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Welcome to MICH!

Introduction to our Free Ongoing e-Training

MICH online e-training provides weekly reminders of the reality of greater wholeness, the majesty and wonder of life, and moments of awe.

Welcome to our free ongoing e-training!   (If you're not yet a subscriber, click here to start receiving more content like this)

As a special gift for you, we've created a mini self work series called "Introduction to Noumedynamic Awareness".  You will receive this welcome series in addition to the ongoing e-training emails that we send out every 1-3 weeks.  The "Introduction to Noumedynamic Awareness'" series consists of 4 emails that are designed to guide you to deeper meaning and greater well-being as practiced at MICH.  

Your first invitation, entitled 'Finding Meaning'  will be sent to you immediately, with the next three in the series spaced 7 days apart, providing you with a 21 day window to shift into a deeper awareness of this subtle dimension.  (We recommend that you take your time and follow this pace, but if you'd like to speed up your introduction to Noumedynamic Awareness, look for the link at the end of this email to fast track the series).

At MICH, we promote awareness of the noumenal dimension: the subtle, invisible, and immaterial level of life not accessible by the physical senses. It is often called the vital force, soul, or the organizational principle of the organism. The process involves becoming aware of ourselves as “Noumenon”, in contrast to knowing ourselves only as phenomenon, an object of the physical senses. It is a process of discovering the essence that distinguishes and animates, establishes and maintains the organism as ONE unique WHOLE.


[noo-mee] [dahy-nam-ik] 
"An ever changing (dynamic) movement and holds infinitely deep meaning when we lift the veil and see the deeper immaterial reality of soul (noume)"
Opening holistic awareness within ourselves involves developing dimensions of consciousness that are not ordinarily used in everyday life.

These dimensions are more akin to contemplation and meditation.

The exercises we propose in this series (and throughout our e-training, online courses and our programs) will help to free conditioned thought patterns, and expand perception.

Perceiving the subtle, noumedynamic level of the individual is central to understanding what needs to be addressed in the case of disease, and, for homeopaths, what remedy would be most suited to encourage a cure. But this capacity can be applied effectively in any therapeutic or relational context, or to bring greater meaning to everything in our lives. 

Please read the next four emails as a “treat”, a gift to yourself, a moment to appreciate life. Most people find that they need to contemplate, and re-read the articles in order to sink into the deeper level that they invite.  We hope you enjoy this introduction to a holistic way of seeing, thinking and living.

Judyann McNamara

MICH Founder
MICH is a vehicle of holistic consciousness, providing full accreditation training for homeopaths since 2005. 

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