CunningFox Presents in North Charleston March 7, at 7pm.
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 Be ready for Fashion Week!

by Douglas Carr Cunningham

       It's coming, soon.
       Meet Naomi Russell,  Mistress of Events. Superwoman of Attention to Detail. Currently in her ninth year as the Executive Director of Charleston Fashion Week, Naomi oversees the week-long event, March 15-19, from beginning to end. Stan Foxworthy and CunningFox Photo Education introduces Ms. Russell to attendees at our monthly discussion in North Charleston, March 7, at 7pm. What an evening it will be.
      Charleston Fashion Week is a big deal for designers, models and photographers (who are fortunate enough to get an assignment). Both emerging fashion designers and models have an opportunity to be discovered at Charleston Fashion Week. 

       The nearly week-long event is quite glamorous. A major sponsor this year is Baker Motor Company, which sells fashionable automobiles. Those of us who are merely spectators will have fun in the city, because things will be happening.
       But let's get back to the executive director, whose level of commitment to every project she works on surpasses expectations. Naomi Russell's behind-the-scenes experience and insight results in a level of problem-solving that is necessary, when working with clients from (literally) "all over." Precision and determination is needed to coordinate all the events within Fashion Week.  Ms. Russell has skills honed while working for Time, Inc., Public Broadcasting 'This Old House,' and the Jim Henson Company. She uses them all.
      During the discussion, Russell will be accompanied by Stan Foxworthy's excellent photography from last year's Fashion Week. Photographers and fashionistas who are curious about the fashion world will certainly benefit from this collaboration between Russell and Foxworthy.
      It will be Beauty and the Geek.  

       All are invited to the show, at 4820 Jenkins Ave., North Charleston, at the Olde Village Community Building. It is open to the public, March 7, 2016, starting at 7pm.
Food and more food is a necessary part of Charleston Fashion Week.     by Stan Foxworthy.
Various outfits are displayed on the runway.                 by Stan Foxworthy  

Come to 4820 Jenkins Ave. North Charleston, the Olde Community Bldg.,  March 7, at 7pm. (Turn left after North Charleston High.)
Emerging fashion designers and models have opportunity at Charleston Fashion Week. 
by Stan Foxworthy
Pre-fashion show preparation            by Stan Foxworthy.
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