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Take your first step towards something more

Are you finding that life is just empty busyness and a long series of to-do lists? Does every conversation seem to be about stuff? Not just material stuff, but all sorts of “stuff” - intellectual, emotional, social, etc. - all of our human “stuff”?

If you feel this way, rest assured that you are not alone. Our society promotes happiness as a self-defined outcome, the end result of fulfilling conditions that might include everything from “I checked off today’s to-do list,” to “I have two children and own a house by age 40", or somehow tying happiness to achievement.  What is interesting, is that whether or not we achieve these personal recipes for happiness, it still feels like a half-baked cake.

If we define ourselves by our goals and achievements, we are choosing to make ourselves vulnerable to failure, constantly. By this time, you know it's not about just pleasure, vacations and things or new diets, nor is it religious practice.

Find new meaning

It's about finding new, deeper meaning in your daily life and work; discovering and developing your personal inner resources, inner fulfillment; entering mystery, moments of awe, engaging in life fully and savouring its magic, and opening this door with and for others. 

MICH is no ordinary school. MICH is the leading edge in paradigm shifting and consciousness expansion: bridging leading edge science and spirituality, weaving depth psychology with quantum medicine. 

MICH is an inner school with a practical art and craft. Apprenticeship-style training, personalized individualized feedback and guidance from professional educators with decades of teaching and professional clinical experience. A school recognized for innovative effective teaching methods and outstanding curriculum. MICH is an institute that holds international and national accreditation, with courses that qualify for continuing education and university credits.

Come find out if we have what you are looking for.  Find that extra dimension of depth that will change your life and help you take your first step towards a new way of living. Join me for a 90 minute online webinar on January 11th to find out more.

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Noumedynamic Health

Reduced price extended until
January 30th, 2016  

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to health or health programs: be it diet, exercise, or stress reduction.

In this course, you will learn how to: 
  • Develop a holistic health plan that treats body, mind and soul as one interconnected whole
  • Assess and bring awareness to all areas of your life and all dimensions of your being, in order to discover areas where there is potential to bring greater wholeness
  • Decode your soul's messages, and learn the language of the life force
  • Apply the three universal principles of health appropriately

Format:  Online, pre-recorded presentations by Judyann McNamara and Live Webinar facilitation.
Official launch date: January 26th, 2015 (This course will be ongoing; you can start anytime)
Cost:  $175 (Special introductory pricing $125 before January 26th, 2015)
CEU's:  2 Continuing Education Credits
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Join us for an online Q&A
Join Judyann McNamara, the founder of MICH, for a 1.5-hour online Q/A evening seminar. It's a great opportunity to find out what MICH is all about. Anything you want to know about our Method, our Noumedynamic training program, or our fully accredited Homeopathy Diploma program. Learn more about the holistic health courses that are open to everyone and that you might enjoy.

Please mark your calendar for January 11th at 7 pm to join us on Google Plus. It is free to do so and you can use whatever email address you already have. If you already have a Gmail address, it is even easier.  In order to ask questions, and fully participate, you will need to sign in to Google Plus. 

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We'll send you a reminder and a link to the webinar an hour before it begins.

Noumedynamic Dialogue

Only a few places left!

Discover an exciting process to transform your relationships and communication in this in person small group setting. Three Monday evenings can change the way your mind operates, and help you to access life-changing insights.

Places are limited and there are only a few spots left. Course begins in less than 3 weeks. Don't miss this rare opportunity.  

•  Our courses are eligible for SOFEDUC continuing education credits  
•  Register now and start anytime for any of our online courses

•  Our courses are open to the public -no need to apply to our program
•  Insightful, paradigm shifting courses for all levels of learning 

•  Foundational courses for our Diploma program and Noumedynamic training 

In person, small group facilitation
Start date: Monday, January 25th, 2016 
Cost: $195 
CEU's: 1 Continuing Education Credit
Teacher: Melissa Dair DHom, ND
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