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Checking in: Did you connect with a friend this week?

Benefits of Civic Participation

One of the best ways to stay active and connected is through volunteering. Not only does volunteering provide benefits to our personal health, it also gives us the opportunity to give back to our communities. In this week's issue of the Choose to Move Check-in, we share a past webinar from the Active Aging Society and Vantage Point that explains what civic participation is and how it can benefit you. 

BONUS: We have partnered with REACH BC, a platform that connects volunteers with health research opportunities. Learn more in our BONUS section.

The Choose to Move Check-in is a regular email to support you to stay active and connected at home. The Choose to Move Check-in is brought to you by the Active Aging Society and their research partners from the University of British Columbia's Active Aging Research Team.

In this issue...

Get Active

Join Caroline, from Choose to Move, as she takes you through a series of exercises to improve your heart health. All you will need for this workout is a sturdy chair.

This video is brought to you by the Choose to Move Get Active Page.

View the video here.

Before you get active, please read this message

For more videos and resources visit

Your Toolbox 

When we give back to community, we benefit too! Older generations have valuable knowledge and experiences to share—and participation in civic life can bring health promoting physical, social, and mental activity to their lives.

In this webinar, Zahra Esmail, the CEO at Vantage Point, shares her insights on the many benefits of civic participation.

Some key takeaways:

- Volunteering helps us stay active and connected.

- Volunteering enables us to feel a sense of belonging and gives us an opportunity to share our skills and strengths with others.

- Look for the right volunteer opportunity that matches you and your interests*

View Webinar Here

Choose to Move Challenge

Sometimes, changing our habits requires a commitment to a goal. Within each issue, you will find this little push to be active and connected.

Learn more about whether civic participation is for you and look for potential opportunities to volunteer in your community. Bonus Challenge: Send this webinar to friend and invite them to try volunteering with you.

Volunteer in Health Research with REACH BC

REACH BC is an online provincial platform where you can learn about health research studies taking place right now in British Columbia. REACH BC makes it easy for you to find out what health research is happening across the province, connect with researchers, and participate.

You can volunteer in lots of different ways, such as completing a lifestyle survey, testing a medical device, joining a clinical trial for a new drug, and so much more.

By participating as a volunteer in health research, you could help prevent diseases, improve treatments, find cures, and save lives.

Create your volunteer profile today and get matched with studies you are interested in! Sign up today!

See what volunteer health study opportunities are happening now across B.C -
Learn More About REACH BC Here

Before you become active

Please complete the Get Active Questionnaire (click to download). This questionnaire asks questions to help ensure that you have a safe physical activity experience. If you have concerns about becoming more active, consult your physician, primary health-care provider, or call 811.
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Choose to Move Check-in Volume IV, Issue 5 – Winter 2023
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