iNERDE Summer Camps
2016 - Week 2

First, we are pleased to announce that both iNERDE and Mohamed Kante, Chief Nerd, were nominated for recognition by African Youth Excellence, Inc., a research and youth advocacy organization committed to developing an honing the skills and talents of young Africans between the ages of 18-35, particularly in the areas of art, education, information technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, and humanitarianism. iNERDE was presented with the Organizational Award for continued pursuit of excellence at their award ceremony held on July 23rd, in Worcester, Massachusetts!
In attendance and accepting the award for iNERDE were (from left to right) Chinmaya Gogineni, Director of Products and Technology,
Maya Ba Cisse, Branding and Business Strategy, and Rakibou Ouro-Djobo, Chief of Nerdy Operations.
Lots of news from our camp in Senegal this week! The first week had been amazing with treasure hunts and various projects to get the students to understand the process of conception and engineering. One project had them coming up with ways to entertain the inhabitants of a village that has no electricity.
Week two was a science extravaganza for the students! They learned the concept behind molecularium, blew up balloons using baking soda and vinegar, and extracted the DNA of an onion. The students gained a new understanding behind the conservation of water and purified water themselves using sand and gravel. In addition, they were introduced to PowerPoint, worked on a solar car, and built houses. It was a great week for the students with amazing interactive projects and team building. They also went on a field trip to RTS, touring the inside of a television studio and meeting journalists!
The Mali camp had some local challenges this week with a few of the students falling ill, heavy rains (though they were a much appreciated relief from the summer heat), and an attack on an army base which claimed 17 lives and put the whole country on a state of alert. However, teachers and volunteers rose to the occasion and ensured care and activities for the students. A special note of thanks to one of our volunteers, Rayelle Maiga, as she concludes her time at the Mali camp and returns to the US.
In addition, one of the parents made a generous donation and conveyed that this was not the last show of gratitude that would come from the parent community. The love and support has been greatly appreciated by the iNERDE team.

More news to come next week!

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