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Winter Solstice Meditation-Free download

My holiday gift for you is a meditation that offers you respite from the hustle-bustle of the holiday season. This meditation is the least expensive, yet most effective vacation there is.  It is time off, time just for you: to replenish and nourish yourself. I invite you to give yourself permission to do NOTHING for 20 minutes: to not worry, not think, or plan for 20 minutes.

Family Dynamic Archetypes Exercise

As we approach the holiday season most of us look forward to spending time with our families and loved ones. However,  such intensive family time can come with it’s own challenges! The people in our families mean a lot to us, usually more so than other people we know less intimately, and so we can be more easily affected. As much as we love our family members, we can also get triggered, hurt, or upset by them.  
Most recent mission to Honduras

The team has completed another successful mission to Honduras. In addition to continuing to provide homeopathic care to people in remote regions, they also spearheaded a campaign to prevent the spread of Chickingunya and Dengue and met with UNAH to explore adding homeopathy to their medical curriculum.  A professional photographer accompanied them and captured the spirit and excitement of every moment!


Exciting Nation Wide Opportunity for Homeopathy in Honduras

One of the most promising outcomes of our recent mission is a possible agreement to teach and add homeopathy to the curriculums of three faculties of the National University of Honduras (UNAH, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras). Besides making homeopathy part of health care training, they are planning the production of homeopathic remedies in Honduras and the use of homeopathy in care facilities across the country.

The discussions with the vice-dean of academics, and members of the faculties of medicine, nursing and pharmacology were followed by an official visit to the Clinica as well as participation of faculty members in our course on homeopathy. All the individuals we met with and especially those who came to the First Line course were excited and inspired by what we have been able to accomplish with homeopathy.

What Moves You: A Dialogue with your Soul

Solstice is the perfect time to quietly contemplate what makes life meaningful.

Take a few moments after doing the Winter Solstice Meditation to contemplate the question: What “moves” you?

Listening to a piece of music? Watching an Olympic champion? A dancer in a ballet? An act of kindness? Watching a puppy or kitten? Seeing your grandchild or child play? Use your memory to recapture that moment, and try to relive the experience of it.

What is it that is “moved”? What part of you? Feel into that for a moment. Feel what happens to your organism when you have these moments. Try to describe it. It is not the rational mind, it is not emotion, it is more like E-motion: energy in motion.

Holiday Homeotips

The holiday season is approaching and maybe you're looking forward to taking a break from work and the daily routines. If you have a chance, you might be going outside for some fun winter activities.

Whether it is tobogganing on a snowy slope, or skiing through a wintry landscape, it will probably have been a while since you last went down those hills and at the end of such an active day, you might feel achey.

Remember to take Arnica to soothe that bruised feeling. A nice hot shower or bath may also help to ensure that you will feel eager to go out there again the next day for more snow fun.

This month's useful links and favorite blog posts

Read about the benefits of having a whole family who receives homeopathic care in Amy Lansky's 'Homeopathy is a family affair' or click here for the NCH Infographic illustrating that homeopathy is a safe, gentle, effective system of medicine practiced since 1796.

Click here for Beth Landau-Halpern's response to the most recent CBC Marketplace episode in which she was approached under false pretenses by an undercover journalist.  Read her side of the story and leave your comment at the bottom of the page. 

Our new useful links this month are to the AFADH and Guy Loutan; an associate of French homeopaths who also work with the soul based approach. For more useful links, including free online books and podcasts,  visit the 'Useful Links' section on our website, and if you have a favorite 'go to' homeopathy website, let us know by emailing news@michmontreal.com

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Public Webinar Series

We're going public with the 3-part webinar series that we offered in conjunction with our 'Spring into Health with Homeopathy' event. 

The webinars present how the latest scientific research shows exciting evidence of the subtle energy organization on the mitochondrial level and how this evidence is rocking our materialistic view of the body. They also present how this new research points towards how homeopathy can provide us with the key to achieving a new level of well-being: one that stimulates our individual response to heal without the crutch and inherent side effects of drugs ...   
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