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The "Super(Natural) Woman" Project of Iveta Butler

TARA VIS PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY presents original and innovative black and white photography of Iveta Butler, April 7 at 5-8pm, in downtown Charleston. The public is invited.

Super(Natural) Woman is the fourth showing of work in Charleston by Slovakian-born Iveta, but her first show at Tara Vis.  This time around, she exploits her inner self to present and project her feelings of the essence of who and what women really are.  
       Evocative is the word to describe her images, which explore the spirit and spirituality of woman.  In some cases, it is a dark beauty expressed.  In others it is pure whimsy.  In all, there is mystery upon mystery.
       Iveta prefers natural expression in her photography, with black and white film her medium of choice.  Super(Natural) Woman is creative double-exposure photographs created in the darkroom, without benefit of Photoshop.  Iveta focuses on the woman and her connection with nature in order to achieve a peaceful state of mind.  As we all come from nature and belong to nature, we are all looking for a connection with nature, as it is one of the most significant sources of energy and inspiration.  
       Each photograph is one of a kind.
       Iveta says: “A woman has so much wildness, so much joy and unpredictability in her heart.  A woman dreams, loves, cares… Some days are more “dark”, some days are more “bright”.  It’s like black and white photography - light & shadow, all mixed together.”
       Super(Natural) Woman- the reception is at Tara Vis Gallery April 7, 5-8pm, and runs through April.  The address is 218C King Street, Charleston.
Currently, several artists are using The Charleston Darkroom to create their visions with the silver-based image. For some digital photographers, it is a challenge to shoot black and white film, process in the wet sink, then print with an enlarger. Take the challenge. It's worth it.

Shoot BW film! Process it, or send it to The Charleston  Darkroom!
Call Douglas at 843-442-7424.

Iveta Butler creates in The Charleston Darkroom
Photo: Douglas Carr Cunningham

 The Artist

Iveta moved from Europe to the United States 4 years ago.  After she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media, she traveled, then settled in Charleston, with her husband.
    Iveta is a black and white film photographer, who loves the archival darkroom process. At Redux Contemporary Art Center, Iveta worked with Douglas Carr Cunningham to create Charleston: One City, One Soul, a project illustrating unity of Charleston citizens.  Three years ago, Iveta and Douglas built The Charleston Darkroom for photo artists.


“B&W Film Photography, it’s a beautiful and magical hands-on process, an imaginary creation of feelings and dreams.  It answers many questions for me and makes me connect better with many situations.  It is a part of my life journey, and sometimes I feel like I am still only at the beginning of it.  I certainly know there never will be an end to photography for me. This fact makes me very happy and even more excited about what I do.”                                               - Iveta Butler

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