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Cruiser Newser - November 2, 2016
It may be Fall, and another glorious Summer past, but there is still plenty to talk about. The year is not over yet, and we still look forward to traditional Rhody Cruiser Winter Events, so let's get started.   But First...
News Flash! ... The Rhody Cruisers is SOLD OUT
While at the Fall Picnic, I met 3 new potential Rhody Cruisers members. They were a pleasure to meet, and bring even more great cars and fresh faces to the Club. When called to order their jackets, I was told there are exactly 3 back Patches in stock. Hmmm. As a jacket i a standing requirement for membership, then the club is Sold Out. I spoke with our vendor Scott at BNT Promotions about our options going forward. In the past BNT Promotions purchased the patches in advance from their vendor then stored them pending our new orders. They would then get reimbursed for the patch in the order process. Scott said they could not now advance the cost of $500 for a minimum order of 25 patches. I asked Scott to check out our options and let me know. This is what he said...

...I'd be happy to help on the project by charging our cost for the patches to get here.   We'll be happy to store them and keep them.   You can request them anytime if you chose to use another embroidery company.

If you ordered 25 Patches, our net cost is $20/Patch w/the Freight In, so there would be $500 outlay.  We would charge you only our cost to keep costs down to you, and we'd make the markup, and application charge when you did your orders.  Jackets would be $20 Less ($100) when they are ordered.  

We could do direct embroidery on the jackets. We would need to send the logo out and have it programmed.  The programmer is estimating the stitch count at 130,000 stitches. The digitizing charge/one time embroidery setup charge is $325 from our current supplier. Once we have that file, we can do the embroidery in house at BNT.   The jacket pricing would change to $150 per Jacket, with all logos done, increasing from $120.  Each jacket would have direct embroidery on the back.

To me, buying new patches is the cheapest way to go, and keeps our jackets as low cost as possible, even though the initial investment is higher. Jacket prices stay at $120.

If we use embroidery, we own the program and it can be run at any embroidery shop. It could be applied to other apparel items. How about a cool leather vest?
The cost is $30 more per Jacket, plus $325 cost. 

Um... Who is "We"?  ...We are not a "legal" club and can own nothing...
-- lets talk more about that.

The real problem is that we are not a "Real Car Club", and have no dues. We have no funds to pay for anything. The option then, is to seek Private Funding. The Club needs $500 to order the next 25 patches. The interest rate is none, but will be paid back at the rate of $20 for each order. At the current enrollment rate that may take a couple of years.
Place contact me privately if you are interested or have comments.. (541)590-0717

September brought the Rhody Cruisers Fall Picnic at Wohink Lake.
The weather turned out nice at the last minute and many of our cars, and many more members turned out for a fine Lunch. We had a Club Meeting, Introduced new members and agreed that we need regular meetings, and Club Cruise nights. Excitement was high about the Brian Avery's Elkton run, as about 12 members said they will participate. No one, however wanted to join the Badminton tournament. BTW... Karen B. is still looking for a gob of keys. Have you seen them somewhere? 
The Fall Colors Run to Elkton was a great success. 
It was a "Rain or Shine" event. We were lucky it turned out to be a shine day. About 14 cars showed up in town, more than most car shows. Brian lead the way to the Elk Viewing area past Reedsport where we stopped for a stretch and looked for Elk in the distance. We moved on through a couple construction stops to Arlene's Cafe in Elkton. The food and service was great. Thanx to the staff. Moving on to the Elkton Community Education Center, we strolled Fort Umpqua and got some great pictures. The run home was more freeform as everyone drifted away home. I had great fun with Pete A. who left his Pro Street Nash in the shop to ride shotgun in the Vega for some serious HotRodding.. Thanks to Brian Avery for setting this up. Who else has an idea? Let's Roll...
Veterans Day Parade ... November 11, 2016
It is a great tradition of the Rhody Cruisers to support the Veterans Day Parade. Honor our Veterans.

Staging will be at the Florence Events Center @ Quince St.
Be There by 12:15 PM

 NOTE:  Cruisers:  Please invite veterans as passengers for your cars. Search them out and share the activities of the day with them.

CRUISER BOB BROWN is organizing this for the Rhody Cruisers and all who wish to participate. Bob will need an RSVP so he can arrange the lineup.

Any questions or concerns or RSVP: 
Please call Bob at 541-997-3320 or email

Christmas at The Adobe
As Club Traditions go, the Christmas Brunch at the Adobe in Yachats is at the top of the list. 
This year, again, the Brunch Event is being setup by Cruiser Kim Shelton. 
DATE: Sunday, December 11
TIME: 9:30 AM
WHERE: Adobe Resort.
1555 Highway 101, Yachats.

Last Year... 
When we arrived, the Resort was all decked out for the holiday, and the staff was friendly and efficient. While still early, there were a lot of Cruiser’s jackets and hot coffee. Soon there were about 60 members and family standing around, greeting in a holiday spirit. The buffet was open with custom omelets, sliced beast and all manor of lovely edible delights. The sea was crazy mad, making a great spectacle for us all, cozy and warm behind the glass. 
Kim Sez: No RSVP is necessary. Just show up and have a grand time.
Please comment and make suggestions ...
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