CunningFox Presents in North Charleston Feb. 1, at 7pm.
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Beauty In the Bride's Portrait

by Douglas Carr Cunningham

Bridget McBee joins Stan Foxworthy and CunningFox Photo Education to demonstrate the connection between bridal portraits of a long-ago past, and the beauty of bridals today, with a bit of 2016 dash.
        With wedding season arriving soon, bridal portraits cannot wait. McBee and Foxworthy combine to show the transformation of the bridal from 1850s renderings of women in pomp and circumstance into present-day beauty. Together they illuminate the discussion of taking the perfect bridal portrait February 1, at 7pm. in North Charleston.
        The earliest and most treasured photographs--by the 1850s--were taken of brides; thus, the bridal portrait created by photography was born.The 1826 invention of photography by heralded a completely new approach by artists to capture the human portrait, from painting to the metallic image. By the 1850s, with the help of daguerreotype technology, photographic portraiture was doggone popular throughout the developed world.
        An experienced wedding and portrait photographer, Bridgit McBee has an impressive portfolio that spans from New York to Charleston. She specializes in soirees, lifestyle portraits and high-end fashion. Equipped with an education in photography, McBee began her career in 2007, realizing her passion for photographing couples and their wedding day. McBee prefers natural light and candid reality.
        A master of the studio, Foxworthy's knowledge of lighting and posing brides is well-known. For the audience, the comparison of heritage bridal portraits, against Foxworthy's studio technique, and McBee's natural light portraits should prove to be quite dynamic.
All are invited to the show, at 4820 Jenkins Ave., North Charleston, at the Olde Village Community Building. It is open to the public, February 1, 2016, starting at 7pm.
On location formal                        by Bridgit McBee  

Come to 4820 Jenkins Ave. North Charleston, the Olde Community Bldg.,  Feb 1, at 7pm. (Turn left after North Charleston High.)
A Victorian-era bride in the 1850s poses as if it is 2016.
A modern high-key portrait                by Stan Foxworthy.
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