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Ntomo Innovation Academy
#NIA 2017

Following a strong demand from the parents of our students, we expanded the age range of our participants. We now offer a program for students from the 4 th to the 12 th year grades. Namely, the "Ntomo Innovation Academy" has offered three programs this summer:
  • Découverte (4th - 6th grade),
  •  Explorateurs (7th - 9th grade)  
  • CodeNERDE plus (10th - 12th grade).
Depending on the interest and academic level of the students, now they can do up to three consecutive years in each program.
"Découverte"  consisted of three sub-programs: CDM, CDS, CDI
  • CDM (which stands for  "Curriculum à Dominance Mathématique")
During 5 weeks the students got to learn greetings and salutations in English. In their mathematical Dominance classes, they learned mathematics hacks such as: multiplication by eleven without laying out the operation, binary numbers, percentage and probability. They also learned how to make the solar oven (a furnace that works with solar energy) and to program a small robot called AERobot (Affordable Education Robot). They programmed the AERobot using the software called Minibloq.
  • CDS (which stands for  "Curriculum à Dominance Scientifique")
During 5 weeks, the students got to discover many things in their Scientific Dominance classes. Namely malaria, its mode of transmission, treatment and prevention techniques; the origin of cancer, cancer cells and how its cells multiply in the body; microbiology and microenvironment using the microscope they had. They also learned about the solar system and the different elements of a microscope.
  • CDI (which stands for "Curriculum à Dominance Ingénierie")
During 5 weeks the students learned public speaking i.e. how to express themselves well before the mass. In their engineering classes, they learned the methods used by engineers e.g. the Engineering Design Process and the SCAMPER method used to  problem solve and then look for effective ways to improve the solution. Additionally, they have learned a lot about the work of a civil engineer.They also built bridges and roads. They learned the rules of road traffic and how to avoid traffic congestion. 
Their main project was a solar car (conceived solely from recyclable supplies) that they had to make with the support of different mentors like Mr Abdoul Karim MINTA & Abdramane BELLEM.
Exploration :

The program "exploration" took place over three weeks, including a visit to ESIAU (a University of Architecture and Urban Planning) to learn the basics of architecture and 3D modeling. 
Additionally, the students learned: the basics of computer science, information representation, the life of Alan Turing, the scientific aspect of World War II, some English songs, the AERobot (for newcomers and those who still wanted to play with the AERobot) and the VEXrobot (for those who had participated in the camp previously and who had the desire to learn advanced programming) on ​​the Mod Kit application.
CodeNERDE plus :

"CodeNERDE Plus"  happened in ten sessions. 
During these sessions, students learned the basics and foundations of "object-oriented programming" for the final project. For example, they had an introduction to SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), mapping, and simultaneous localization which is a very active branch of artificial intelligence. Given that this was an introduction, the students programmed "Eagle" (the robot that Mali's national team used at the FIRST Global competition). 
Although this was the inaugural, this program was a great success for our students and "Empowerment Agents".
The students participated in three field trips, namely:
  • The Sotuba hydroelectric dam, where they learned how water can generate electricity,
  • at the ORTM , they saw how the programs are broadcasted on the radio and television)
  • and Danaya Cereale (for the first time), which is a cereal processing plant such as fonio, millet, maize and groundnut. The children also saw how these foods are dried and preserved.
Cérémonies de clôture

The activities of the "Découverte" & "Exploration" programs were concluded on August 31, 2017 in the auditorium of the Cité des Enfants. During the ceremony the students reported on the activities of the camp, the demonstration of their final projects, and some students gave their impressions. 
Thereafter, the closing ceremony of "CodeNERDE plus" was held on September 16, 2017 in the meeting room of the Children's Parliament at the Cité des Enfants. Participants of "CodeNERDE plus " took part in the game "iNERDE Jeopardy" to show parents what they learned during these ten sessions. 
All these ceremonies ended with a presentation of iNERDE's perspectives followed by the award of certificates.

Reportage of the Closing Ceremony of the "Ntomo Innovation Academy" on ORTM (in FRENCH)

This report is available in French. If you’d like to read it in French language, click here.

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