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MICH Now Offers
Transformational Personal Development


Join us for experiential weekends that will expand the limits of your potential, understanding and self-knowledge. 

The MICH training format no longer requires full enrolment to participate in the MICH experience.  Join us at our Open House Workshop on June 13th, and visit the professional training section on our website to find out more.
June 13th Workshop: Where Mystery meets Matter

In this workshop we will be exploring the immaterial basis of the material world through visualizations, exercises, dialogue and the exploration of exciting new developments in research that are continuing to challenge our materialistic worldview.

Everything we do at MICH is truly holistic: involving and engaging all dimensions of the human being.

The goal is to develop a view of reality that encompasses both the physical dimension and the immaterial reality that underlies it.  The exercises in this workshop are specially designed to change your relationship with the physical dimension from being the ultimate basis of reality to a dimension within your conscious experience.

If You Miss the Spirit of the NHC

MICH is no longer restricting its community to those who want to be or are homeopaths.  We are expanding our scope and audience to include everyone interested in an unconfined, yet observably progressive and sound exploration of reality. 

We will be offering a series of 8 weekends per year for the open-minded and courageous souls that are ready, willing and desiring to challenge all assumptions and preconceptions and embark on a transpersonal, "no-you-me", dynamic exploration of the human soul.

Useful, practical, personal and therapeutic tools that evolve from these explorations can be applied to any human domain or endeavor: from medicine and technology, to art and music...

The Challenge of Homeopathy

Every week in the MICH Montreal clinic, and during every mission to Honduras, our homeopaths and interns witness and celebrate the newly found health from experiencing homeopathy, as do our peers and colleagues in homeopathic hospitals and clinics from around the world.

Yet detractors continue to go our of their way to try to disprove it, despite over 200 years of international medically verifiable evidence supporting it's efficacy.  

Leaving the economic and political reasons aside; the issue is not with homeopathy; it is with us.  We, individually and collectively, are unable to recognize our assumptions and biases about the physical world, life and consciousness. Physics has been trying to tell us something for over a hundred years and we simply can't hear it.

Our Mission at MICH

Graduating class, CE's and Faculty May 2015

Graduating class, CE's and Faculty May 2015

Our mission statement has not changed over the last decade, yet so much has evolved. 

MICH is a vehicle of evolution, always transforming, adapting and growing. No class has ever been repeated in ten years! This makes teaching at MICH very demanding, yet, none of the MICH team would have it any other way.

We are always pushing the envelope of understanding, and we love the challenge.  MICH keeps us moving and growing.


Student Testimonials

“Judyann’s curriculum and teaching style … well, where can I begin to describe it?  At MICH, there is a perfect balance of theory and practice, of science and art, of exploration and reflection.   We can be swooped up in an historical cloud as we swoon over the  philosophic and even theosophic underpinnings of some of the greatest homeopathic minds of over a century ago,  and then suddenly the cloud dissipates and we are grounded in this century’s quantum underpinnings of homeopathic resonance. 

Make no mistake: it is all relevant.  Throughout our professional classical unicist training, Judyann ever encourages us to simultaneously explore and embrace the fullness of  our humanity towards one purpose only:  that we may use the gift of homeopathy with integrity and compassion,  in full service to the gift of life.”

Robbie Vienneau, DHom, B.A., M.A.

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