CunningFox Presents in North Charleston Jan. 4, at 7pm.
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Guinea Red Hen necklace by Kate Rothra Flemingby Rick Rhodes

"There is an art to photographing flat and 3D artwork"

With Ella Richardson, Rick Rhodes
By Douglas Carr Cunningham – Sculptors, painters, and mixed media artists need photographers as partners. As is widely known, artists find it necessary to routinely photograph their work, but do they get a faithful reproduction of their creations? Prominent Charleston gallery owner Ella Richardson and her long-time friend, photographer Rick Rhodes explain the art of photographing artwork at the CunningFox Photography Education monthly conversation January 4. They will also discuss some of the challenges local artists face in the Charleston arts scene.
            Many artists photograph their work for two reasons: sales and insurance. They wish to present and sell their work, with photo reproduction being the means to present quality examples for distant clients. There is also photography for insurance purposes. Artwork is personal and priceless to its creator. Insurance companies need to see the quality of the artwork. Fine photography is in the best interest of the artist. There is, indeed, an art to successfully documenting flat and three-dimensional creations, with detail, accurate color, and texture for presentation.
            “Photography is so essential to the art business because we survive on our visuals,” says Richardson. “I hire only professional photographers to photograph our art.” Such photography needs to be accurate, according to Richardson - from invitations to press articles – to be as close to what the paintings look like in real life.” Thus, Rhodes became Richardson’s go-to guy for great photography.
            “I can’t tell you how many times people came back to me and said my photography made a difference for them,” said Rhodes.  “They credited my professional work for getting their art into shows and galleries.” Some artists attempt to photograph their work themselves, but Rhodes’ technique is simply too good to ignore.  A native Charlestonian, Rhodes focuses on commercial photography and art reproduction for local and national clients. As a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), he also teaches others the art of photography.
            This conversation is taking place for the benefit of photographers, artists and the arts-interested.  North Charleston Cultural Arts hosts the conversation January 4, at 7pm, at the Olde Village Community Center, 4820 Jenkins Avenue, North Charleston. This education seminar is sponsored by ThinkTANKphoto photography luggage. It is free to the public. 

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Eric Vincent's Puss 'n Boots paper sculpture. by Rick Rhodes  

Come to 4820 Jenkins Ave. North Charleston, the Olde Community Bldg.,  Jan. 4, at 7pm. Turn left after North Charleston High.
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