, Mondale, work shadowed with our board member Karen Gabriels at Allan Gray Orbis.  "She gave me relevant information about a career in financial management.  She told me how she started off and her first earnings.  She also told me places I could go and study.  This was a great experience.  I now know I want to study something that has a business side and a creative side, possibly Management Sciences."


Gr 8 Study Skills Workshop

With the first set of really big exams looming for Gr 8s, we settled into our Study Skills Workshop.  The workshop focus is on HARD WORK! We learn about how our brains build connections when we try something challenging and are willing to make mistakes.  We also learn about the importance of diet, exercise and sleep in getting your brain ready for learning.  Gr 8s reviewed their study spaces and habits and made some personal commitments to change.  The most common commitment being "I'm going to turn my cell phone off when I study!"

A few years ago I asked Grade 9s what they would tell Grade 8s about these first exams.  They said:  "I wish I'd known how big those first Gr 8 exams were going to be.  I thought it would be like primary school and I could study the night before.  I wish I'd started studying WEEKS before.  I really learned my lesson with those first exams!"

African American Statesman, Colin Powell said "There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of hard work, preparation and learning from failure."


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Contact: Katherine Morse
Scholarship Programme Manager
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Please remember that the SAILI staff are part time!

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