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Support Our Work in Honduras

Help us in our mission to provide affordable, sustainable & natural healthcare in Honduras 
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Support Our Work in Honduras

Help us in our mission to provide affordable, sustainable & natural healthcare in Honduras 

With the holidays approaching we have the opportunity to reflect on how much we have to be thankful for in the Western world. In North America, we can be grateful for abundant access to food, shelter and premium health care, in addition to the freedom to pursue our passions and interests. At MICH, we believe that community goes beyond our local environment and so twice per year, we participate in missions abroad to help people who don't have what we can sometimes take for granted. We are always amazed at how this experience of giving feels so rewarding for the team. Although the days are long and challenging, it is always an honour and a privilege to practice homeopathy as a team, in an environment that is welcoming and grateful for the services we provide. Since 2012, MICH Homeopaths and Interns have been providing much needed health care support to Honduran communities that have none. Donations to support us go directly towards the building of Homeopathic clinics and dispensaries, on-site treatment as well as community training – so the communities we visit can continue to provide healthcare long after the mission is over. In this season of giving, consider the gift of helping others and supporting our work in Honduras. As a registered charity, YOUR DONATION is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and you will RECEIVE A TAX RECEIPT from the HTSF organization for the amount you donate, making your donation towards affordable, sustainable and natural healthcare in Honduras to be sustainable for you as well!
November 2015 Mission Summary
After every return from a mission, I am more grateful for the experience. I am so appreciative of the continuous kindness and welcome we receive from the Hondurans and the pleasant atmosphere in which we do our work. It fills me not only with a rich professional experience that builds my confidence as a homeopath, but also makes me realize the essential human aspect of our work, where through offering our simple service we receive back such kindness that fills our hearts for a long time to come. 
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Are you interested in joining us on our next mission? Read this for details on HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE.

Not sure but want to learn more? Read some TESTIMONIALS from graduates who have participated on previous missions.
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Your support goes towards: 
  • Team missions, scheduled twice per year
  • Laboratory expenses
  • Basic utilities like electricity, water and internet at the clinic
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