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This month we find ourselves returning to an ordered structure and fixed routine; we return to school and work and in so doing we're establishing a daily pattern that may be very different than our experience of life during the summer months.  If summer is the season when it feels right to go with the flow, to be spontaneous and carefree in our exploration of the world, then autumn invites us to relish the return to focusing and dedicating our energy to manifesting our deepest self on a daily basis.  What better time to try out what homeopathy can do for you during times of transition, by taking advantage of the
special rate in our intern clinic.

Happy Autumn,
The MICH Team
 Immune System TLC

The start of the school year and the approach of cooler weather require our organism to adapt to the changing environment. This process has an impact on the immune response: how to stay healthy throughout the fall and winter seasons.
Focusing the Flow

Fall is a transition from  the “free-flow” of warm summer weather to the “focused-flow” of work, school, and life indoors as winter cold moves in. This adaptation may be accompanied by stress and a variety of symptoms. 
2 Years and Symptom Free

How much can homeopathy do? What can homeopathy do for you? Find out by reading the inspiring stories of the people who came to our last intern clinics. Cases with up to 5 years followup, and no return of symptoms!

Join us for a 3 - Day Transformational Workshop

We are launching our new training program, with our very exciting Living with Soul workshops.  As the heart and soul of MICH, they provide the opportunity to bridge science and spirituality, as well as metaphysics and mystery, over the course of a 3 day experiential workshop.

Open to professionals and non-professionals alike, it is for everyone who wishes to explore how to reduce stress levels and increase creative and mental functions, but it is also a pre-requisite for students wishing to enrol in our
new, modular training program. Presented by Judyann McNamara, these workshops are designed to bring out the highest potential in participants, and simultaneously demonstrate how to engage clients to do the same.

The workshops bring to life the philosophy shared by all the great masters of homeopathy: a philosophy that embraces the immaterial level of reality that underlies physical existence. It is a philosophy that considers the life-supporting inflow of energy to be essential for vitality, health and well-being.  Discover practical ways of increasing your flow with life, and renewing your sense of wonder and amazement.

Saturday, November 15th, 2014 AND Saturday and Sunday, April 18-19, 2015.


Judyann at the CHConference in October

Our founder, Judyann McNamara, has again been invited as a guest speaker to the annual conference of North American homeopaths. This conference brings together the members of all homeopathic associations across Canada and the US.

Her presentation will bridge the most recent scientific research with some of the earliest writings of the Master homeopaths, in an inspirational, hands-on approach to homeopathic practice. 

Because a homeopathic remedy does not act directly on the physical body ....
.

Homeo Tip of the Month: Moving From Summer to Fall

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other ancient medical systems teach us to move with the seasons.

Specifically, TCM views with great importance the transition from the active and outward pouring energy of the Fire element (summer) to a more inward moving energy of the Metal (fall) and Water (winter) elements.

Soup and stews, baked fruits, baked or steamed vegetables and warming grains (quinoa, oats, brown rice etc) are best eaten during fall and winter seasons. 

Visit your local market and stock up on Quebec nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits.  Pears, apples, beets, squash...

Public Webinar Series

We're going public with the 3-part webinar series that we offered in conjunction with our 'Spring into Health with Homeopathy' event. 

The webinars present how the latest scientific research shows exciting evidence of the subtle energy organization on the mitochondrial level and how this evidence is rocking our materialistic view of the body. They also present how this new research points towards how homeopathy can provide us with the key to achieving a new level of well-being: one that stimulates our individual response to heal without the crutch and inherent side effects of drugs ...
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