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The MICH Method :
Stress and Susceptibility

Through the observation of outcomes on our clients, MICH has developed an exhaustive understanding of the relationship between stress and susceptibility to disease.

Susceptibility is highly individualized, different in every case, and involves internal and external factors, as well as material and nonmaterial dimensions.

Internally generated stress is proving to be a key factor in disturbed susceptibility and the develoopment of chronic disease as demonstrated in recent research...

Nutrition Basics : September 14

Nutrition Basics is presented from a holistic perspective: one that considers the immaterial, energetic and ecological aspects of food and eating.

For example: from a biodynamic perspective, the earth is a living organism, and everything we eat is, or was, living, and part of that organism. The more conscious awareness we bring to that fact, the more conscious we can become in our relationship with the earth, its organisms, and with our own bodies.
Mindful Monday Emails begin August 10th, 2015

Deeply ingrained patterns inhibiting mindful expansion continue to challenge our collective.  This demonstrates how tightly the human mind is tethered to limbic responses of fear and striving, severely limiting access to higher/deeper dimensions.  

Look for a series of emails, beginning August 10th designed to help you recognize your paradigm and shift into a deeper dimension of perception.  

Stay tuned, and feel free to forward these emails to friends and loved ones who are in need of a fresh perspective on life!  

Where Matter Meets Mystery: The Challenges of Paradigm Shifts

Judyann's inspiring lecture given at the MICH Open House in May is now available onYoutube. Come away with exciting insights, and leading edge quantum biology revelations.


NEW Holistic Health Services Page!

We've added a lot of new material in a new, more user friendly format. There are many new resources for health and well being. Whether you are curious about homeopathy or are you ready to explore how to live a healthier holistic lifestyle - this page has information that can help you and your loved ones.  

Learn more...

Ananda OM Conference

This well attended conference was filmed and can be viewed on Youtube.  Click below to watch Judyann's presentation and for links to other parts of the conference.

This Month's Best of the Web

For more useful links, including free online books and podcasts, visit the 'Useful Links' section on our website, and if you have a favorite 'go to' homeopathy or health and wellness website, let us know by emailing news@michmontreal.com

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