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Is Your Paradigm Shift Turning You Inside-Out?

I'm a MICH-trained homeopath and I thought I was doing just fine with my paradigm shift...until I wrote the draft for this article and realized how easily I get shaken when I'm going against the crowd.

I discovered that when we dare to disagree we need to find a way to hold a bigger picture where we can ground and reconnect with ourselves, where we can hear others and be heard, and where what others think doesn't shake us so much.
Is it Your Time?

Now is the time to start with a small course to journey into the depth and breadth of the holistic paradigm. We have scheduled courses so that they can be taken one at a time at a leisurely pace to allow you to fully savor the experience of each one before our Experiential Weekends begin September 2016.

Each course is a holistic exploration that brings new dimensions to an important area of your life, such as health, well-being, awareness and homeopathy. 

Shifting into a
New Relationship
with the Earth

The shift to an immaterial paradigm allows us to see and experience the Earth as living, and to fully experience our interdependence with her through the very sustenance for life that she provides. When we begin to experience the subtle, immaterial dimensions of nourishment, we change our relationship to the Earth to one of a deep, immaterial, energetic wholeness. This holistic relationship to nourishment and the production of food, which involves considering the farm as a living organism, intimately related to the Earth as a living super-organism, is the foundation of Biodynamic Farming.

Nutrition Basics Starts this Week! 

Take advantage of our introductory pricing of $175 for this 8 week in course!  

It's not too late to register, but it will be soon - course materials are available as of today and our Q&A Orientation meeting is this Thu. Sept. 17, so don't delay.  

If you've been wondering what you might expect, click on the image to the left to watch a 'Guided Tour' of Nutrition Basics. Get a sneak peek at our course site as well as our online classroom designed to collaborate and stay in touch with your teacher and colleagues...

Come for Individualized Facilitation

An experience with a MICH homeopath offers a unique opportunity for personal individualized facilitation and homeopathic inquiry that will provide you with new insight and understanding about where you are now, how this came to be and how to address your situation. It will help you to understand yourself from the inside-out. The MICH Method™ is a meaningful, personalized process which guides you into an exploration of the energetic roots of your problem or challenge, and the discovery of your deepest nature. MICH offers many different ways to do this.


Homeotip of the Month: Homeopathy for Your Garden

Shifting happens when we use homeopathy. With homeopathy, we can enter into a deeply harmonious relationship with the insects and the earth. Insects are drawn to unhealthy plants via ultraviolet signals the plants emit - they ask the bugs to eat them.

Homeopathy does not kill insects; it stimulates the vital forces in the soil surrounding the plant using a specific vibration that will resonate with its area of challenge. 


NEW Training Page

FINALLY! We've added a page on our website where you can find everything you've asked for about training at MICH. Find information about all our programs, how to apply, links to our special interest courses, and more!   

Learn more...

This Month's Best of the Web

For more useful links, including free online books and podcasts, visit the Useful Links section on our website, and if you have a favorite 'go to' homeopathy or health and wellness website, let us know by emailing news@michmontreal.com

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